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  1. Thanks, just a tad too small for what I'm looking for, but a nice looking reel.
  2. Questions - Cork or stack drag, reel diameter, spool width, picture of frame with spool removed?
  3. That got my heart thumping. Very cool
  4. Payment rec'd. Thanks Chipnice, SOL and Tim S.
  5. OK, thanks Chipnice, $75 for all three. Check your PM for PayPal info.
  6. Dropping down again - reduced to $30 each, $75 for all three.
  7. Lightly used.
  8. Price Reduced to $35 each, $90 for all three. PayPal, ship USPS Priority.
  9. RIO Tropical Series OutBound Short lines with floating running line, clear intermediate sink tip at the end. Each has braided mono loops at both ends. They're clean and have no defects or bad spots. Good lines for summer and early fall striped bass/blues, and snook/tarpon/reds/jacks down south. $40 each includes shipping. WF 8F/I - Tropical OutBound Short, 335 grains. WF 9F/! - Tropical OutBound Short, 375 grains. WF 10F/I - Tropical OutBound Short, 430 grains.
  10. Cortland's Compact Float 11/12-weight is 425 grains, 26-foot head length and is available in standard and tropical. I have both and use the tropical more often, handles summer weather and cool fall, but not extreme cold. Actual weight came in at 410 grains @ 30 feet.
  11. Brad buzzi has good stuff too. Look up buzzfly
  12. Sold, and thank you Linesidesonthefly, SOL and Tim.
  13. That sounds great. Sending PM for PayPal info.
  14. All of them? If yes, I can ship them in a medium-size flat rate box USPS Priority for $15.50. Add a little for PayPal. How about $18.00 total for all six?
  15. The following books are free to the first responder. You pay shipping (CONUS Only) and PayPal. Choose either $6 for 4th Class Media Mail (takes about 2 weeks) or $10 for USPS. Priority (takes about 3 days). 1 - Cloudbursts - Thomas McGuane - brand new. Collection of old and recent short stories, some fishing. Soft cover 2 - The Earth Is Enough - Harry Middleton - used, but no marks, spine is perfect. Short stories growing up with flyfishing, trout and old men. Soft cover 3 - That Sweet Country - Harry Middleton - used, but no marks, spine is perfect. Uncollected short stories of fishing, camping, rivers and streams. Soft cover 4 - The Fish's Eye - Ian Frazier - used, no marks but water wrinkle on dust cover. Short stories and essays about fishing Florida Keys, Rocky Mountains, New York City. and America. Hard cover 5 - Death of a Riverkeeper - Ernest Schwiebert - used, good condition. A wonderful collection of short stories and trout fishing in Idaho, Alaska, America, England, Ireland, Bahamas, Michigan. Hard cover 6 - The Bangtail Ghost - Keith McCafferty - used but looks brand new. Latest in the Sean Stranahan (fishing guide) mystery series, Montana, fishing/hunting back-drop. Hard cover