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  1. Youre not wrong. Loading those giant heavers correctly does take some power.
  2. Not necessarily true...bouys arent always where they appear on the chart. Also plenty of guys down here in NJ have found themselves up on dry sand coming around Sandy Hook at night relying too much on their plotters. Just gotta be super aware at night. Accidents do happen.
  3. Just learn how to tie a uni (and double uni), clinch knot, and a palomar and youll be able to make whatever rig you would like. Its great you made the decision to make em yourself...those pre-made rigs are usually junk. As far as line, I generally dont care. My local shops generally carry ande and/or triple fish. I use mono 95% of the time, if im fishing for bluefin/yellowfin/albies ill switch over to flouro.
  4. How about 3 yellow and 1 bunker so cow tamer can get one as well?
  5. 4 yellow please!
  6. Ya just as slow as you can without them diving into rocks/structure, they impart their own action.
  7. I prefer to run and gun so generally have to avoid crowds unless I want to piss someone off. You will hook up alot more when you're mobile. I run a 20 ft seacraft with 150 hp so I can be pretty nimble and fast. If you're fishing the rip you're almost guaranteed company so drifting is probably best. Anchoring up is a no go...especially in the RIP (its probably damn near impossible anyway), thats not to say you couldnt have albies pop up next to you while blackfishing or something like that...just wouldnt be my first choice if i wanted to hook up with a little tuna.
  8. Looks awesome!
  9. It certainly matters.
  10. Do yourself a favor, if you’re chasing albies, just blow past the tip of the hook. There’s almost always other schools feeding north, south, and east. Not worth the circus, it’s such an easy spot for anyone to run into albies that you’ll always have company. That being said if it’s completely empty obviously make a cast or two, just always expect company. Weekends are almost always a nightmare in that area by boat. I’d say 90% of the time it’s not worth it.
  11. Showing that you fish ocean-side of all of Monmouth county really isnt event close to spot burning.
  12. Thanks man, put my order in this AM.
  13. Yup...these little beachside lakes could always use some more life.