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  1. Guess he is “more into” the game while playing the field
  2. Well my memory isn’t terrible, for this year ( looking at avg. as you can see )
  3. I had my doubts about Stanton. Maybe my memory is bad, but I thought it wasn't until he started playing the field that he started making significant offensive contributions. That said, he's streaky but seems to keep working no matter what. Didn't follow Rizzo so had no idea what to expect.
  4. Why do Met fans bother with this thread? I certainly don’t care one whit about Met threads ( if Any exist )
  5. 56 this was true but by 61 they did hit the west coast ( just checked two schedules ) guess they added the west coast with the expanded number of games
  6. I never imagined peppa pig would make it into this thread !
  7. They did, it was scheduled differently. Fewer teams, more time in one city. None of the inter league crap.
  8. Wait til September. Definitely a rough patch
  9. This team seems to be unraveling. When was the last time we won a series against a winning team?
  10. My dad umpired, up to Newark Bears level, some other teams in the area at that time as well, and had a shot at the majors, which he turned down. He umpired at some level until he was knocked down by health in his early 70's. Did the works of beer leagues, college, high school, little league, you name it at one point or another.
  11. One note on Larsen's game: It was thrown on Oct 8, 1956; I was born about 2 weeks later. I wonder if *I* was the reason my Dad didn't go? I tend to think not, it was probably some other more seemingly important conflict LOL.
  12. My brother has two balls: 1 a signed Mickey Mantle ball and 2 a ball signed by all the American League umpires of that year (which was around 1966). We went to the stadium on Bobby Richardson day and got to meet and shake hands with Bobby outside the Yankee locker room, Mantle wouldn't come out but signed a ball for my dad's friend, Nestor Chylak, which we got. Don't know why we never got Bobby to sign anything, or if we did I never saw it. Somewhere, either my sister or brother have an unused ticket to Larsen's perfect world series game. My dad got a ticket to go but for some reason was unable to attend. I think my brother has that one, but perhaps my sister has it. Like Charlie Brown at Halloween: I got a rock.
  13. Meanwhile, another ace start for Cole
  14. got it... never really looked at 500 as a magic number, and haven't looked at or tracked the list of "500 HR" hitters... but if Gehrig is not listed among the all time greats, that's a crock
  15. I admit that I can't recall what the 493 thing is.