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  1. Id say 90% of fish ive caught over the 40 lb mark have been on the DOC. So really no contest for big fish for me. For schoolies-15lbs the bomber walkie-talkie is about as good as it gets. Swam perfectly and had great hardware. One of the bargain sites sold em for 1.99 a few years back, between my brother and I we must have picked up 100 of em, wish we just took them all, down to my last few.
  2. I’m not insulted at all. I’m just pointing out you immediately followed that by saying you’re not criticizing his work, it’s contradictory.
  3. “They may catch a few more fishermen these days but not fish” That’s takin a dump if I’ve ever seen it.
  4. The same could be said about the 100s of plugs you need to **** on the guys work.
  5. Gave TSTBBQ a shot last night with the wife, brisket was amazing. Wife enjoyed the pulled pork.
  6. Gonna give it a go later. Just checked the website looks like its open 4-8 wed-fri.
  7. They are not from what I understand. I think the farthest north you can get em is Lake Ida, not too far south from West Palm though, probably 30 minutes or so.
  8. I got a few spanish this year, first for me in NJ. Alot of work for not alot of fight, you're not missing anything.
  9. 8000 is more than enough for blue and yellowfin up to about 50-60 lbs. I usually use a 5 or 6k when I know fish are in that range. That being said I’ve hooked into 100lbrs that dumped the spool almost immediately on those setups. My buddy who owns the boat we take out uses 8k thunnus all the time popping and jigging. The ultegra I have no experience with but if I remember correctly it’s a long casting reel right? Probably Best leaving that one at home. if you don’t have much experience go as big as you have until you learn how to properly put pressure on these fish. They’re outrageously strong and push gear to the limit, quite literally nothing like bass and bluefish. Completely different ballgame. edit: if you’re fishing a party boat I have no experience with that but I’m sure as stated above, braid is frowned upon.
  10. I keep my seacraft on a trailer in land storage in the yard. Sometimes the ramp is a pain but I’ve got dropping my boat and getting it back on the trailer down to a science. Most of the time I can be through the guard gate and leaving the harbor in under 15 min by myself, vice versa for landing. i only live a quick bike ride from Monmouth cove marina, kinda interested in trying out the rack storage system.
  11. You and your skateboard references today!
  12. I’ve got a few of his pikies from a couple years ago, solid plugs, swim great with a wake on top. Seems like he’s one of the “hot” builders these days. I gotta give em a more honest shot I’ve been bad about putting different plugs in rotation the last few years. Can’t get myself to throw anything but a Doc, GRS giant, or a 9” Shad.
  13. Bay ave is my favorite bagel joint around. I keep my boat in Atlantic highlands so I find myself at on the deck quite a bit myself, good spot for a quick bite and a beer.
  14. Is that place actually good? I’m always a little skeptical of a place that’s 50% restaurant and 50% putt putt. i do love BBQ though and that’s only a few minutes away. Might have to try it out.
  15. Aint noone going to windmill for the cleanliness or service, none of em are very clean by todays standards. What they all have in common is that they serve the best damn hot dogs known to man. I think it might be the other way around. I've noticed in supermarkets theyll actually sell the "windmill" brand which look pretty much identical to the shickhaus and carry a premium price. Not a big Max's guy but ive downed enough windmill hotdogs to feed an army in my lifetime.