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  1. crappie fight harder (for their size, IMO) but pics are just too cool. Pickerel all the way
  2. I like the "wait for a double header" tip... I get too impatient when I hook one I did find when fishing for spot when they were thick a few years ago, I'd tend to leave it / jig it, to get a double header, just never waited on it for kings
  3. The instantaneous scent release from bloodworms is amazing. You probably observed this more than I have, but when I had my 50 gal saltwater tank, I'd see the reponse of Spot to bloods and it was mindblowingly fast. Probably similar with kingfish.
  4. Hawks seem to love pigeons and mourning doves. Guess there's good meat on 'em.
  5. Sounds like a national lampoon take on a hallmark ending
  6. and he spends a 1/2 hr at the end discussing how the movie was made...almost as good as the movie itself!
  7. perhaps a couple of ropes to cleats and/or sandbags? I've heard ducks move more when it's windy, or so the hunters used to tell me.
  8. And really the reason for visiting this thread is the NYPOST update on Clint Frazier's ordeal last year: Clint Frazier details harrowing battle during scary concussion
  9. Mike got the scoop about Kim Jones' illness yesterday on radio row (ok, she's doing football right now but you know she's been on the Yankees turf for years) "NFL Network reporter Kim Jones went public Tuesday with the first details of just how close she came to losing her life back in November — when she went on social media to say, “Great doctors saved my life — but that’s for another day.” That day of opening up came Tuesday, when Jones, 49, went on WFAN radio in New York with host Mike Francesa to reveal she had suffered an “aortic dissection” while covering a Washington Redskins practice." Have to admit, it was painful listening to Mike as he kept talking over Kim *while* she was telling the story. The professional she is, she got it out in spite of it.
  10. Yes, but not in the ocean. Backbays are fun working the sodbanks. Usually no big (greater than teen) sized but have seen/heard of bigger around... I just never ran into them back there *on the fly* (guys get the bigger bass on eels or other live baits typically)
  11. looks like you were getting pick-pocketed in the last photo. nice trip, nice photos, glad you had a blast!
  12. Like others, I suppose, I've targeted stripers, but not caught anything over 15 on the fly rod. There are others who have, however, going back almost 50 years
  13. what kind of camera/lens ? nice, clean, shots.
  14. Hmmm, anting. Never heard that before.