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  1. Alan Hawk has them listed as a scam site on his page, looks like they take paypal though. Still wouldn't risk it.
  2. Really want to check out the Cape Cod Special slow pitch rod at the Fred Hall show, hope you will have them there.
  3. Auction site from Japan, around $25 for 200m of PE2 at the time.
  4. It's a JDM line, looks like a fairly recent product for their market. I enjoy taking a flyer every now and then on an unknown product that is not available as a USDM product. I have tried many different lines over the years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I base my purchases on a hunch usually, too many variables in the reviews and opinions of others when it comes to quality gear at the correct price point.
  5. Just started using this 12 strand, ultra smooth and tight weave. Nice bite on the FG to fluoro and holding color well, no appreciable surface degradation so far.
  6. Great topic Alexey! 1. Swimbait 2. Bucktail 3. Kastmaster 4. Spook 5. Popper 1 and 2 are both so versatile, fun fact, in one of my Dad's old Air Force bailout survival bags there where red and white bucktails.
  7. Daiwa Morethan AGS Blue Backer is my light lure launcher, rated 10-60 grams.
  8. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your rods at the CCC, I hope they get returned to you soon. I love my Black Hole sea bass monster edition that I picked up from overseas, it's great from the sand but I hesitate to use it off the rocks here with all the associated kelp, current and swell. Hence, my quest for a heavier JDM shore jigging rod or perhaps your recommendation from the Black Hole catalog.
  9. Very nice combo, I have a few seabass rods that are a real pleasure to fish with for hours on end. From what I have read the CCC can be brutal on equipment. Big fish+current+crowds=no bueno even though Kilsong seems to have no issues. Personally, I have been researching the JDM shore jigging rods for a heavier duty option. I too am a sucker for the lightweight, high end builds from Japan. Someday I hope to fish the CCC and also on my bucket list are catching albies on my seabass rods, gonna be a long drive.
  10. Nice
  11. Some of the camera lens bags work well for spools and smaller reels, many have adjustable dividers so you can dial in the perfect size for each individual spool or reel. Not sure if this is the application you were looking for though. They can often be found at very reasonable price. I also have some of the JDM spool covers for my extra Shimano and Daiwa spools that can be used for single spools.
  12. Looks sketchy
  13. I was thinking a new destination may be in order. Don't get me wrong, Sitka is an easy destination to get to but the halibut grounds there are deep and quite a long boat ride. We used to fish out of Prince Rupert, B.C. about fifteen years ago when the exchange rate was in our favor and now that it's back there again it may be time to re-visit. Great memories of dropping down with the discontinued Yo-zuri hydro jigs with my St.Croix travel rod. The captains up there at the time were not familiar with fishing braid and were amazed that my Daiwa Capricorn 4000 with 30lbPP could handle a 60lb halibut with ease. Also wanted to let you know I am very impressed with my Black Hole surf rod I just received.
  14. Next time I head up to Kingfisher in Sitka I will have to take a lightweight jigging rod. The captains up there like their clients to use their big broomstick rods on the deep drops. Pretty much takes the skill factor and fun out of it.