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  1. Did you ever cast the ff85 With a sink tip line say 250 to 350 grain and yes how did it handle that?
  2. Ditto what aces over said.
  3. Just saying again, Salt Away, SAlt Off or similar product works great. Soaks into the backing. I’ve used this for a long to time. Penn 130s to fly gear. Good stuff. No need to remove backing although I do so if I think it’s needed.
  4. A few generous squirts of SaltAway or MarPro Salt Off will prevent this. It’s not enough to just rinse. The salt gremlins hide in tight places and do their dirty deeds when you’re not looking. when rinsing use a gentle waterflow. Too much pressure just drives the little bastards deeper into the backing and tight places. now that it’s happened a coating of Fluid Film will minimize the spread.
  5. Nigel - Thanks for the Kib Bramhall story link and his big bass on the Ambassaduer 178 fly reel. That was way cool. Fishdinder401 - Not sure of the age your Fenwick but here are some period-correct reel options for pre 1972 Fenwicks. From top left to right: Pflueger Supreme 577 on a Fenwick FF 107, Mitchell 758, Pflueger Medalist on a Fenwick FF 807 that I rebuilt with REC guides, grip cover and butt extension that I still use for snook at night, and the ABU Delta 5 and ugly duckling but innovative with a lever drag system.
  6. Yep, pflueger 1498 sprayed and wiped with Boshield or Fluid Film (auto parts stores) or a pflueger Supreme 577. With religious washing and after-fishing spray with SaltAway theyll look good and catch fish for a long long time
  7. For about 2 years been using Cortland's Compact Sink Type 3 in 200, 240and 275 grain weights. Switched from some old Sci Anglers Mastery lines. Cortland's sink rate is about 3 to 4 feet per second for the Type 3. Mono core, 28-foot heads, intermediate running line. These lines have a 12 foot "step" at the back end of the head that improves handling and casting. I use them for fresh and saltwater, LM bass, tarpon, snook, striped bass. They are also available in Type 6 and Type 9, and there's a Compact intermediate version.
  8. Wonderful as always. Merry Christmas to you
  9. Steve Kantner’s Ultimate guide to Fishing South Florida on foot can be very helpful. When you get to Florida check local Barnes noble. Or online at Amazon. Places patterns techniques
  10. Line retrieved per handle crank is not important for most fly blues schoolie bass lm bass trout but for Albies tarpon bonefish bigger striped bass sharks tuna big crevalle jacks this info is valuable. Easy to measure with reel in your hand not so easy when looking at a catalog
  11. Castafly is on target. Most spinning mfgs list the length of line retrieved for each handle crank This would be interesting info for fly reel mfgs to include
  12. Bump. XX or an XXT
  13. Call them before you ship it. If they have a replacement section in stock they’ll ship it quickly at a good price.
  14. Braided mono loops are so much smaller and streamlined, and go thru guides better. I never use the factory loops.
  15. Looking for an Albright 6-weight XX rod, the Lou Tabory series. This is a long shot - they were discontinued about ten years ago, but maybe someone has one gathering dust in the closet. Thanks for looking.