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  1. Thanks for the report, headed down for thanksgiving.......cant wait
  2. I have one, I really like it. I tend to pack light with tackle. I use it on local lakes here in PA and the Pamlico sound in NC. I'm 5'8" and 220........no issues.
  3. Staying in Manteo for the first time over Thanksgiving week. We usually go down to Hatteras Village spring and fall..........I was wondering if I should bring the crab traps. We've only been down once before over this week, but stayed in corolla to plan our wedding. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  4. If you go on Facebook Lee Robinsons, Risky, Odens, and a few others have been posting updates and pictures.
  5. I saw a ton in Sept in the bays of central NJ at night.
  6. Bought new, mods please close. Thanks
  7. I bought from a guy in NJ who makes them. Google "clam rakes nj"
  8. You could always look back on their FB page at last years post to get an idea of how long/dates they've been catching them...........just a thought.
  9. search "corolla" and you should find everything you need.
  10. No, I am catching black drum, trout, red drum, flounder, & blues. A few years ago I got smart and told the wife we'll be vacationing in Hatteras from now on....mainly due to the better fishing.
  11. There are fish to be had in Corolla /Carova. I have always found them in a hole almost right at my feet. My advise is going to the beach at dead low tide and looking for the holes, mark the area and come back for the incoming. I use a pompano rig with mullet fillets or fishbites.
  12. I need a longer paddle for my OC Trident 13. I'm 5'8", so looking for a 230-240 cm paddle, preferable 2-piece. I am located 45 min outside Phila. PA. Thanks
  13. That'll work, PM when you are back and I'll send payment. Thanks!
  14. If you can wait a week I'll take the used rod shipped to 19454. Let me know if this works for you. Also if we can work out a deal I'd take both off your hands for the right price. Let me know, thanks
  15. chartreuse jig heads and a white gult curly tail.....that or cut mullet on a FF rig.