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  1. That's frigging nuts.
  2. I own an 16 90 hp etec best motor I have owned sips fuel easy winterization and drop the hammer right out of the crate.
  3. Got out today by the toothpick for 6 hours and caught 19 and landed 13 biggest were 22 inches. Sturgeon jumping everywhere great day had two doubles on fishing by myself. Squid and clams.
  4. Never seen a plug like that who made it.Never mind just found the post that explains it.Nice job.
  5. It's some sort of fish.
  6. I have but I used the just casting and jerkbait technic they produce.Has a unique wobble.They are nice plugs you'll like them.
  7. That's exactly why fat drippings vaporize and sticks to whatever your cooking.
  8. Earl and then the next size up is the raptor, then the swedge hammer.
  9. Spot burn! Just kidding great all around job with vid fighting fish release and most importantly your etiquette.
  10. Thanks 4 your reply i'm starting 2 figure it out.I'm going to leave it at that.
  11. Wow surprise that no one had any suggestions. Looked at a tsunami tuft series that felt good but not interested in a 2 piece,Fenwick Nighthawk and a AllStar Lite Elite,trying to find a Diawa dealer next.
  12. I bought this reel a few years a go to go with a tsunami airwave surf rod and was primarily throwing lefthook Earls and Pilgrims but was going into my backing.Reel was loaded with 20 ibl braid.I'm going to make the reel a boat jigging reel.I want to get a strictly boat spinning jigging rod at about 5.6 to 6 mh to handle 20 ibl braid. I'm a big fan I Daiwa but am open to suggestions thanks.Kytara
  13. Spider grubs. Twin and single tail.
  14. Squarebills or coffin bills are exactly for that purpose,there reflect off objects better causing reaction strikes.They also have a tighter wiggle.Excaliber xseries are real good and Rick Clunn series are as well.There is quite a few out there,have fun.
  15. Scott's a real good guy.He has been my neighbor close to 20 years now,and him and his wife care about the marine enviorment he has taught me a few things that I had no clue about.I take my hat off for him.