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  1. I'm so jealous of the fishing you guys have down there. What do you think it was? Monster tiger shark?
  2. Theyre awesome tools, I probably have no need for all 4 but I love em for some reason.
  3. Just waiting to use em.
  4. The older/beat-up one is a knife I found in my grandfathers tackle box. Not in awesome shape, the thing definitely saw some use. Can’t really tell what the handle is made of, looks like some kind of bone. The rest are a couple knives I’ve picked up over the last couple years, for whatever reason I just like natural looking wood handles.
  5. Ya I agree, it is a big knife.
  6. I've been on a weird knife kick the last year or so, besides fishing/yardwork I dont have much use for them but ive got idle hands so im always fooling around with them at home. Picked up the big crooked river a couple months back, just feels awesome in the hand and I love the shape.
  7. I own a 5, 6, 10 and 14k. 5 and 6k are my go to bass and schoolie tuna reels. The 10 and the 14 obviously for bigger fish. I've been fishing them the last two seasons and dont have a complaint yet. I dont fish the canal so I cant say how well it will fit your needs. But they handle bluefin pretty well so thats says something.
  8. There's always a bunch of locals with cane poles fishing for whatever will bite there. If you push back west under the bridge there are some good mangroves that hold snook. If you push back way farther you can get to a spillway. Generally need a boat to fish the saltwater canals. Camino Real bridge is JAM packed pretty much every night. Add very limited parking and i pretty much avoid it. You may be confusing it with the El rio canal, which is kind of a pain to fish on the saltwater side, definitely some fish back there though depending on the time of year and whether or not the spillway is dumping from the freshwater side. I've never actually fished the freshwater side and I could be wrong but i believe that canal system connects to ida.
  9. Again I've never fished osborne, I know they are connected via canals but I'm 99% sure it wont have peacocks which are what make Ida so amazing. That being said theyre not too far away from each other so you could fish both if you're down there for a while. Knifefish are supposed to be nocturnal so if they really are in osborne, you could probably live line for em at night right in the back yard, that would be pretty cool.
  10. 7 seas bait and tackle in boca usually has shiners, decent sized ones in good condition. I cant remember the name of the tackle shop close to the lake but the 2 times i went in there they were in pretty bad condition. Could have just been the last of the tank but I feel 7 seas just keeps em better.
  11. Go for it man, I've tried to spend a couple weeks down there every year, used to pretty much stick to saltwater. Once I found out lake ida was loaded with peacocks I spend all my daytime fishing there. If you want numbers/size I'd say use live shiners.
  12. I believe they are connected and the clowns have made their way north but I’ve never fished it myself. I don’t think they have the peacocks, I’ve heard ida is about as far north as they can survive.
  13. I've only caught them on live shiners, truly an incredible fish. They can push 10 lbs, jump, and swim backwards. I'm sure they can be caught on artificials but I've been told by some of the charter guys that its beyond rare. You'll see them rolling the surface just like tarpon. If you see em and have shiners, id try putting a split shot on to keep em down towards the bottom.
  14. Couple miles north of boca check out lake Ida in delray, plenty of places to park/launch in the canals or the lake proper. The whole system is loaded with peacocks, LMB, and always a good shot at clown knifefish. Also check out some of the spillways where the freshwater dumps into the brackish/salt canals. If theyre releasing water they can be loaded with snook.
  15. They definitely come in close. Just a few weeks ago I went 1 for 2 within sight of NYC with all of my friends boats landing a couple each as well. Never hooked any giants, although seeing refrigerator sized fish busting through bait pretty much seals the deal in my mind that they were there. The school sized (50-60ish lbs) were feeding on rainbait/sandeels. I'm sure the big fish feed on whatever the hell they want, including bass. Doesnt look like there are any line marks on that fish, but I would have to guess it was hooked, fought, broke off and died? Not sure how else a big fish like that ends up on the beach looking so fresh. I'm also confused about how far above the high tide line it looks, although I dont know IBSP very well.