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  1. Yozuri was my go to. A little pricey. Tried the Diawa last year because it was bigger spools for less money. Positive results. No major issues. It does seem to be thinner diameter so you might want to up the poundage to be safe.
  2. I haven’t used a steel leader in years. 40lb flouro to 40lb braid with an FG knot on my big set up. Make it long enough you can cut it back a couple times if you start to feel nicks or abrasion. 20lb flouro to 20lb braid for my light set up/jigging. I haven’t had a bluefish bite me off in years. Just keep the line tight and cast to the sides of blitzes not through the middle.
  3. I didn’t catch one last year. I don’t travel to chase them so if they arrive in my home waters it’s game on. Last year they were so sparse for me I barely bothered. My wife said I seemed to be in a greatly better mood last fall. That’s how frustrating they can be. Even if you are catching the hook up ratio is so low it can be demoralizing. But the few fish you do catch on a good season are memorable. So much so I can’t wait to put my family through the anguish this fall.
  4. Kayak is the ideal vessel. It forces patience but still has a little range.
  5. Unfortunately no. Take me with you. Sea run browns are a dream fish.
  6. There’s a vid on YouTube demonstrating the retrieve. No rod twitch. Reel in a couple turns then pause to let it sink back down. Reel up a couple turns and pause. Repeat. When you twitch the rod it loses all movement.
  7. I recall being at a party in my youth at a friends house. Her parents were out for the night. A buddy and I were sharing a funny cig by the back door when the dog came sprinting towards us. We thought must be done with its business and opened the slider for it to come in. It took a couple seconds to hit us but we knew we messed up. Dog got skunked and ran right into the house party. Needless to say party over man. That stench close up is a whole couple levels of putrid. Sorry Gretchen. My bad.
  8. I’m in Newport which has a surprising amount of life for a “city”. Only predator I haven’t seen is a fisher although I heard some had made home at Ft. Adams.
  9. Had a baby raccoon find its way into our garage two summers ago. It stepped on the volume to the radio that was on in there and turned it up to 11 at 2:00am. We were all very confused. But yeah that was the first and last raccoon I’d seen in a while.
  10. Has anyone noticed an uptick in skunks this spring? I’m talking the actual animal not the no catching kind. Growing up in the 80s and 90s skunks were everywhere. Most summer nights you’d come across at least one roadkill. It seemed like when the coyotes moved back the skunks, raccoons and opossum disappeared. Already this spring I’ve seen a couple road kills of skunk. First time my seven year old had smelled one. Just curious if others have noticed this or have insight to why.
  11. Where are you located? Lots of great artists out there with lots of different styles. David Riina on the cape has great work as does Sarah Lauridsen out of Vermont. DeYoung is very popular and has images on all kind of stuff. I think he’s even got shower curtains. Any medium you prefer? You want originals or prints?
  12. I withdraw my offer
  13. Any chance you could do $250 shipped?
  14. This was the first fly rod I ever had. Still have it. It was a gift from my father in law back when I was dating his daughter. Fun rod.