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  1. First off happy fathers day to everyone I hope you had a wonderful day like I was able to. Secondly I want to say thank you to the park rangers and the game warden that was at key box road this morning. It is a pleasure to see this. The one park ranger asked to see my yellow copy of my pass paperwork.and also go over my safety equipment which is never a problem. I am going to say that I hope to see them.more often this year as maybe it will keep some of the crazy people off the beach! Thanks again Mike PS if anyone does this work.I was in the silver Jeep grand Cherokee that showed up at about 9am
  2. Hey Tomas Can't wait to see the keeper!!!!
  3. Alright I will bite as a business owner I would have to have the union work.with me to increase my viability in the market place while making my product or service wanted because of the workers value and expertise in the market place. The work would be second to none and show it the price might be a bit higher as to.having said labor but the tradeoffs are worth it as in you get what you pay for. I would have the highest skilled worker and he or she would have my best interests in there mind also. Away goes the you are just a number and I will replace you tomorrow. My question to you as you use union labor for your work what would you like to see changed. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what needs changed but the constant fight between the for anyone.
  4. RJ I don't think that sweatshops are that far off if you look into less government take away some of these protections based on certain political agendas and it is not that far off. As to working on getting people elected it goes both ways corporations want what they want and unions the same it comes down to.whonhas deeper pockets not the best.(one reason why politics are bad) we need to get when you worked and your company and yourself benefited not the way it is going in today's world. I am done with this as I do not have the tine to keep typing as I have work and kids sports to do but I do appreciate the conversation as it is always a good thing to.keep your mind open and look at other ways of thinking as that is the only way that you will.grow as a person. You might not always agree but you have able to see the other persons side.
  5. It needs to go back to.representing the worker and creating job rules and training that helps with continuing the growth of the employee to create a skilled work force that can change and keep.up.with the product or service it provides. Work with the companies and continue a good and fair contract that pays the employees a good living wage with room for advancement within.also set up and listen to your employees as they are the union and make the company the force that it is. This is just a start.
  6. The unions are not gone they just need to be restored to what they were. The thing is without any unions I see sweat shops and non stop working in everyone future. I look at some family.members that are forced to work 80 plus he's a week to keep up on what they do and no compensation for it. It is pretty much work or we will let you go and get someone else in to do it.Careers have been replaced by jobs and loyalties to company that pay for training and instruction have gone out the window because you can make 1000 more 5 miles down the road. As we become more of a me me me country this I think will only get worse. Look at your parents and even grand parents. They may have worked for a company for 30-40 years and helped train the younger workers to take over there jobs but now you go in work a couple years pad you resume and start shopping. Loyalties have been lost on both side of the fence it is not just the unions but also managements that have caused the problems
  7. Biggest suggestion? Now what I think could help is to actually sit down.with the company and talk rather than fight. Try to keep the jobs in house and not contract them.out which creates turmoil inside of the shop. Also listen to the employees they are one of your simplest ways to keep operating costs down as they see the everyday waste that upper management and pencil.pushers do not see. In my career alone I watch the contractor go.out and do sub par work then we have to go.out behind them and make it correct even though we call them.out on it and it can be a huge safety issue it falls on deaf ears because we are told the will.not go away as they are cheaper on paper.
  8. Steve, I am sorry to hear of this my condolences go out to you and your family. God bless Mike
  9. Gonna miss bill big time didn't get to fish with him that often but when we did it was a great time. And yes the 7-11 in belmar will always be a memorable night God bless his family and friends as we lost a truly great man
  10. Rwalter, different style to.climbing a tower with pegs versus using climbers you need to keep.a certain distance from the pole or tree or else you come down quick for those hard to.reach. ranches do you have a pole saw either electric or gas might do the trick
  11. I don't climb trees but I climb telephone poles for a living. It is not something you want to do if you have not been properly trained. One mistake as to how close you get to the tree and you will come down way faster than you want to.
  12. I would fish this rod from the Delaware beaches with my son and nephew trying to catch a striped or bluefish while enjoying the beach
  13. Lineman for the phone company. Lots of hours spent working not a lot fishing anymore. Between coaching girls lax and baseball my fishing time has been cut down big time. But the kids will get older and They will get older and then I will get to fish again
  14. Merry Christmas everyone have a wonderful holiday
  15. Yeah I know! The thing is it is always right around my anniversary so we usually have something going on this year looks OK unless I am taking the trio to Peru. We shall see. I gotta call ya john so we can catch up bud