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  1. Missed this somehow, have to pick it up and watch. DVR to go through commercials is the only way to go.
  2. Good question but no, I had just changed it the day prior. Also this little one came back twice. Plus we have left fermented bad nectar out before and they are smart enough to just leave it alone. When we first saw it doing this it looked like it was gargling... or trying to clear its throat... But then it was there doing the same behavior in the morning when I took this video
  3. Witnessed odd behavior last evening and this morning. A hummingbird at our feeder seemed to be having trouble or drank in a very odd way this morning. Anyone else see this before? This hummingbird would drink and then point it’s head up as shown and flick it’s tongue and flex it’s neck. Happened both last evening and again early this morning... YouTube link
  4. My dads favorite trout lure by far was a fish shaped spoon which had a white pearl back that had a pink sheen to it.
  5. semipalmated sandpiper I assume?
  6. Good one on the spider. Had one hanging on my car fender when I was washing it Saturday and I didn’t think to grab a pic. Cool insects!
  7. Ex-Yankees World Series title-winning GM Bob Watson dead at 74 Former Yankees player and general manager Bob Watson died at the age of 74 in his Houston home on Thursday night after a long battle with kidney disease, according to the Astros. Watson was the Yankees general manager from 1995 to 1998, a tenure that included leading the Bombers to a World Series title in 1996, their first championship since 1978. He also played for the Bombers for three seasons from 1980 to 1982. Watson was primarily a first baseman and left fielder throughout his 19-year major league career, which began in 1969, including the first 14 with the Astros. The two-time All-Star, who retired in 1984, also posted solid offensive numbers during his career. Watson, who played for the Braves in his final three seasons, was a career .295 hitter with 184 homers and 989 RBIs. He also banged out 1,826 hits. Watson also was a clutch postseason performer, hitting .371 in 17 career postseason games. With the Astros, he hit .297 with 139 homers and 782 RBIs. After he retired, Watson began coaching and helped the 1988 Oakland Athletics win the American League pennant as the hitting coach for the likes of Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Watson, whose career in baseball spanned more than six decades, was named general manager of the Astros in 1993, becoming the first African American to hold the title of GM in the major leagues. “This is a very sad day for the Astros and for all of baseball,” the Astros said in a statement. “Bob Watson enjoyed a unique and remarkable career in Major League Baseball that spanned six decades, reaching success at many different levels, including as a player, coach, general manager and MLB executive.” Watson later worked for Major League Baseball as the vice president overseeing discipline and rules and on-field operations before retiring in 2010. He is survived by his wife, Carol, his daughter, Kelley, and his son, Keith.
  8. Only 1 of which (rb grosbeak) I've seen in person! Thanks !
  9. Some ID help please?
  10. New this year window feeder, and a shot of our first Eastern Kingbird
  11. haven't tied those in quite a while... great fly, good reminder to find mine or get the vice out
  12. ditto on the kids... son in law does business analytics and has not slowed at all, 1 is a manager at trader joe's (she's been stressed but thankful for the work) and the other 2 in healthcare (NP and PA). Very grateful and thankful to still have jobs.
  13. Been working and busier than ever. I’m hoping to be “fired”, really some sort of package, which is getting more likely as this drags on. If/when that happens (fired or package) they won’t finish the sentence before I say yes and goodbye. Planned retiring next March anyways, so just hoping they give me a good send off