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  1. The extra weight from the nails keeps it in the strike zone.
  2. What can I say, I’m a dreamer.
  3. I'm sure someone will chew my head off for this but they really need more year-round protection. I completely agree that they definitely need extra protection when they are all bottle-necked into a small geographic area like raritan bay/the hudson. But killing a fish right after it spawns isnt really all that much better, if you want to get technical thats pre-spawn for the following year. So what? it got just one last spawn in? These fish live for decades. I generally think "pre-spawn" protection is fairly short sighted (although maybe im shooting myself in the foot complaining about any move in the right direction). I've said it every year, a dead fish is a dead fish, doesnt matter too much when you kill it.
  4. Hey Andrew! I’ll take a ghost and a wonderbread please.
  5. In general you just want the water moving, incoming or outgoing ( you can certainly catch some fish at slack, it’s just much less common) Obviously if the water is 1” deep there won’t be a bass there, but if the water is a foot deep with a good seam with some current? you could be in business. Every spot fishes differently at different levels of tide/current/moon/temperature/etc, it’s up to you to figure out the patterns. I have spots that only produce at the end of outgoing, and others only at the end of incoming. And every once in a while those patterns will break and fish will completely surprise you. Good luck out there.
  6. How do you upload movies?
  7. St croix legend tournement musky 7’3 “lip stick”. Throws up to 6 ounces no problem, it’s a little softer than the rest of their musky lineup. Tried a bunch of faster legend tournaments in previous years and they just beat you up on big fish, too many bruises from planting the rod butt while fighting.
  8. You’ve got a few months until that bite really starts up. The bay and all the water in between sandy hook and breezy are littered with them in the summer. They’re pretty dumb. Bait is a guarantee, jigs are way more fun.
  9. your face doesnt count
  10. No they don’t catch at all...
  11. Back when I was a kid we'd use chicken for jacks down in florida.
  12. Pretty much all sammy's work the same. Switch out the hooks, maybe lose the middle hook all together, put a bigger hook on the front hook hanger and one on the tail and make sure it swims right.
  13. I'm not up to speed on whats legal now as far as netting. I see bunker in the bay/ocean pretty much all year. Usually by summer the bulk of them are in the front spanning out a couple miles, but theres always a bunch of pods here and there in raritan bay. We've had a ton of bunker around the last few years, usually when summer comes around theyre always getting pestered by sharks.
  14. Theyre in the bay pretty much all year. The adults usually leave the rivers before summer but it’s not too surprising to see them anywhere.
  15. Woah really? Hadn’t seen the price on that yet. Couldn’t imagine it was that big of a difference.