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  1. I thought you were a big deal the last time I posted, 4 years ago. LOL
  2. I use a spinning reel with 30# braid & 40# fluorocarbon leader. Fluorocarbon is more abrasions resistance. I tie the jig with a Kreh loop knot. My rod is rated ½ to 1 ½ oz. 7’.
  3. Thanks
  4. Rudy, I fish Long Island for stripers & blues. Will fish off a boat for fluke & tog. I have fished Florida, the keys & Sarasota area.
  5. Hey, It has been awhile. I am retired now, so I will be doing a lot more surf casting.
  6. It is F(*^^KING WARMER:p!!!!
  7. Hello
  8. Brian, Lamiglas makes a BL7640C - 7'6" 6-12 oz. I use this rod off of Coxes & Block when the current is not running.
  9. I do fish The Big Mohawk. I just want to fish in Delaware Or Maryland. I have not fished for tog in these states yet.
  10. Has anybody fished for tog off of this boat? I have a 4 days w/e next week & want to head south for some tog.
  11. Sorry I did respond sooner, the Terez is a great rod also. I have never used one, my fishing buddy's that have them love them. Good luck.
  12. I use the Tekota 500 for sea bass , togs & fluking. I use the reel with a Lamiglas TFX 7020 CT & TFX 7030 CT. No matter what rod you buy, bring the reel with you & see how it feels on the rod. Everybody is a little different on what they like.
  13. Depend on how much you are looking to spend. Diawa SGT20H ABOUT 150$ PENN SQUALL 25 ABOUT 150$ SHIMANO TORIUM 14 ABOUT 180$ AVETS ARE ABOUT 180 & UP. All the above reels are good for togging. I would take the rod you plan on putting the reel on & see how it feels.
  14. My favorite boat for the last few years is The Hampton lady out of Hampton Bays NY. Close to home I like the Capt Al. If I go to NJ I like The Big Mohawk. For me it is not just the about the Captain, it is also about the people that go on the boat. I am tried of fighting for space & fishing next to A$$ Holes