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  1. Suds, At the end of Fisherman's walk you arrive at what is called the bowl...correct?? So is the "Rip" towards the bay just where the bowl ends? Now admittedly I haven't done that walk in quite a few years but I ALWAYS caught fish on those trips and people knew it. Because of that I tended to cast while walking when I reached the water line but I always walked backwards to be sure no one was following me and watching. So if walking backwards can you give me some help here as I am totally confused. Oh screw it, I'm probably never getting back there again anyways.
  2. This years play is not considered for arbitration.
  3. Suds, Dies your wife ever complain about your rusty nuts?
  4. There used to be one of those off brand gas stations nearby. Just two pump and a two bay garage for repairs. Actually they only sold regular and diesel. They closed sometime during the pandemic. I'm not saying the pandemic caused the closing, but we all know many small business they went belly up during that period. I drove by there today and noticed the sign still up. Like the title says "Memories" Miss you Donald.
  5. I don't know the whole story but I understand he and his sister had dug a ten ft trench an it collapsed. Probably a replenished beach with very soft unstable sand. If so I blame the town, the politicians and ACOE. Warnings should be posted. i don't live there but any of you locals should contact your town officials and complain.
  6. Why do I shake every time Chapman enters the game? Good thing he had a 3 run lead last night., The White Sox series last week should have been a 4 game sweep.
  7. I really think that he thought all along that Vlad was not even going to try to score from first on that hit so there was no urgency. Just get the throw in and hold him at third. Obviously that was wrong.
  8. Bear in mind that the fishing regulation is only for those with a beach buggy pass. Not the hundreds of walk ons. Example, last year I took the family on in the summer and parked mid island. While setting up some chairs the park rangers road by and pulled over and told me we had to be fishing. I explained that we just arrived and the rods were still on the roof rack. They left and didn't say a word to the fifty groups of people to the south and north of me. Not saying what is right or wrong, but just wanted to clarify the facts.
  9. Fish them all, but as for Lilly pads you may have some better choices (weedlless)
  10. Big Ed Jones was a NJ builder. He passed a few years back. I personally never had any since most were the same designs that I made 30 years ago with Spina (Driftwood)and than with Scotty Pullen (Lex Lures). They were good fish catchers, especially the needles. Some stores along the Jersey coast like Grumpys in Seaside still have some leftover stock. Or you can ask for them in the SOL buy sell and trade forum and probably get some responses.
  11. Does it say Big Ed on the top?????
  12. You may be correct but my memory fails me for now. The look, paint and shape do appear to be Classic or Boone. The name " Doc Phillips" rings a bell. Although I didn't know him well, there was a guy named Doc Phillips who fished Nantucket with the crew from Jean& Arts in Seaside about 40-50 years ago. We did use a lot of Boone and Classic back then since there weren't many other choices. That plug may have been drilled thru and wired by the owner. Just guessing.
  13. The red head could be Spina or possibly Driftwood which was Spina and Me. The needle is either Boone or Jersey made Classic Lures. The red head and the needle will catch, but unfortunately the Makati plugs are like throwing a red brick with hooks.
  14. Yes it smells like Driftwood, especially with the lack of a bottom grommet, but I don't recall making one in the 4 oz range. Scott Pullen after he took over Lex from Spina did make one that large, but the lack of a bottom grommet has me wondering. He always used a bottom grommet. ???????
  15. I would have to say that it is not Driftwood or Lex. Some features are very similar to Tony's work but no it is not Tony's.