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  1. Can we get a story summary?
  2. Can we get cliff notes on the story for those of us that arent 60 years old?
  3. Lol, relax.
  4. Bluefish are the trailer park trash of the fishing world.
  5. First cast after getting off the plane from NJ to FL one winter I hooked like an 8ish lb blue off the beach. Cursing myself that I had traveled hundreds of miles to catch a medium sized trash fish, the locals were entirely blown away at a bluefish of such size.
  6. Spend enough time on the water and you'll understand what he means by good white water. Eventually you just know it when you see it. Its somewhere where you just expect bass to be. Turbulent water near a drop off is the general setup. Bonus points if theres a decent swell, bait, cooler temps, and its overcast. In the daytime super shallow bars can be difficult, but come back at night and its an entirely different story.
  7. Its pretty similar, cast out as far as i can tight to the rocks, let it settle to the bottom, snap, reel up, snap, reel up. Works a little bit easier with a smaller rod. When i know its mostly small fish around ill fish with a 7-8' rod paired with like a 4kish sized reel. Give it a shot, works pretty well.
  8. In rivers with some deeper water, outflows. Also do pretty well snap jigging a soft plastic back along jetties.
  9. Thats how I usually jig, works very well. Usually a straight tail soft plastic on a jighead.
  10. Does anyone know the percentages on the rec side of people who fish to harvest vs those that are purely catch and release. If its a substantial enough percentage on the former I imagine C&R only could still be an effective way to help rebuild stocks if that faction suddenly disappears or diminishes greatly. I know thats a big if and im aware of the C&R mortality rate.
  11. I totally wish striped bass were catch and release only so there would be more for me to catch and release. Like most people, im a bit selfish.
  12. A little pond around my corner had crappie introduced to it a year or so ago so theyre all pretty small but I'd like to give em a shot once the population has some eating sized fish.
  13. I think mangrove snapper might top my list.
  14. I don't mind how it's done, I was just looking for some transparency. Fishless cleared it up. And that's the way surf day has worked in the past, and I think that model has worked best.