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  1. Argentina in March.
  2. I am looking for a Sage One 5 wt preferably with the fighting butt; however, I will take one without instead. Phil Send a PM with price if you have one gathering dust.
  3. I am looking for a lightly used Sage One 5 wt with a fighting butt. Does anyone have a rod they want to part with. Alternately, I would be open to a sage X with a fighting butt as well. If you have one let me know please. Phil
  4. I fish out of Port Sulphur with Capt. Rich Waldner. We stay at Woodland Plantation. I see people fishing in a few places from shore, but I think they are catching little reds and " sea trout". If you want big fish you probably need to go with a guide. There are lot of good guides around, and all don't fish from Hopedale. If you want one day you can just call Woodland and they can set you up with a guide. It is not inexpensive.
  5. What is the latest on your experiences with the reel? I just bought an MF and will be using it soon in Belize for tarpon. My local fly shop (here in Anchorage) became a dealer brought one in for me to look at. It was love at first sight. Can't wait to try in.
  6. Yes, ez body and CCG flex followed by solareze bone dry. When my CCG flex is gone, I will have to find a replacement.
  7. Here are a couple of poorly photographed examples. One is DNA holofusion smoke colored on top and one is chartreuse. There is a little UV minnow belly in these as well. I have caught probably 100 tarpon on this fly. The guides I fish with in Belize named it the Kiss of Death. I used to tie these with all holofusion but I like the fuller look of the congo hair. The tarpon seem to agree. These are about 2.5 inches long and tied on an SC-15 2/0
  8. What is the orange tint you are using?
  9. I tie a lot of similar (but not the same) flies for tarpon. My latest preference is congo hair for the bottom layer (because it is thicker and bushier) and DNA holofusion for the top layer. I don't have any photos but I will try to get one later today to post.
  10. I still have a little Gudebrod 50# left from years ago. A couple of years ago I also bought a spool of 50# butt leader manufactured by a company called Fordham and Wakefield from England. It is almost as good as Gudebrod. This is the best direction I know of for making double trap braided loops. http://www.*********.com/blog/getting-looped/ The site will not allow a completed link. Google Dan Blanton getting looped.
  11. I have caught lots of big fish (100# tarpon; 60# roosters) and I have never had a problem with one of the welded loops pulling out. If I get some abrasion on a welded loop, I will take it back to my local fly shop and they will weld another. If I can't do that, I add my own braided mono loop, since I have lots of the braided mono and pre-made loops.
  12. The reason is that steelhead go nuts for pink and purple. My favorite combination is fuchsia (hot pink), a medium pink and a baby pink.
  13. Or get an old bodkin and hammer the end down into a flat surface and then sharpen it.
  14. Don't use masking tape because the reel seat comes loose over time. You can buy graphite arbors (rings) and you just need to ream the insides to fit the blank and then sand them down. Alternately, you can buy a sheet of cork/rubber gasket, and glue that on. This is a more difficult and messy fix. Glue either on with 2 part epoxy.
  15. BFD- I am sorry to hear of your illness. I have always enjoyed your posts. I am sending positive thoughts your way from Anchorage! All the best to you for a speedy recovery from surgery.