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  1. Lifetime .338 BA, too bad he was stuck on the pads... though SD is not bad place to live
  2. Yah that's why I cited them w.r.t. the early season record
  3. Meanwhile Chad Green is off. Only 7 ip but he's off right now
  4. Dang video always exposes the holes in one's swing!
  5. I think other than the '84 tigers 35-5 start, the early standings mean very little. More about direction, staying healthy and, as you noted, developing team chemistry. Especially for this team. Of course in baseball, most "chemistry" is just about having enough guys who can perform at a high level. As Frazier was quoted this week, he wants to play well enough to make it tough on the decision makers when guys get healthy. He might eek it out as a regular on the roster. Perhaps being a long term answer. Time will tell.
  6. Well we have Els.. wait, what?
  7. Minor league pitching. Judge out... hope its not long
  8. Funny how that's working out, eh? It'll be a major issue for the next MLBPA CBA, no doubt.
  9. the way the buzzer works on Jeopardy! today is seemingly designed to confound anxious bookworms. In Jeopardy!’s original run with Art Fleming as host as well as in the first year of the revival with Trebek in 1984, contestants could ring in as early as they liked. But this proved confusing to at-home viewers who wanted to play along, so the rules were changed. (Never forget that Jeopardy! has been built for the express purpose of your nightly shouting of answers—sorry, questions—at your TV.) Now, after each clue is selected, Trebek reads its text aloud. The moment he finishes, a dedicated Jeopardy! staffer sitting at the judges’ table just offstage—Michael Harris, who also serves as one of the show’s writers—manually activates a switch that illuminates blue lights alongside the outer edges of the Jeopardy! board. The moment the “enable light” switches on, the three onstage contestants are permitted to ring in, but if they press their buzzers (“signaling devices” in official Jeopardy! parlance) even a fraction of a beat too early, they will be locked out of the system for a quarter-second, which is generally enough time for a competitor to swoop in instead. It’s a mechanism that’s hidden from viewers—you can’t see the blue lights in the telecast.
  10. you never know what will turn up out there. Stalker accused of sending 159K text messages doesn’t get why she’s in jail .... Police then arrested Ades last April as she took a bath in the man’s home while he was out of the country. She allegedly took her two dogs, food and a bottle of wine with her, along with an 8-inch butcher knife that was found in the front passenger seat of her Mercedes-Benz parked outside the home. ... ----------------------------------- I'm married 42 years, one and done.
  11. and even when it's even up and all contestants obviously know the answer, he's got the button down pat. Doesn't move his hands, they are locked in position, thumb ready to push. one lady had a theoretical shot at him mid-game last week but she missed the daily double on the double jeopardy round and then fell way back. since then, no ones been close.
  12. In my mind, I was there last night
  13. When a pitcher is on, and you get behind, it gets tough to get the ball out of the park.
  14. Gardner needed that HR since he is another player at the Mendoza line. Last year he had an 0 forever slump early-ish, and several other minislumps, though he's always a tough at bat. While an HR beats legging out a single, with Gardy most of his at-bats have been known for wearing down a pitcher, even when making out. Pitching pitching pitching. I don't know if it burns at Cash, but it does me, whenever I see Eovaldi.