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  1. Here's my lab mix...she loves her stuffed animals.
  2. Just the one I was releasing as I got blasted!!! I was there about an hour before I got that one.
  3. Here's a little PSA...be careful out there!!! I was out on the ledges last night...dead low tide...probably 2' swell....no moon. Out of the blue a giant wave hits and sweeps me back - knocked me over. I didn't hear it coming...I don't think it had crested yet. Luckily I had new studs on the Korkers and got my footing. Just a few cuts and scrapes...I was lucky!!! Keep your head up!!!
  4. Guy I work with caught one mixed in with a school of mackerel - up here in Saco Bay. First time I've heard on one this far north!!!
  5. Guy I work with went out into Saco Bay this past weekend to catch some macs for baiting his lobster traps, and mixed in with the macs was a small bonito!!! It was the same size as the macs he was catching. I didn't think they came this far north
  6. Just drove from Maine to Niagara Falls and back for a week. Took back roads until we hit Albany. I would think that we probably saw at least 1000 dead squirrels...crazy!!!
  7. Picked this up at a yard sale this morning. Tiny little reel mounted on an 8' long, really whippy, steel rod. The reel is about 1.5" in diameter. Any ideas what this would have been used for? It's gonna look nice hanging on my wall.
  8. Just picked this up at a yard sale...hoping someone can tell me what it is. It's a tiny reel, probably about 1 1/2" in diameter. And it came attached to an 8' steel rod that's really whippy. I think it'll be a cool piece to hang on my wall.
  9. Nice fish...there are some decent ones around!!! I got one this am at just under 30" .
  10. I'll be down there in 5 weeks...can't wait!!! I love to fish Sanibel - Captiva. Beaches in the morning can produce snook, ladyfish, sheepshead, and a bunch of little snapper-type fish. Ding Darling preserve is a lot of fun for reds and snook (bring bug spray). I like to fish plugs, but you can't go wrong down there with a jig / shrimp. If you have a rig that can get a popper out there a bit, heave one off of the beach - you may luck into a little shark!!! (bring steel leaders) Good luck
  11. If you like fishing from shore, Blind Pass on Sanibel Island is a fun spot. I've caught snook, sheepshead, and a bunch of little panfish types (jacks?) there. Also had a blacktip shark blast my popper and cut me off. I'll be there in April again, this time with a steel leader!!!
  12. Worth the trip...I was there Sunday morning, got into a topwater blitz for about half an hour. Mostly small fish, but a blast!!! Saw a 31 pound slob landed just downstream of me - it probably watched my pencil go by!!!
  13. I bought a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue for my boys when they were in high school (in 2005) for $5200. It had 30,000 miles. It had been in a crash and totaled. The owner of the shop was up front about the repairs, and had a good reputation. That car finally died in 2014 with almost 150,000 miles, with the last 120,000 put on by two teenagers. If you trust the shop, it's worth rolling the dice
  14. I saw a pic of a 13 lb. blue caught south of Portland Sunday afternoon...they're here!!! Also, I fished the Canal last weekend and saw a bunch of big blues caught down there - but I couldn't land one