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  1. Things have changed, there is no 2000. It's probably fine for your application. It's too small for me, but that's just my preference. It has just one drag washer and 7lbs max drag. The 2500FK has three drag washers and almost triple the max drag. The rest of the design is the same throughout the series except for gear ratios. Early small stradics from the '90's had only 1 felt drag washer and they worked quite nicely for me. A $103 bucks new, shipped PayPal is available on the auction site.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I looked at LEDs today. That's probably what I'll put in when these tubes poop out. I'll look for some "conductive grease".
  3. Hi! I'm am having some continuing minor problems with my garage lighting. I still have T12 fixtures, with T12 bulbs. I had a whole case of bulbs when I retired and now they are depleted. I have 4, 2bulb fixtures and 3, 1bulb fixtures. The ballasts are low temp instant start. Additional bad news is I installed them 25 years ago. My problem is often when switching on the lights 1,2,or 3 bulbs fail to light especially in colder weather. Wiggling them a little in their crummy fittings they start unless they are fully cooked. This isn't the end of the world and I'm not really concerned about energy conservation for the garage lights. So my questions relate to what to do now. How long can one expect the ballasts to last? Is there some sort of lube to apply on the ends of the tubes to ensure a better electrical contact? Im not ready today to spring for a major re-work. Today I bought a 10pack of T12s to carry me along until I'm forced to replace everything. Thanks for any insights. Lew
  4. PM coming, Thank You xjclint! Lew This is now closed.
  5. You got one! It would not have fit in the priority box with the lures anyways. I'll get it out this afternoon. Thanks, Lew There is only one 2500FK left---
  6. PM acknowledgment coming, Thanks again Quan, Lew
  7. Walleye to 15lb, trout, steelhead, sturgeon (bi-catch), lots of different stuff out here. The only differences between the 2500FK and the 3000FK is spool capacity and handle knob. Actually preferred the 2500 handle mainly because I didn't fish with heavy gloves. (take two, they're small)
  8. No it's not too late! If you want two you can save yourself $12.40 if I put them in the same medium box with the ABUs. That would be an additional $187.60 ( I pay the PayPal fees) Lew
  9. Selling everything! WTS these 4 Stradic 2500FKs, All have been used a little. No rash or paint loss anywhere. $100 shipped PayPal each Thanks for looking, Lew (the 3000s in the pic were sold locally this week)
  10. rhahn427: I was thinking of you while posting You have bought sooo much of my stuff in the past I was hoping you would be first. Lew
  11. They are yours Nomad92. Yes, they are new or relatively new PM to follow Thanks, Lew
  12. 107 lure lot mostly Rapala XR10s, Husky Jerks, a few others, shad shapes from Storm, Excaliber, Rapala, a few weird ones, a bunch of small 6 & 8s from Rapala. $107 shipped PayPal. Thanks for looking, EDIT: It appears there are only 106 in the pics, I'll find another one somewhere. Lew
  13. OK! They are yours! PM coming and this is closed
  14. WTS this lot of 4 ABU Garcia Ambassaduers: 2- current model 6500C3s with 4 bearings, bent handles, and light weight line guides 1- previous model 5500C3 with 3 bearing and carbontex drags, plus custom installed line out alarm 1- current model 4600C3 with 4 bearings, bent handles, light weight line guide, and custom installed line out alarm $200 shipped PayPal for the lot. Thanks for looking, Lew
  15. Take that plastic clip out and try again Or, you may be pinching the brake blocks. Be sure they are all the way in when seating the side plate.