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  1. Hey, that was my prom date.
  2. Island Beach offices are not open. Passes are mail order only for now . I ordered mine last week and got it in 7 days.
  3. They had reading articles??????
  4. Don't know. Maybe it was fake news that I heard a couple of days ago.
  5. Stick to your peanut plug and leave the hard stuff to the pros.
  6. NJ Gov said that all Jersey beaches can open on May 22, but restrictions and regs will be up to each town.
  7. Many years ago while fishing a weekend surf tournament, the bite was very slow all along the Jersey coast. I got a call from Sudsy that he was into fish so I made the half hour drive up the coast and the 45 minute walk to meet him. BIG MISTAKE. No need to explain.
  8. Does look like a Mikati, but for being in the water it has entirely TOO MUCH paint left on it. I think you could find both screw eye and wired thru model, but not sure.
  9. Pete, Check your messages.
  10. 72 and feeling every bit of it. No regrets.
  11. Clear cedar.
  12. Probably one of the easiest plugs to make and also the cheapest since there is very little hardware to add to the expense. They are basically a Polaris style popper without the concave head and a slant to make it swim. You know how well a Polaris casts and if I recall, these have no added weights.
  13. Me and Tony Spina made these about 25 years ago when we had Driftwood Lures. They were just experimental and never went into production. I do use them on occasions when you need the distance but want a swimmer like a metallip. As you can see, we tried a few variations of the head shape and all seemed to work. The yellow one with the red head was not made by me and I really don't remember where I got it, but it too swims nicely and catches. Sorry this is all that I have left so not for sale.