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  1. That too but today we’re making ceviche!
  2. Porgy slaughterfest last night on the Bingo. Dad, brothers, and I did great with well over 100+ porgies.
  3. Went out on White Crab Charters yesterday for what was initially supposed to be an inshore trip. Caught my first keeper fluke of the year but fluking wasn’t great overall. We decided to head out and we slaughtered the ling again. We put a quick 100+ ling in the box and hit up a spot for sea bass before we came in. We got our limits. Good day overall and my middle brother who rarely fishes at all enjoyed catching the ling.
  4. Giving most of it to relatives, neighbors, and other people who are in need of food especially people who have been financially affected by the virus.
  5. 6-man crew slaughtered the ling yesterday (technically it was a 2-man crew if you don’t include the mate and capt) and the other 2 men sat down for a large portion of the day because, while they knew it was a ling trip, they were unhappy that they were only catching ling. Anyway, fishing was epic yesterday for my dad and I and thanks to the Capt for putting us on the fish and for joining in on the fishing with us. We caught over 150+ ling, 11 keeper sea bass, and 3 winter flounder. Fished on White Crab Charters.
  6. Fished with a friend yesterday. Fishing was picky here up north but you found them if you worked for them.
  7. Fished with White Crab Charters today. Caught nearly a quadruple limit of sea bass (35) with a lot of jumbo biscuits in the mix (only retained limit). Six-man crew easily limited out. Also got a fluke and someone else caught a nice keeper.
  8. Fog held us back from leaving early but we eventually made it out. Five-man crew and we each caught our limits along with some ling and mackerels. They were crazy for my 40g jig and just a plain hook on top until they got in the mood for clams. Used my Jigging World Shogun paired with a BG3500 for the first half of the day and then I switched over to my custom acid rod paired with a Daiwa Lexa 300 HS-P. First time using the Lexa and it was great!
  9. I either take the treble out and add another assist hook or I’ll just leave it alone after I take the treble out. Always fishing with either double or triple assist hooks on my jigs.
  10. Fished on the Bingo charter boat yesterday out of Leonardo. Limited out on sea bass and got my fill of ling. Great day to be had even in the middle of that lightning and rain storm.
  11. $60 shipped paypal. Do you have the box?
  12. IS it just the brake lines nothing else?
  13. idea
  14. my little brother caught a stripa a couple of days ago, was shock to see them around still.
  15. conservative