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  1. Tomkaz - Have fished with Patrick and caught peacocks and largemouth bass, fly and spin. He's a fun guy. If you don't mind, would appreciate hearing how your trip went. Always looking to learn anything new. I've not caught a clownfish, but it's on the bucket list.
  2. Looks like you booked with capt. Pat Smith, Swamp to Sea charters. Good guide, knowledgeable, patient and knows his stuff - you'll be into fish for sure.
  3. This may sound crazy, but don't rub too quickly or firmly. Some finishes, especially the epoxy on the threads wraps, can heat up and become hazy or blurry looking. As DantheBassMan said - no acetone. Mineral spirits maybe - but test a small area first. Also GooGone, but test it first.
  4. Try Signature Marine - They make fly rod holders with suction cup mounts and another that slides into typical flush mount trolling rod holders. Have had both types on my flats skiff for over 12 years - very satisfied. Another good company is "I Fly" fishing solution. They make suction-cup type and screw-in permanent type.
  5. Just weighed it this morning - Pflueger 577 Supreme comes in at 10.3 ounces . It's big brother 578 weighs 12.8 ounces.. That's with no backing or line, just the reels.
  6. Payment rec'd, rod shipped. Thanks Vieteiro, Tim and SOL.
  7. Yes, $75 is good.. Just sent you a PM with my PayPal info. Thank you.
  8. Vieteiro - Some close-ups of the rod - reel seat, guides, wraps, cork.
  9. Okay will send photos later today. No tube, sorry. Got your PM, Thanks.
  10. Vieteiro - I have a very clean, never-fished Albright XX 910-4 (450- 500 grains) 10-weight. It was a back-up rod. There's no tube and the cloth bag is not an original Albright bag. Asking $160. If you're interested, I can post pics tomorrow about mid morning. Let me know.
  11. Rod has been paid for and shipped. Thanks Tim and SOL.
  12. What oakman said. Replace factory loop with braided mono loop. Less bulky than factory loop and it lasts forever.
  13. Yes, $70 is good. Check you PMs. Thanks
  15. John, this is perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. I was prepared to spend more, so how about I send $40 to charity? Pl easecheck your PMs for my address. Thank you. Pete