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  1. Hi Guys, I am buying a place right on the park. Has anyone here ever fished there? If so how is it and what species are there?
  2. I will take it. PM coming
  3. Ok you got me !!!
  4. Thanks, looks good, looks like theres a few nicks from the pics? Is that the case, also how many times has it been used? Have you serviced it at all?
  5. Can you post some pics? I will take it if its in great shape. Thanks
  6. to the top 90 bucks !!!!
  7. Nice reel there but not looking for a 2 speed at this time. Thanks though
  8. Looking for a very lightly used avet MXL. Anyone have one to sell. Also looking for a saltist 30 if anyone has. THANKS
  9. I have my blackfish setup listed. Saltist 30 with a st croix premier. Sweet setup
  10. Where in quenns are you. I can meet you in BK if you want
  11. Shocked this is still here
  12. 170 price drop, great deal here