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  1. Sent my Battle II 4000 to get serviced @ Penn because the reel was stiff to turn the handle especially when reeling fast for Spanish mackerel. Received it back yesterday and feels more stiff the before. The handle barely makes 1 full revolution with a hard crank and let go. Is this common with the Battle II? Thanks
  2. Pat Bracher Fish Ovetime is a fishing machine and an amazing guide. Based out of Cudjo Key, he will put you on fish. He comes from a fishing family with his twin brother Arch that runs a marlin boat out of Oregon Inlet.
  3. I'll take it.
  4. I'll Take it.
  5. From the album Forum Attachments

  6. First I would tell you take a bit of the R.I.C.E. plan. A lot of Icing on the shoulder. I tell people to get the family bag of frozen pea's or corn so they can mold all around your shoulder. This will help with the inflammation, swelling, and pain. Probably 20 min sessions every other other hour or so. Also try taking some type of anti inflammatory(motrin, aleive, advil) take the medicine consistently for a up to a week. The meds work better that way. I understand that it's fishing season so the concept of resting is a bit out of the question. Monitoring the time casting may be a better idea to not go overboard and completely flair up your shoulder. One Suggestion/ stretch I would recommend is to lay down on your injured side on the floor. Bring your elbow up to about parallel with you collar bone in front of you and have your forearm stick straight up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and take your opposite hand and put it on the back of your other hand. Lightly press down and push you injured arm towards the floor. This will not feel great but it will stretch your rotator cuff inside your shoulder. I usually recommend doing this stretch 5 times for 45 sec. There are some other strengthening and stretching to be done, but this is a good start. I agree if the weakness is getting no better/ worse, follow up with a orthopedic surgeon to r/o a worse problem. PM me if you want some more suggestions.
  7. There are a few things I would recommend to try before going to t a doctor. 1. If possible take some type of anti inflammatory either Ibuprofen(motrin, advil) or Naproxen(aleive). Take the meds consistently for a couple weeks. The meds work better when they are in your system. 2. Soak your hands & wrists at some point during the day in warm/hot(hot tub tempish) water for 10 min. 3. Stretch. stand in front of a table, turn your palms ups, then press your hands into the table so your fingers are facing you. Hold for about about 1 min. relax repeat 5 times. 4. Stretch. Put hands in a prayer position. Press the opposite each finger back(middle finger on middle finger for example) hold the stretch the same as above. ] 5. Lastly try taking a hard ball(golf ball,lacrosse ball) put it on the table place the palm of your hand against the ball. Roll the ball around under your palm putting pressure against the ball. Trust me this will hurt but feel good at the same time. Try some of these exercises. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM or email and I can try to explain better. If these do not work, an Orthopedic hand doctor will be able to help. Good Luck
  8. I have been wearing Snowbee boot foot breathable waders for the past 2 winters. Throw on a pair of thermals & sweats, never get cold. Cast for trout and walk the beach for hours with no problems. Had some stocking foot waders just have to make sure the gravel guards are in place.
  9. Things will start heating up around the Outer Banks then. Big Spanish in the surf, puppy drum, some bluefish. If you drive down to Hatteras Village there are a few good inshore captains there that will put you on the fish. Capt. Rick Scarborough & Captain Doug Martin are out of Teachs Lair Marina. They come recommended by many people. Close enough to get out of Hatteras Inlet. Rock Solid Charters out of Oregon Inlet is another good inshore boat. Stop by Hatteras Jack's in Rodanthe. Nice small shop but very helpful.
  10. I had received one of these when I let a friend borrow my Tica and he left it on vacation. Rod felt nice, but on the second cast, the rod snapped in half. Lucky for me I am friends with Frank @ Frank and Frans, and took it for me and replaced it with a Tica. Haven't had a problem since.
  11. Being a longtime fisherman of the Outer Banks, I am nervous for the closure of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore to All ORV access. Here is a plea for the commissioner Warrem Judge of Dare County. Well worth watching.
  12. First thing is whether or not you have a hard top or soft top. That will make the outcomes different. Soft Top the Kargomaster or the Top Five rack with the Thule adaption bars (so you can put ski holders on). Definitely can keep your rods horizontal. Or if you are mechanically inclined, you could construct another method to connecting something to hold the rods to the Kargomaster. With the hard top you can either what I just suggested or purchase an attachment for a roof rack that bolts to the Hardtop. The you can connect the ski racks directly to that. I actually moved the brackets on my Thule roof box and connect it directly to my KargoMaster rack. For smaller rods or 2 pc rods its great to lock up the rods.
  13. I'll take it for $40. JOE
  14. I picked up a pair of Snowbee Bootfoots over the winter. Big, comfortable and boots feel pretty good on my feet. Just need some layers with them, but plenty of room for that!
  15. I really liked having Bridgestone Dueller AT Revos on my 02 TJ. Worked great on and off the beach. Unfortunately the price has gone up and I changed over to some Firestone Destination AT. Great so far on and off road. Went with 31x10.5 for a beefer look on my stock rimes