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  1. While possibly true, still the yanks are the league “leader”
  2. Only the Tigers have scored fewer runs in the American League. The starting pitching, which exceeded expectations for most of the first two months, has regressed the past couple of weeks. They’ve also grounded into a major-league high 64 double plays and have a minus-7 run differential. But there’s another category in which they “lead” the league that is also a concern. Despite being a team that lacks speed, the Yankees have been thrown out on the bases 31 times. Entering Monday, Oakland and Texas are next worst at 23 and the league average is 18. ------------ Not to mention we know their fielding ain't all that great. Nice team.... shaping up to be a great summer
  3. George's approach was to use pine tar liberally In other news, I was surprised to read about a new set of "Joba rules" in the post today: Harkins told SI that he shipped tins of the “sticky stuff” to pitchers such as Cole and Washington’s Max Scherzer, as well as Kluber. The former Angels visiting clubhouse staffer told SI he learned how to make the substance in the mid-1990s from Troy Percival. The former Angels closer, who declined comment, also made it in Detroit, where he introduced it to former Yankee Joba Chamberlain. It was Chamberlain, then, who made Kluber aware of it, according to Harkins. Kluber’s agent, B.B. Abbott, refuted Harkins’ claims that Kluber used the substance, saying in a statement to SI, “[Harkins] never personally gave anything of the sort to Corey Kluber nor has he ever used any substance prepared by Bubba [Harkins] in a MLB game. If he is saying anything contrary to that, it is a blatant lie.”
  4. just stay outta dry dock and it's not all that bad
  5. bing maps show the two about 1900 miles apart, over 40 hours of driving maps - Bing
  6. no, missed that. to be realistic he should have run over it on an ATV doing wheelies then a hoodie would come out and reenact shooting the Phanatic on the spot. this is Philly, let's get real.
  7. Nice outing by German, only gave up 7 in 4 innings. But I don't think he got injured. Bats had 4 in the lineup below the Mendoza line plus the pitcher slot. Judge had back spasms. Sev getting an MRI. Hope joey made it out for tuna
  8. per the post: Cole was strong on another steamy night at Target Field, overwhelming not just Donaldson, but much of the Twins lineup — even though his spin rate was down once again, according to Baseball Savant. The spin rate on his four-seamer was down (from an average of 2,552 rotations per minute to 2,493). And it dropped more with his slider (2,708 average to 2,621 Wednesday), while they were up on his knuckle-curve and — especially — his changeup (which went from an average of 1,745 RPM to 1,870).
  9. Not sure about now.but crabby's at Estelle manor was good. It's still there but I just haven't been there in a long time. Lestardo's in New Castle is good.
  10. Echoed by Burns' documentary that baseball was the continuation of the civil war in some ways. It reflects life.
  11. it's been going on, and will continue to go on, as long as the game is played.
  12. I just looked at the "phase 1 ballot" whatever that is. Of the 15 catchers on the ballot, only 3 (maybe 4) hit above the Mendoza line. Sanchez has company.
  13. Bring back Horace Clark! I see 6 players that are at or below the Mendoza line.
  14. and the show goes on.... A former MVP is pointing his finger at Gerrit Cole’s supposedly sticky hands. As MLB threatens to crack down on the illegal use of sticky substances by pitchers whose spin rates are up as offensive numbers plummet, Twins slugger Josh Donaldson called out the Yankees ace. “Is it coincidence that Gerrit Cole’s spin rate numbers went down (Thursday) after four minor-leaguers got suspended for 10 games?” Donaldson, the 2015 AL MVP with the Blue Jays, said, according to The Athletic. “Is that possible? I don’t know. Maybe. At the same time, with this situation, they’ve let guys do it.” A pitcher’s spin rate is measured in revolutions per minute (RPMs) and can be increased if the ball is sticky and allows for a better grip. MLB last week suspended four minor-leaguers who were caught using foreign substances to doctor baseballs, in what was considered a warning shot that similar punishments could filter up to the majors. Two days after the minor-league suspensions, Cole was knocked around for five runs on five hits in five innings by the Rays — tied for the most runs he’s given up in 12 starts this season.