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    painter/paperhanger for 30 years, retired to run busing service for grand kids...
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    Bass Fishin, distance casting
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    Retired, grandpop transportation, sell Akios fishing reels on ebay and at flea markets throughout NJ
  1. thanks Mike, appreciate your taking the time, I am kind of the middleman, but really appreciate your taking the time.... salt
  2. Tommy Farmer cast pro sesries 11. 2-5 awesome and just what your looking for.... salt
  3. Had to change the date on the Bradley Beach Surf Casters Flea Market to April 18th from March 21st due to scheduling glitch. Same times and, tables for vendors are still $25.00 for an eight foot table. Show runs from 0900 to 2:00 PM kids 12 and under free admission all others $3.00. Hope this does not mess anyone up, for applications or questions please contact me 908 309 4487.,, bob
  4. Fishing Flea Market
  5. F Have to change the date of the Flea Market from March 21st to April 18th. Same place same times and table prices etc.... if you have questions let me know, and will help you out. Had a scheduling glitch, hope it dosen't mess anyone up...... bob
  6. Akios CTM 757..... weight 19oz, line capacity 20lb/320yds line recover 30" 4.3.1 gear ratio with max drag lb at 20 + has all you need for obx fishing and won't bust your pocketbook....just my dime.... salt
  7. Here is the picture of the scora 80 I have..... hope it helps....
  8. Ben if you are looking into the Akios they also have the Akios CSM 656 (level wind) and the CTM 656 open face in the "lite" model which is 4 oz lighter than the sea-line series. Both have all the guts and so forth the s-line has but the side plates and poqer handle are alouminum. If you are anywhere near me and would like to throw the Akios give me a shout and will meet you. I have em all just name your poison..... salt
  9. Tommy Farmer 3-6 13' cast pro rod, nuff said... on ebay, onemorecastnj store
  10. YUP what he said, one of the best I have used....easy to find tides in other areas without a bunch of putting in and taking out, just list the location and the tide will be there.....
  11. BAIT !!!
  12. Just out AKIOS 656 Lite, aluminum side plates and aluminum power handle. Reel has same innards as the chrome plated AKIOS but weighs 3 oz lighter... salt [
  13. Dosen't Sea Bright get a lot of help etc ever time the tide is high etc.... nice way to pay back the folks├ęs tax dollars etc..... jeez.... don't they have to provide access??
  14. I don't know, but, if you have the documentation of your requests and issues with the rust and your going to the dealer along with the fact stated here that recalls were out during the time you were having the problems I don't want to shoot sunshine up yer pipe, but the dealer should have had the knowledge of the recall and therefore should, I feel have some culpability in the matter. You not still having the truck is a real problem etc, but the reason you do not have it is solid, protection of the kids etc, and the dealer ignoring your concerns when there were recalls does not appear to me that he acted in good faith. I would give it a shot and go to a lawyer, nothing ventured, nothing gained..... just my dime... and that is one fine looking truck for the milage etc that it has on it ...... salt