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  1. Hi Guys, I am buying a place right on the park. Has anyone here ever fished there? If so how is it and what species are there?
  2. Looking for a very lightly used avet MXL. Anyone have one to sell. Also looking for a saltist 30 if anyone has. THANKS
  3. I will take it. PM coming
  4. Ok you got me !!!
  5. Thanks, looks good, looks like theres a few nicks from the pics? Is that the case, also how many times has it been used? Have you serviced it at all?
  6. Can you post some pics? I will take it if its in great shape. Thanks
  7. Selling my wreck combo, Great for tog, ling, cod, sea bass. Great shape, used about 8 times, rod is mint, reel has very minor nicks. Looking for $175 Located in SI, NY but will ship on buyers dime SWC70MF rod model 15-30 Saltist 30h 6.1.1 also loaded wit 40 pp
  8. New TLD 20 Spooled with 30 momoi and has a power handle, looking for 100 firm.
  9. to the top 90 bucks !!!!
  10. Nice reel there but not looking for a 2 speed at this time. Thanks though
  11. I have my blackfish setup listed. Saltist 30 with a st croix premier. Sweet setup
  12. Where in quenns are you. I can meet you in BK if you want
  13. Shocked this is still here
  14. 170 price drop, great deal here
  15. Last Bump before being moved to another site ...great deal here
  16. Cant hurt to have another setup !!!!!!!!!!
  17. Mixed brands, all new. Weights from left to right: 16,12,10, then the next five jigs are 6oz Looking for $60 for the lot Located in SI, NY will ship on buyers dime Thanks for looking
  18. Back open, 55 for lot. 35 for just the 5oz jigs !!!!