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  1. Suds I was at that auction. The only value I saw was about $20 each on the CCBC Giant Pikie and the Gibbs 7/8 swimmer. I left before that lot went off so I left an absentee bid of $25. I was really surprised to see you put up this post and tell me it went for $70. I figured all the plastics about $2-3 apiece and just a PIA to sell. A few years back that Pikie would sell for about $50, but overall prices on vintage tackle is down.
  2. Haven't used my Penns in years but when I did the Power Pro was the worst. I had 710, 712 , 704. My switch to Fireline solved all the problems. Probably cost $40 to fill with any braid, but I wouldn't take the PowerPro if they were giving it away for free.
  3. If anybody tells you it's a white perch, don't believe them.
  4. Incorrect, the ears are too far back.
  5. Sold to jsbergen. PM sent
  6. They were not culled because of overpopulation, they were culled just to save the stupid birds. Let Mother Nature take it's course.
  7. For sale as a lot 1- 7 inch Redfin rough sided bone over orange and 1- 7 inch later model Redfin in solid white or bone. 1 - original Hellcat blue back model S4801 in box and 1- original Hellcat in gold/yellow with some paint lose. All are unused except the gold Hellcat. $42 includes shipping and PP fees.
  8. Ghost perch
  9. I think I gave mine to Cookie. Mike, he forgot to tell you to stock up on Bengay.
  10. Local ponds in central Jersey that I fish are still loaded with sunny and bluegill on the beds. Top water bassin is out of this world right now by the way.
  11. I'm in
  12. "almost same suit"?????? What suit, all I see is a water bottle.
  13. 3 Red and White sold.
  14. PM sent
  15. After a close inspection, here is what my thoughts are about these 2 plugs. The are molded in 2 pieces and are hollow so the belly hook and the tail hook are attached and probably reinforce internally before the 2 pieces are epoxied together at the factory.