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  1. I have very limited experience but small bucktails or shad darts work. Basically as small as your equip can throw.
  2. I like the creative ideas for hard cases. PVC pipe, so many uses!
  3. Way too many guys take themselves way too seriously, to the point to where it can be funny. Lots of tuff guys fishing. There’s too much shoreline to get worried about the goons. It’s supposed to be fun!
  4. I was out last night and it was sketchy. Found a couple “safe” spots to get a couple casts in. I quickly retreated to the bay and found some schoolies with a couple bigger specimens mixed in as well. Stay safe out there and make sure you’re here to fish another day.
  5. It’s all good. It seems his panties are permanently in a bunch. It his “thing”.
  6. Great start! Keep us updated on the build progress.
  7. You’re right. Much better.
  8. Yeah, maybe I could have blurred the specific location. It being a fish trap and not from rod and reel I didn’t think it would be a prob. Hundreds of guys were out at west wall this am with their own fish traps trying to catch one. You guys are the reason RI forum has 3 contributing members.
  9. Were rules broken? Thought it pertained to the conversation it being a notable fish being caught in our waters.
  10. That would be one helluva surprise!
  11. That’s one thicc bail
  12. Lots of progress just in the first 4. They should get gobbled up. Pick up some flat ultra thread. Makes the wraps easier and cleaner. Also a lot of guys use clear nail polish to cover the wraps as it’s cheap and readily available. Sally Jensen hard as nails. All lure work is what gets my through the winter months while still thinking about fishing. Tight lines.
  13. Scott is the man. Fishwispering RI is the guide service. Great fisherman and even better guy.
  14. Great looking shots guys. Those food stills got my belly grumbling. Here’s a couple from a trip to Spain this past winter.