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  1. yes, at least the 2nd game likely postponed.
  2. Parrotboy? where'd that one come from? I missed it !
  3. tis the season... I usually start seeing them around now
  4. not sure how "good" a guy he is... though I generally hate ESPN and didn't read through (nor hear) everything they discussed on the topic... this was just an interesting perspective into what a cancer Machado would've been, had he come here: Manny Machado apparently isn’t a big fan of the MLB Network. The Padres star took to Instagram Live on Tuesday night to lay into MLB Network commentators Eric Byrnes and Dan Plesac. Machado was listening to the pair’s commentary on the Astros’ Jake Marisnick, who was plunked by the Angels on Tuesday night, a little over a week after he slammed into catcher Jonathan Lucroy. The collision forced Lucroy to be hospitalized with a fractured nose and concussion and earned Marisnick a two-game suspension. “F–king Plesac,” Machado said. “Oh my God. This guy. Plesac and Byrnes — biggest tools out there. I don’t know what they’re talking about over there. They gotta talk about something at least. They gotta protect their people.” Byrnes and Plesac defended Marisnick, who took his drilling in stride and helped calm down his teammates when benches briefly cleared. Had it been himself, however, Machado thinks the coverage would have sounded very different. “They’re protecting that guy,” Machado said. “Was it dirty or not? I don’t know. Did he have to make a decision real quick? Yeah, he did. But if it was me? I would’ve got probably 20 games. Twenty games, 100 percent. “But you know Byrnes, he knows everything about the game … talking about they threw at his head. What about when I got thrown at my head? Nobody was backing me up. They were saying that I deserved it. I deserved to get thrown at my head. God forbid somebody else gets thrown [at]. They back it up. That’s what this game is coming to now, guys like that.” Machado’s lack of hustle and reputation for dirty plays have drawn him ample scorn throughout his career, particularly during last year’s postseason run with the Dodgers. He has a history with Byrnes and Plesac, who have been vocal critics of the 27-year-old.
  5. 406 ft. Encarnacion and Meadows both were longer.
  6. No idea, but I love statcast's weird stats: Gregorius took a curtain call after hitting a slam later in the inning that ended a 1-for-23 skid. He crushed a fastball that was 4.02 feet off the ground, the highest pitch hit for a homer in the majors this season, per Statcast.
  7. and the Mets fans can't figure out why no one hits on their team LOL... still, this wasn't a shot heard round the world " This d’Arnaud homer off a Chapman full-count slider, unlike his two solo shots against Yankees starter James Paxton, served as a Yankee Stadium special, traveling an estimated 355 feet, the exit velocity a modest 97 miles per hour. "
  8. that loss sucked sour grapes. the longer crappy goes in any game, the probability of a loss goes up exponentially. and no, I won't prove that with analytics
  9. on the other hand, Judge went 4 for 5 today.
  10. They finally seemed to have straightened him out. Hopefully.
  11. but not a good career *in the bronx*, hence does NOT deserve a Wright type of sendoff. edit: and seriously, NOBODY down here wanted him. NOBODY except maybe Cashman, though I think he had to be pressured to get him. ---------------- Making $21.1 million this season, Jacoby Ellsbury is the third-highest paid player on the Yankees. However, if he were never to don the pinstripes again, it appears the organization would be more than OK with that. Jacoby Ellsbury’s 7-year, $153 million Yankees contract, which includes a full no-trade clause, may very well go down as one of the worst commitments in professional sports history. With no end until the year 2021, when the club can buy him out at a cool $5 million, the Ellsbury saga has continued with one comical injury notification after the other. Currently battling separate foot, hip and oblique ailments, the career .284 hitter has missed the entire season-to-date while being deemed, “unable to resume baseball activities.” At one point, manager Aaron Boone actually addressed to media to inform them that Ellsbury had been sent home from the team’s minor league complex because he was under the weather. In an effort to circumnavigate reality, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman recently told the press that Ellsbury is legitimately hurt and has been diagnosed by a doctor as such. Who? Doctor Vinny Boombatz? Obviously, Cashman can’t come out and say that the organization doesn’t want or need Ellsbury back in its stead — that would draw the ire of the MLB Players’ Association for sure. But anyone with a pair of eyes and knowledge of the insurance policy that the Yanks hold on Ellsbury understands what’s really going on.