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  1. What oakman said. Replace factory loop with braided mono loop. Less bulky than factory loop and it lasts forever.
  2. Yes, $70 is good. Check you PMs. Thanks
  4. John, this is perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. I was prepared to spend more, so how about I send $40 to charity? Pl easecheck your PMs for my address. Thank you. Pete
  5. Drop down to $80. Anyone interested?
  6. Respectfully, that's out of my budget, but thanks for the reply.
  7. The body not including lip or tail is 4-3/4, overall length is 8-1/2, weight is 1.2 ounces.
  8. Drop to $20 - last call - includes shipping.
  9. A 9 footer is generally more popular, but TFO's 10-foot rods have a pretty good reputation for surf and back-bay wading. I have two; selling this one. I like it for calm surf and for wading in brackish water rivers. For this type fishing it's a great light salty fly rod and with a moderate-fast action that's relaxing to cast. As a beginner, not sure it's a good fit for you. but if you get more involved in salty fly fishing you'll probably end up with a 10-foot rod somewhere down the road so my sales pitch is to buy it now at a good price. Ask some of your buddies for their opinions before you make the plunge.
  10. That they are discontinued only speaks to the mindset popularity of 9 foot rods, not the effectiveness of the 7-1/2 a nd 8 footers. Many flyrodders just can't get used to the IDEA of the short rod, but once they use them, they like them. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. I have cast, but not fished the 11/12. it's a good choice if you like short rods. For Keys tarpon where you're not casting repeatedly, it could be a nice rod. It performs best with a short-head line. I believe Cuddy and Biscayne Rods made short rods many years ago and they were designed specifically for fighting big tarpon. Although I'm a fan of short rods, and have used the ShortStik 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 versions a lot over the past three years, I'm mostly fishing them in confined areas, casts of 40 to 60 feet and pulling fish from docks and bridges. Now I'm going back the other way and am using 8-foot rods again. The 6 inches does make a difference. The casting stroke feels better. Maybe I'll revert eventually to Herb's 8-1/2' or 8 ' 9' rods? Recently pulled two TFO 8' Mini Mags out of retirement and added a new 8-foot Echo BAG Quickshot 6-weight. Of the three the "casual" action of the BAG fiberglass rod has become my go-to favorite and is very comfortable for repeated casting. Been using a Cortland Compact 6/7 line. Very comfortable to cast, slower stroke and plenty of power. Specific to your tarpon fishing, the BAG Quickshot is available in a 10-weight, but not 12.
  12. Looking for a clean Pflueger 1495-1/2.
  14. Lightly used Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh Professional Series, 8-weight, 10-foot, 4-piece. Clean cork handle and reel seat, guide wraps are perfect with no cracks or underlying rust, blank sections also clean with no scratches or dings. Rod was used maybe three times and looks as new. Asking $90, includes USPS Priority Shipping, CONUS. PayPal okay.
  15. Thrown but not marked up and no scratches with a very clean body and paint. Some slight discoloration at hook eyes. Asking $35 includes USPS priority shipping CONUS. PayPal preferred.