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  1. If you look close you will probably see the few empty bottles of scotch.
  2. Crawl back under your rock. Back to Sparky??? What happened to Sparkley?
  3. "Can't we all just get along"? All valid points here and yes we are all getting old and crotchety. Coffee please! And good point, this is not the Tavern. Opinions are like belly buttons,.....everybody's got one and everyone is entitled to one. Many different designs have been tried over the years. It is obvious when looking at the front ends, they tell the story. As I said, all of my creations were meant to be surface swimmers, thus the blunt nose , but others like the Floyd Roman Nikie with the long slope is intended to dive. Nothing wrong with either one.
  4. Clear coat would have been dipped after wiring and before hooks and hung upside down. You can see that all were done that way by the shine but that one plug had some extra gathered on the wire that was not removed. I did most of these for myself as Tony really didn't have any interest in them. You old timers on here will remember NIB? He loved these lipless swimmers. He probably traded all of his for a 4 iron.
  5. checkout Jimmy's post in the Main Forum
  6. These were made by me and Tony Spina when we had Driftwood Lures around 1989. We never really produced the lipless swimmer for sale as there was not very much demand for it. It was easy and inexpensive to make. Just a standard polaris style popper with the head cut at an angle. Casted just like a polaris and swam like a metallip. I still have these and also some others in my bag that I use. They do catch! All were made by us except the yellow/ redhead. If I remember correctly, Tony gave that to me but I don't know where he got it. That is to only one with the concave head.
  7. I never did a lot of springtime fishing, especially in the back bays and tributaries. However, I always thought that when we had a heavier than normal snowfall, the spring thaw both from the mainlands and the inner mountains cause a longer and colder flow of the runoff , thereby causing a slower and longer spring movement of the local population. Am I correct ?
  8. Wait. I’m lying here thinking about that again and now I do remember us trying to build a bottle. It was a total failure. That’s why I didn’t remember it, we never really produced one . I don’t even have any proto types .
  9. Definitely not Spina. Not his eyes or paint schemes. Also they are painted over the grommets and wire and we never did that. In all the time that we worked together we never considered trying a bottle plug. I never ever saw one in his plug bag. I don’t recognize them at all.
  10. True. Also a Lex or Driftwood should probably have belly grommets. Also the hook hangers shown in the fourth pic should be black Rosco swivels if it was a Lex or Driftwood. Also that pics appears to show a circle between the two belly hooks which may be a belly weight which also was not used on Lex or Driftwood.
  11. Bob, The plastic baby doll eyes could be Driftwood or very early Lex. I really can't remember if Lex ever used any of those eyes. Pic 3 is all Lex.
  12. Such an easy target. Want to meet, I need a cup of coffee
  13. You must smell the coffee a lot?????
  14. Wow, that's a lot of ink. Bring on the five pound bags of flour.
  15. Take your Michele Obama crap to the PG forum.