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  1. 76 lbs? That’s a hell of a fish on any bait
  2. Yea but what happens when the Eskimo population gets out of control? Why don’t you think before you talk?!
  3. Bugs aside, I’m jealous!
  4. I fished Sebastian one night with no wind in shorts and a t-shirt. I looked like a leper from all the no-see um bites the next day. Itchiest day of my life. You guys have far better fish but certainly have to deal with some more nuisances.
  5. Odd, I think mine only took about ~250 yards of 20 lb power pro.
  6. Oh im not saying spros wont catch, any sort of jig with bucktail or not, can/will catch fluke; theyre pretty dumb as far as fish go. I just think theres just more cost effective options out there that work better. When im fishing for fluke im targeting places that generally have alot of snags and my retreive is very slow along the bottom. Quick jigs of the rod tip as i slowly lift the rod and then reel down on the slack, rinse repeat. I do get hung up alot so it doesnt hurt as much losing a $4 bucktail.
  7. Gotya, for what its worth I usually avoid spro's when casting from shore. The vertical line tie just kinda makes them dig down towards the sand; in my mind theyre more geared to jigging from a boat. I've found jig heads with a line tie at about a 45% angle work much better. Check out the "offshore angler shrimp body jigheads" at basspro, you can get 10 for about 4-5 bucks up to 1/2 oz. Been using them for years, perfect size with gulp mullets in shallow water and they cost a fraction of a spro.
  8. How deep are you fishing with a 2 oz? For fishing backwaters for fluke i dont think I've ever really needed more than .5 oz unless in heavy current like the shrewsbury.
  9. That sounds like way overkill, but if youre on a party boat you might be **** out of luck with what you can use. I honestly wouldn't really wanna go fish for those smaller mahi we get if forced to use heavy rods. The little chicken mahi are barely fun on largemouth gear.
  10. Do yourself a favor and ditch the wagon and all the rods (im assuming you have multiple from you wagon description), you really only need one. It may not seem very logical at first but fishing more than one rod isn't going to catch you more fish (I can all but guarantee it); just focus on one strategy at a time, be it plugging or bait fishing. If you're plugging and and coming up blank but have a ton of bait like bunker in front of you, you can always bring a snag hook/a couple weights/hooks (they really dont take up much space) and make a fishfinder or knocker rig on the spot. Most serious chunking guys aren't putting their rod in a sand spike, theres a reason for that, its always in their hands so you can feel subtle pick ups. The amount of fish that can pick up a bunker chunk and spit it within a couple seconds is pretty surprising, and when youre standing a few feet away from your rod(s), youre gonna be **** out of luck. And if youre fishing J hooks, if the fish still has the bait there's a decent chance that hook is down its gullet. All that being said, there's still tons of fish around to be caught despite declining conditions. I suggest going to one or two likely spots and learn them cold, try to fish every tide condition you can. At each spot focus on areas where there is something different than the surrounding waters: Drop offs, rocks, flats, rips, current breaks, pilings. Just something where a predator can set up an ambush, these are the most likely spots. Once you figure out when/why fish are chewing at that one location it is easier to apply elsewhere.
  11. 100% my fault for not seeing they were sugar free. Big mistake when you’re trying to do some work.
  12. Well it wasn’t instant, it had atleast an hour long fuse.
  13. For mount Vesuvius proportion bowel movements? Please point me in that direction.
  14. Hadn't had candy in quite a while and had a craving for something sweet so grabbed a random bag of jelly beans at my lunch spot today during work. About an hour after eating I feel the rumble. I look at the bag, turns out theyre sugar free, serving size 35 jelly beans (2 per bag, guess who ate all 70). Below that is a warning to start with 8 beans or less, due to their laxative nature (understatement of the century). Turns out whatever crap companies swap the sugar with is like medical grade laxative. Its been explosive for the last 2 hours. Lesson learned. Youve all been warned.
  15. Its incredible how much you can learn snorkeling around the jetties. One of the more impressive things I learned is just how many bass are around throughout the whole summer. Big schools of rat-sized to 20 lbrs just cruising around.