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  1. This is super cool! Lots of choggies and a few big tog have been on since I started the stream. Though it is difficult to get a decent sense of scale.
  2. This page shows essentially the exact thing shown in the pics above.
  3. Other drugs, poison, who knows? Maybe the dog got into something else before the kids pet it? Did the vet perform any kind of toxicological testing on the dog? It’s certain a dog could not metabolize cannabis in 5 minutes. If it was forced to inhale burned/vaped cannabis, that’s another thing entirely.
  4. Five minutes? That wouldn’t be long enough for an animal to metabolize a cannabis-infused edible. Seems very unlikely. More than likely it was something else.
  5. If it’s a wild bird, it’s unlikely it’s avian flu. This fact sheet has some info about avian flu, as well as what to do if you find a dead bird in your yard.
  6. UNDER 6 million. Maybe acknowledge that fact first. Mikez2 has been a great source of factual and scientific information on this (and other threads), but some people refuse to acknowledge that. Instead, this thread (and the others) are filled with whataboutisms.
  7. I used to eat a bit of jarred kimchi daily for almost a year, but I had one very unfortunate and unpleasant event involving Guinness Stout and “fresh” kimchi from a market. It took me a while, but I started eating it again, at least when I go to a Korean restaurant. It’s an amazing probiotic, and a delicious dish in its many forms. I prefer cabbage or cukecumber.
  8. This was posted originally on Reddit. The OP recognized that it had a rope or tail wrap around its tail. Apparently the sturgeon was barely living upon discovery and eventually died. It was reported to Mass F&W.
  9. The report is five pages long, six with the photo. I think anyone here that’s commenting should read it. The report starts at page 510. It’s just a huge PDF of all the specifics and attachments related particular Council meeting, so the vast majority of the PDF is not relevant to the sewage release.
  10. This is right from the report given to the Worcester City Council: “Based on recent average station flows on the previous four Sundays, the volume of the overflow to Lake Quinsigamond has been revised. The best estimate now available is 5,751,500 gallons. This excludes the 473,500 gallons removed via tanker.” While it will ever be known how much was released with 100% certainty, it at least appears the Worcester DPW used best available data to support their number. Using Bob G’s “water tower” unit of measure, “almost” 6 water towers of sewage was released, but has any one considered how that relates to that body of water? The lake itself holds 15,851 “water towers” of water (yes 15,851,220,779 gallons). That means the volume of sewage released is 0.03% of the total volume of the lake. Granted, there’s not equal miscibility through the water column and area, but there is a whole lot of dilution going on. This event is clearly not a good thing. There is no situation where adding sewage - in almost any amount - would be beneficial to a water body. That being said, I’m sure the dilution, accompanied by the fortunate time of year this occurred, won’t lead to lasting impacts to the lake. For anyone concerned, you can actually read the DPW’s report in its entirety here (starting on page 510):
  11. Now, you’re putting words in my mouth, because that’s not what I said at all. And if that’s what you got out of my replies on this post, you are sorely mistaken.
  12. This! People generally are up in arms about disposing of waste in their own backyards, but have no problem shipping it off to someone else’s.
  13. No proof of this has been offered. Mike asked that poster for proof of the State polluting “at will”, and the proof is lacking. One purported incidence is not evidence of a larger issue.
  14. Do they not? I’m pretty sure this was done in consultation with ASMFC.
  15. “The hook of an artificial lure does not need to be an inline circle hook to have bait attached. This allowance provides for the continued use of tackle such as a tube-and-worm rig, a bucktail jig tipped with a pork rind, and an eel skin plug. Conversely, a rigged eel (a whole dead eel with hooks threaded through its body) cannot be used unless the hooks are inline circle hooks, and a menhaden snagged on a treble hook cannot be used as bait until transferred onto an inline circle hook.”