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  1. I drive a truck. Two months after I passed my DOT physical I get pulled over for inspection. State Trooper gives me a ticket for driving hazardous material without a CDL. He said the DMV didn't receive my medical card from doctors office and my commercial driving license was down graded. I said I can prove that I passed and have a medical card but he said the damage is done and I was in the wrong. That same day, three weeks ago, ten illegal aliens got pulled over for inspection at the same time. They all had the same exact ID. Same name, address, driver license number, birthday, MEDICAL CARD. They were eventually let go to drive on there way. I wasn't allowed to drive away and had to get someone to drive my truck back to the yard. Two hours later the local DMV upgraded my license back to a CDL but I have to go to court over that ticket still possibly losing my license and hopefully no jail time over a clerical mistake. Double standard of that day.
  2. Probably getting paid. Blasey Ford - Go Fund Me and two book deals AOC - Was it a ten million dollar book deal Smollett - ?
  3. Hopefully people are taking names and addresses and the first people to go should be the people responsible for the invasion.
  4. Next defund Planned Parenthood for using tax payer dollars to sponsor Democratic politicians.
  5. Reuters is owned by the Rothchild family aka Globalists.
  6. +1 He said his fist lawyer job came from Bill Clinton.
  7. $70.00 ticket, I just mailed in the check today. They do give you a little more time to leave but I pushed it too far. The next day I went to the building next to the light house (open till 5:00 pm everyday) and was able to pay $50.00 cash for the parking permit.
  8. Almost all of the msm has sold there soul to the highest bidder, they are the enemy of the state.
  9. I thought I remember a $25,000. fine for boats over 40' that don't have a sign posted saying "No Garbage To Be Thrown Overboard".
  10. Surfing booties. I paid $44.00 for O'Neil tall neoprene surf booties with a velcro strap around the ankle and calf to keep all the sand out, keeps water in though.
  11. It's $360,000.00 and it's in Germany. The highest paid welfare recipient in Germany.
  12. I was thinking it was gonna go on indefinitely until they could find somebody to put in jail.
  13. There were six members of the Muslim Brotherhood on Obamas staff. The secretary of DHS who couldn't stop the flow of immigrants had one of it's founding members, Phillip Haney put under three simultaneous investigations after deleting years of his information on known terrorists operating in our country, eventually forcing him to retire. Look up Phillip Haney, a very interesting person.
  14. I heard most of the illegal voting came from the early voting. Mail ins?