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  1. Not looking for specific spots...but some general info. I'm a 2022 retiree, moved to Fort Myers area in October, and promised the boss I wouldn't fish till we got our home back in shape to live in (major damage from Ian - basically rebuilt from the floors up). Finally at the point that I can fish once in a while... but everywhere I'm used to parking at is closed (Blind Pass, Wiggins, Ding Darling). I'm a surf guy from Maine and prefer the beaches. Wondering if there are beaches around that allow parking in the Ft. Myers area? I NEED to get out onto the sand after this winter.
  2. Great minds think alike… I did that
  3. I found a small tackle bag on a Cape beach this evening. If anyone left one behind, send me a message to claim it.
  4. Save some snook for me!!! I'll be snow-birding down there starting in March. Five months and I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I had the company that advertises on TV to come out to my place on the Cape...they would install them for $4000 !!! I almost crapped when I heard the price. I spent less than $250 on the Costco website and installed them myself. High quality, easy to install, and they keep the pine needles out. Once you register, they send you a little brush you can attach to a pole and sweep them off a couple of times a year. No brainer.
  6. Here's my lab mix...she loves her stuffed animals.
  7. Just the one I was releasing as I got blasted!!! I was there about an hour before I got that one.
  8. Here's a little PSA...be careful out there!!! I was out on the ledges last night...dead low tide...probably 2' swell....no moon. Out of the blue a giant wave hits and sweeps me back - knocked me over. I didn't hear it coming...I don't think it had crested yet. Luckily I had new studs on the Korkers and got my footing. Just a few cuts and scrapes...I was lucky!!! Keep your head up!!!
  9. Guy I work with caught one mixed in with a school of mackerel - up here in Saco Bay. First time I've heard on one this far north!!!
  10. Guy I work with went out into Saco Bay this past weekend to catch some macs for baiting his lobster traps, and mixed in with the macs was a small bonito!!! It was the same size as the macs he was catching. I didn't think they came this far north
  11. Just drove from Maine to Niagara Falls and back for a week. Took back roads until we hit Albany. I would think that we probably saw at least 1000 dead squirrels...crazy!!!
  12. Picked this up at a yard sale this morning. Tiny little reel mounted on an 8' long, really whippy, steel rod. The reel is about 1.5" in diameter. Any ideas what this would have been used for? It's gonna look nice hanging on my wall.
  13. Just picked this up at a yard sale...hoping someone can tell me what it is. It's a tiny reel, probably about 1 1/2" in diameter. And it came attached to an 8' steel rod that's really whippy. I think it'll be a cool piece to hang on my wall.
  14. Nice fish...there are some decent ones around!!! I got one this am at just under 30" .