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  1. Hello all, looking for suggestions on a travel bag or case, I’d like to be able to carry 4 6000 or 6500 series reels, is there such a thing? I can’t seem to find one. Thank you Paul
  2. LoL, well, there wasn’t one spot to park the four days we where there, i’m assuming it was all of the boat guys trucks, there’s old trailers in that lot that haven’t moved since I was a kid, maybe they should get rid of them and free up some parking. There isn’t a lot of access for shore fisherman anymore, a lot of my old spots are now parking sticker only, I wish the town would allow non-residents the opportunity to purchase a week pass or something along those lines. What gets me is the number of people I see who do have sticker parking leaving there trash behind and keeping whatever they catch, like I said before, I come over every summer for a week, sometimes twice a year, I’ve seen guys with 5-6 stripe bass and there’s only two of them fishing. I’ve never seen or been asked by anyone in all these years for a license, or check my catch. And to the guys who say did you report them, yes, I have one of the local officers number saved
  3. Ditto
  4. Every time I’m there, I carry trash bags in my bag, bass rocks, pebble beach, the point off the nature trail, and the list goes on, I’m amazed how much garbage is left behind by todays “fisherman”.
  5. Just happened to my wife, she has permanent spinal damage now, I’d love to get my hands around the guys throat!!
  6. What are you twelve, grow up
  7. Who me? Bud I’ve been all over this beautiful country of ours, NY is a sh hole and is getting worse, mass isn’t to far behind.
  8. Lol if you go to any Walmart in upstate NY you can catch a free contact high in the parking lot
  9. Boo hoo I have no quality of life/work balance, Welcome to everyone else
  10. No not weed? I know it wasn’t crack,
  11. I have to vent, I’ve been coming to Glouster my entire life, now at the age of 45 things that used to be funny or acceptable now just piss me off, I fished out to the state park pier in Gloucester quite frequently when I’m there, what has happened to that area? There’s trash everywhere, no place to park to fish (it is a fishing spot is it not) And while my wife and I were there these two women were there every day in their car coughing their brains out hitting a bong in their car and then driving off stoned out of their minds. Weed just became legal in New York, and I’m all for it, if you can drink alcohol you should be able to smoke pot but do so with some common sense and responsibility. The area as a whole is going down the hole. don’t even get me started on the roads, I thought the roads home where crap, pretty sure I need a new ball joint now
  12. Any idea what kind of jelly’s?
  13. Fishing near rock port, never had something like this come back on my hooks??
  14. Mine was 50". And 45lbs. The wife's was 39" and 26 lbs. throwing live macs at the rocks