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  1. I feel the same about weight to a certain degree. I think the Calcutta DC will eventually make it's way here, if not there's plenty of overseas vendors to purchase from.
  2. Thank you for the review. Is there going to be any differences between the USDM and JDM Certate to your knowledge? Either way, I will be ordering the 4000. Thanks again.
  3. I saw that also, I'll go over to TW in a few weeks and put one on the Adrena and see what I think. I don't think the new Calcutta DC will make a showing at the Classic, but that is another one on my radar.
  4. The deal for us locals is to load up your cart online and then pick up in store for a nice percentage off the top. I played tennis with one of the owners in college who started tennis warehouse after graduation and which was later expanded to include tackle,running,riding and skate warehouse. Great people who love the central coast as much as I do.
  5. New Antares to go with that poison. Also new Certate if it's USDM ready.
  6. Welcome to the dark side, at least here in the States. Out here on the central coast our deep water fishery is prime for this technique. I have followed Toto's site for years and have adapted many of the concepts, what works in one fishery does not always work in another. I show my gear to my friends and they either laugh or are intrigued to try something new. I am not a purist in the Japanese SPJ sense, I use equipment that works in my fishery. The main point of this post is that SPJ has made fishing for bottom species fun again.
  7. New Certate looks primo, on my short list to try this year.
  8. Looked hard at he MH Shadow Pangea, would have bought one if I could of sourced it easy enough at the time. Wanted it to throw the LC Flash Minnow. I've heard good things about them as suzuki (Japanese sea bass) rods and obvious Megabass build quality including a Fuji torzite guide train. Instead of the Megabass I purchased a Daiwa Morethan AGS Blue Backer that I put a Daiwa Certate 4000SH on. The JDM sea bass rods are the way to go as far as I'm concerned, very light and refined that you can cast all day. I did get the USDM Destroyer Onager though to scratch my Megabass itch. Let us know what you find for 1-3 as I am considering a JDM shore jigging rod, maybe an Apia or Tenryu. Welcome to the salt, just wait until you try slow pitch jigging, such a blast.
  9. I highly recommend to Black Hole S962 Monster Special Sea Bass, hopefully Kilsong will bring this rod stateside. I picked mine up off the auction site and it absolutely launches the Halco twisty 55. I realize that it's over budget, but what a great value overall. Another inexpensive yet not cheap option is the Kuying pirate PTS962M , I use one as my surf perch rod and it will also zing smaller metals quite a distance.
  10. Alan Hawk has them listed as a scam site on his page, looks like they take paypal though. Still wouldn't risk it.
  11. Really want to check out the Cape Cod Special slow pitch rod at the Fred Hall show, hope you will have them there.
  12. Auction site from Japan, around $25 for 200m of PE2 at the time.
  13. It's a JDM line, looks like a fairly recent product for their market. I enjoy taking a flyer every now and then on an unknown product that is not available as a USDM product. I have tried many different lines over the years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I base my purchases on a hunch usually, too many variables in the reviews and opinions of others when it comes to quality gear at the correct price point.
  14. Just started using this 12 strand, ultra smooth and tight weave. Nice bite on the FG to fluoro and holding color well, no appreciable surface degradation so far.
  15. Great topic Alexey! 1. Swimbait 2. Bucktail 3. Kastmaster 4. Spook 5. Popper 1 and 2 are both so versatile, fun fact, in one of my Dad's old Air Force bailout survival bags there where red and white bucktails.