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  1. I would inform van staal
  2. If you go the epoxy route, don’t use paint that is glossy at all. Use the most matte rattle paint you can find. Epoxy hates gloss.
  3. Just spent two+ weeks chasing tarpon and other keys fish. Man those guys are explosive. That first immediate jump is bonkers. Jumped one on fly for the first time, bent the hook on that first jump in a blink of an eye. But the monsters at night at the bridges, 80lb leader direct tied to a small bucktail. Still the odds aren’t in your favor. Jumped some, lost all.
  4. Yes. Let’s say the bugger beast is roughly $50. I have 7 boxes here, that would be $350. I def spent less then $150 on materials, prob closer to $100. They do take time to build so it depends on if you like building stuff or is your time better spent doing something else. I don’t think I’ve spent $200 worth of time on them either.
  5. One of my favorite things in the world is taking off wading boots/korkers after 6-8hrs.
  6. I had one bad experience live lining a bunker with the hook on a TA. Not an ideal set up but I was unprepared and kinda rushing it. Something went wrong after a battle with a large striper and the clip bent out. I’m sure it was a freak thing but I try to direct tie everything now.
  7. Ok, that should work. It’s a great way to fish. I strongly suggest a collapsable anchor, it can get real frustrating spotting fish only to have the wind whip you away from casting distance. My breaking point was spotting a daisy chain of 30 tarpon as the wind and current quickly removed me from the equation. Bought a anchor that afternoon.
  8. Two people is probably doable but it won’t be fun. I’d recommend against. Add a bunch of gear, no thanks. I just spent 6 hrs on a 12’ long 3’ wide inflatable board with a bunch of gear. Fly rod, spinning rod, gear bag, etc. Great day but when the wind kicks up, it can become a pain in the but. Buddy rented and got stuck with a smaller non inflatable, he hated life. Fell in a bunch, constant battle.
  9. Rinse them real good after
  10. I’d get a longer cable.
  11. Two DIY boxes headed to the Keys in a couple days. Might hit up Miami for Peacock on the way home, that’s why there’s a couple freshwater patterns in there. Been waiting for this trip for two years hence the overkill. Great looking striper box btw ColdWaterFly, a lot of favorites in there.
  12. Purchasing polarized prescription sunglasses was prob the most adult thing I’ve done in my life. On my second pair, pricey but if I lost or broke a pair tomorrow I’d rush out and get another. My eyes aren’t garbage but holy hell do they make it a pleasure to see.
  13. I always threaten to explore our streams more but never do. I need to get on it.
  14. I too have the Bradley. Besides having to buy their “pucks” I love it. Turn it on in the morn and go fishing. Come home to smoked meats.
  15. I recall having a dinner in Miami that was very similar. Tons of traffic from tourists and boats but didn’t deter the giants from taking up residency.