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  1. I have found that most danny's act like most other danny's, relatively tighter wiggle on or near the surface, usually a smaller lip that will roll out if you really pick up the speed. Pikies can have more differences between builders, some you can get down 20 feet cranking as hard as you can without rolling out, some wont budge from the surface. All depends on the shape/size of the plug, wood used, weights/placement, size and angle of the lip.
  2. When did Mike's plugs become so hot? I feel like you could order whatever you wanted from his website for years. Good for him.
  3. the 3/4 inch thick porkroll is a dead giveaway.
  4. Hey Dan could you do 6 1.5 oz tear drop in white?
  5. That is correct. just to be clear you need to do the registry for each state.
  6. Just like NJ, theres a saltwater registry for NY that you could need if you were ever pulled over. Both are free and pretty easy to acquire. That being said I cross the NJ/NY line probably 100x a year and have never been pulled over by anyone from NY, and strangely enough I've had my boat searched by conservation officers a bunch of times but have never had to produce my registry.
  7. Crown fried chicken literally backs up to a trailer park and its neighbor is a strip club. And for the record I’m not on the wet side. A lot of north Middletown was east keansburg up until the 80s, most of my neighbors have been here since I’m gonna call it keansburg.
  8. Listen I live in north Middletown. Both that section of hazlet and where I live are Keansburg.
  9. They may not be equal but theyre pretty similar.
  10. She handled that thing just fine; big fish like that are unwieldy. Sometimes (I would argue most of the time) a hand on the gill plate is the best way to secure them from flopping out of your hands when they thrash. And for the guys who say you should only hold them by the mouths, Ive seen some seriously strong dudes lose their grip this way, many times. She's been fishing for a year and got to handle a true monster, most of us here wont see that fish 10 years or many more if ever into our fishing careers. At some point if you are as concerned about the fishes health as some of you seem, you should stop ripping hooks through their mouths and letting them fight for their lives.
  11. I live around the corner from it so gave it a go the other night. I had high hopes of a ghetto fried chicken place being good, chicken and sides were meh. The beef patty was pretty good, pretty much an empanada. And to be fair, keansburg is about as ghetto as it gets in northern monmouth county.
  12. Conventional going to be much easier on your casting finger once you get the hang of it. I'd recommend looking into some of the newer low profile casting reels like the tranx, abu beast, or lexa, just fit in my palm better than round spools. Im usually fishing 65 lb braid, 50-60lb leader and always with a clip.
  13. The bay from the boat was on fire for a few weeks, the big body of fish that was getting hammered in the back of the bay a few weeks back slowly moved their way towards the mouth of the hudson and mostly have disappeared from that area, happens every year, I take it as them moving out of the bay and up the river to spawn. In the past I used to attribute it to the arrival of bluefish, but theyve been pretty absent, so I'm going with the spawning story.
  14. Ive seen this from the boat quite a few times. We call them wolfpacks, usually happens in the fall but I saw it just last week in the bay.
  15. While I'm usually not too worried about cosmetics, im 100% sure mine would look like crap. I think ive got enough zip ties to make it work though...