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  1. Was fishing a worm hatch in a saltwater pond in southern RI. Only good way in and out was a tidal flow under a small bridge. Fought the outflow on my paddle in. Sucked but doable. Fished for a couple hours till dark. Caught my first couple stripers on the fly. Great day fishing so far. Time to go home, it’s almost completely dark. Start my paddle back out, into the incoming tide. This time facing the force of the entirety of the Atlantic. Noticed I wasn’t going anywhere after paddling hard into the current for a while so I turn off towards the shore and clip a submerged rock that flips me. Dumped my fly set up and a plug bag full of home made lures into the ink below me. Dragged my kayak and soggy self onto the bank and did some good ol fashioned trespassing to get back to my truck. Many lessons learned that night and I lived to fish another day. You can always replace equip. Not that terrible overall.
  2. I saw gannets out front Wednesday too. Love watching them feed.
  3. Sharks are everywhere in Florida. If it will put your mind at ease, buy one. I’m more concerned about stepping on a sting ray.
  4. Id google map where ever you are going to be and mark some small streams and explore. Bring the fly rod and search for native brookies. It’s beautiful country up there and lots of opportunities. This was closer to Montpelier. A winooksi feeder stream. Next time I’m gonna hit up a slightly larger stream to the north.
  5. I’m not too into LMB fishing but fishing with frogs in the pads in the warm weather is a blast. Hook up ratio isn’t great but the top water explosions are intense. You would be surprised the size and ferocity of fish in crazy skinny water. You’ll def water to size up with a good leader and braid. 100lb might be a excessive. Haha.
  6. I have a Vr 150. No problems at all. Handles big fish with ease. Plenty of line capacity. Liked it enough to get the 125 spool too (they are interchangeable). I have never felt outgunned.
  7. If you stop in Portland, there was a nice shop over by Shipyard Brewing. Not sure if it’s still there. A lot of nice restaurants in that area too. Duckfat is really good.
  8. I’d recommend an inflatable paddleboard too. Makes life real easy. Flats under the weather balloon on Cudjoe Key were my favorite but it depends on wind direction. The best flat is the one with visibility.
  9. Just spent 9 days breaking in my new board. Moves pretty good for a 12’. That said, I’ll be looking to upgrade to a push pole for the flats. And some form of anchor, a lot more drift than the kayak. Elkton Grebe. 12’ by 36”. Stable, comfortable and durable inflatable.
  10. It’s a good spot. Currently chilling with these guys.
  11. Super impressive. The scene in Blue Planet 2 where the seals are chasing 100+ tuna in the shallows of the Galapagos is worth a watch as well.
  12. Looks like there was a lot of productivity this winter. Lots of inspiration. Thank you sharing all the great stuff you guys build. Unfortunately this was my only build this offseason. Fresh off the spinner. Lipped swimmer about 1.5oz. Lipless on swimmer body 2oz. Little topwater jerky guys are 1oz. Pearl paint. Did a couple with goldfleck alcohol dye mixed in the epoxy.
  13. Wow! Those look great!
  14. I’ll take one please
  15. I agree. I also think they should devote one article a month in the magazine purely on conservation (fish handling, safest quipment for the fish, restoration projects etc..) also maybe spot burn the problem spots with garbage and dare their readers to clean them up. Like a shameful fishing spot of the month thing.