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  3. Mojoe, I just noticed your avitar has Staten Island in it. If that is where this is going, the deal is good. PM sent.
  4. Yes $35 shipped for the Kemire, Black and white swirl and the black in the middle. PM coming.
  5. Black /white swirl is available. Pending the deal with Mojoe, the only black one available is the one in the middle. Also one of the 3 oz Lex and the Lemire are available.
  6. Mojoe, I should have quoted your request before, but see the post above.
  7. Paint and construction look like Classic to me. Being here in Jersey I probably bought it back in the 70's or 80's. I hope it is one you don't have yet.
  8. No you can not, but if you PM me your address I will ship it to you. It is a Classic isn"t it?
  9. Depends on where it is being shipped. I shipped to Cal and Hawai last week and they cost me $14 each.
  10. I don't drink or take drugs, but I must have been on something when I made this post. Kevin pointed out my listing error and I made a typo error in the asking price for the entire lot. That should have been 31 not 21. Due to the weight it will go in a small Priorty box for $7 so I sold all 22 jigs for $14. But I will stand by the listing and FlukeOff got a good deal. Let me know if you break a State record this fluke season. There must be some good mojo here and good luck. PM coming.
  11. Just got a call from a friend and tells me it's Arne Pederson. I probably got it years ago in a raffle at a Shark River Surf Anglers meeting when we both were members.
  12. 5 Lex Pencil Poppers in canal style. All 8 inch model which should be approx 3 oz. Yellow is new and the others may have seen water once due to the slight tarnish on the metal. $ 45 shipped for the lot.
  13. 5 unfished made by unknown builders. All very good quality construction and paint. Canal style. Range from 2 to 3 oz. $45 shipped for the lot.
  14. Add 7 shipping and any form of payment. Be ready for fluke season. 5 C & B Tackle bucktails each 4 oz. NEW . Appear to mimic the Spro. $3 each. Fair Waters Ball Jig 1 1/2 oz. NEW $2 3 Gamefish Bucktail Jigs-NEW - $5 for all three Pack of 9 Sea Striker Jigs 3/ oz. $61 Spro Jig 4 oz. NEW (silver/ green/ blue tail) $3 3 misc. white jigs 1/2 to 1 oz. NEW $3 for all three. Take the entire lot for $21 shipped.
  15. Add $6 shipping. Any form of payment. Lemire"s Plugworks- Bought while on Block Island (had to have it). Saw water once. $18 Ron Mucci hard plastic later model. NEW $10 Lex Lures - early model 7 inch. $7 Lex Stubby 3 oz. solid black slight use, $9 Lex Stubby 3 oz. Blurple slight use $9 Jointed (may be Classic) slight tarnish near new condition $10 3 solid black aprox 6 inches. $12 for all 3 Green swirl 5 inch- unknown builder. $5