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  1. I wish I didnt own one, the distractions are nice but I HATE being contactable at any/all times. My bosses are located in london and have no problem sending texts/emails in the middle of the night all day saturday and sunday for that matter. Kudos to the fellas who dont have/need one, there are very few career paths you could take these days without needing one.
  2. Throw a small (2-3" max) paddletail soft plastic on like a 1/4 oz jighead. Will work MUCH better in low light; better yet, go back after dark.
  3. Ate it on company dime once at a nice steakhouse here in NYC, its interesting for sure, TON of fat giving it a great taste. I still prefer the texture of a more traditional steak, and certainly wouldnt pay for it out of my pocket.
  4. I grew up spending alot of time in florida, been hit by manowar countless times. Theyre completely unavoidable when the wind blows east down there and the stingers are just as functional when they break off the main body from surf; so there is often just small peices of stinger everywhere in the shallows. It honestly feels like a live wire is getting pressed from your skin and often sticks to your body until you rip it off. If you get it really bad you'll feel pain in your lymph nodes for a couple of hours.
  5. Been stung many many times by everything from nettles to man-o-war. Nettles are the white jellies you see in the backwaters/lagoons with long trailing stingers. Theyre probably the most mild of all the stinging jellyfish we have on the east coast but when you find one you usually find alot of them. Lucky for me i get a bad reaction to all of them and break out in a rash for days, its exactly why i dont swim in the shrewsbury/navesink anymore.
  6. What a rookie move going head to head with Levari.
  7. 3" still might be too big. Crazy I know.
  8. Northern sennett. Very close funky, same family as barracuda.
  9. 5" jig is pretty big. Try the smallest one they make, rainbait arent much bigger than an inch or two.
  10. The ones I deal with have them on the base of the tail.
  11. I miss the times when Doc's were the best kept secret in bass fishing. $8 a blank. They marked them up like 250% in 1-2 years. That being said, dont load them, they dont cast like bullets because theyre big pieces of plastic.
  12. Took one in the foot when i was a kid, I dont quite remember anything in my life so painful. Thank baby jesus it was just a small one, spine didnt stay in my foot but it bled like crazy. Dipped it in insanely hot water which definitely helped.
  13. Fckn Narcs.
  14. whats a social media credit score?
  15. The first bluefin you hook on spinning gear will completely change your mind. 100% Guaranteed.