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  1. Cdubbs, reel is available. I'll reach out via PM to arrange payment and shipping information.
  2. I understand the sticker shock and upfront cost of buying a Van Staal, but there really is no reasonable substitute if you're submerging your reel and cranking as your picture indicates. You could do as the above person suggested and buy a 706z and maintain your own reels, but I'd rather pony up for a VS and do less maintenance/more fishing. If you need to rationalize the purchase, then think about it this way: 1x Saragosa or Spheros SWA with good sealing - $200-$250. You get maybe 1-3 years out of it then have to buy a new one. You could probably resell the grindy/busted reel for $50 for parts. Over a 10 year period, you buy 3 of them and you spend between $600-750. You maybe recoup $150 back after selling all 3 busted reels. Total cost of ownership over 10 years: $450-$600 1x Used Van Staal VS or VSX - $500-$650. You'll get 10 years out of it. You spend maybe a $100 to redo some of the seals/replace parts throughout this period. You decide to sell after 10 years, you recoup $400-$600. Total cost of ownership over 10 years: $150-$350 Buy once, cry once.
  3. The gear ratio is 4.9:1 on the PG, and 5.6:1 on the HG. If you need more cranking power or slower retrieve, then the PG is the way to go.
  4. Thinning out the reel collection. Up for sale is one of my backup gold Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000. Not boat fishing as much so letting this one go too. This is the Japanese version of the Shimano Trinidad 16. It is in great condition. No box, reel only. Great for any sort of jigging. Price: $250 Shipped
  5. Thinning out the backup reel collection. This is a like new Daiwa Certate LT 5000D (US Model). Took this out for one trip and took all the line off and cleaned the reel and back in the box. My primary one is holding strong so won't be needing this one. The only blemish I could find is the EVA foam knob looked like a hook went into it briefly leaving a tiny dent. Wasn't able to show this in the pictures. This reel model is one of the best I've ever owned with unparalleled smoothness. Price: $425 shipped.
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