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  1. What this man said. Beat it with this crap
  2. As long as they are the same plugs from that other thread I’ll take them
  3. Are these the same plugs that are “nla”?
  4. Hey man I’ll take these for 60 if they’re still available
  5. Going to close this down
  6. Nassau and western suffolk
  7. I had these powder coated black and drilled drain holes in the bottom of the center two tubes. $100 shipped. I encourage pick up if on Long Island please. Thanks
  8. The obvious answer is leave the foogin camera home and just fish. Seems like every other "2 year sensation" on the beach has some goofy camera on their head. Nobody gives a crap!
  9. I think you meant to say you've never seen this plug for sale ever. It was just made with his new run of 7" heavy needles couple months back. If you cant find a buyer for $55 ill offer $35 shipped. Either way GLWS
  10. Im not sure the rods discussed so far will be ultimate enough. Just use what he uses
  11. I’ll take the yellow danny
  12. Sadly this plug should be fished and this whole “rare” crap and “never seeing water” is getting out of hand. I remember when all these plugs were used as tools to catch fish not collected. Now you have tools selling them for obscene amounts of money. This will be reflected in the retail market driving up prices and screwing people over who just want to buy regular color patterns to fish. Maybe I’m just getting cranky as I age but holy crap is this what this great pastime is becoming? It’s just f’n paint on a plastic mass produced plug.
  13. *
  14. oops sorry thought I saw a different plug