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  1. You know what, what would you want for all 3?
  2. I'll take em. Pm me your PayPal.
  3. Those are the trollers! Im interested in the top two if they're for sale.
  4. Its just a joke people throw out there, akin to "boat fish dont count".
  5. Break the law and go back to setting the hook. We used to be a proper country.
  6. I hate people, bluefish, and circle hooks.
  7. If you have any freshwater bass rods they would be perfect for fishing sand crabs.
  8. Looking for his slim and regular trollers. Thanks!
  9. I've always just set my drag by feel. I often pull line and tweak the drag in between casts and will often tweak the drag mid fight.
  10. Get up on a jetty about half way out, cast towards the beach and let them drift out on either side. Reel just fast enough to pick up slack.
  11. You don't have to check, its not a redfin, its a bomber.
  12. I'm generally not down with the death penalty, but for criminals who mess with children, id be ok with a swift public execution.
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