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  1. Yeah, that sounds like a pain. Prob any 9 footer would be a drastic improvement and versatile. The 7’6” short stix might be too niche of a rod. Very fun rod though.
  2. 10 wt short stix is a great rod. I like using a 10 wt line. I’m not a great caster so if there’s any wind this helps power through it. Plus the added backbone gets the fish in real quick and back in the water fast. It can be a little more tiring to cast but I prefer to make less/more deliberate casts.
  3. If you are willing to go $80 I’ll take it. My brain is switched over to saltwater for the season so its hard to justify spending more.
  4. Kinda what I thought. Any ramps open on the Island? Is Elm street open?
  5. Is Ft. Adams open? I hope so. They had the road barricaded off at the Eisenhower house Road intersection so people could turn around. This was a week ago.
  6. I’ve run into Grouse up northern New England but not RI. I have family in Vermont and Maine but it seems the grouse population has taken a hit over the last decade. Cool spooky bird.
  7. Yes you can. It will also be up till the end of April so feel free to check it out anytime.
  8. My handwriting is ****. Signing my pieces is embarrassing.
  9. Hello fellow Rhode Islanders. I will be having my first gallery show in April. My content is mostly fish and nautical paintings, many inspired by fishing our local waters. I figured I’d throw an invite out there to the local SOL family.
  10. Sachuest point end of last summer. Not a very common sight.
  11. Haha. That’s great. I have a love/hate Relationships with the tourists here. Necessary evil here in Newport. Not sure if I want to hinder the “Touron“ abuse. Some might even deserve a large bag of popcorn dumped on their noggins for they way they act on vacation.
  12. I saw that behavior for the first time a week or so ago at Sachuest point in RI. Makes a lot of sense since there isn’t much to pick from the surface this time of year. Same gulls in the summer mug the beach goers left and right. Seen whole sammiches grabbed outta peeps hands. Nothing will stop those greedy bastards.
  13. Prob studded felt would be the best option. Keep in mind if you plan on fresh water wading, most places banned felt due to transference of invasive species.
  14. Depends on the wet rocks. In RI they are covered in seaweed, I prefer the actual spikes to get through the veg and make contact to rock.
  15. A couple I’ve tied recently