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  1. Schmid Pliers are for sale in the CBST for $75.00.
  2. Hi SOLers, Based on a great deal of feed back from SOL fisherman, some changes were made to the pliers for 2013. * There is now a second style of pliers that cut in the center. L: 7" Weight: 6.2 oz. * A new nylon sheath has been added. It is molded and made of heavy nylon. Includes drainage hole and D ring. * The lanyard now attaches to a D ring in the back of the sheaths to keep the lanyard out of the way when reaching for the pliers. * There is now a punch hole at the bottom of the sheaths to allow water to drain. * As an option, rubber grips have been adde to the pliers as the aluminum can get slippery when wet or slimed. The pliers with a leather sheath are $65.00 and the pliers with a nylon sheath are $49.00. The sheaths are also sold seperately at the site. Leather: $35.00, Nylon: $15.00 Both can be found here at the website: We take Paypal and credit cards. LS Larry Schmid Insider Larry Schmid Custom Fishing ยป Get the latest news and updates at the Larry Schmid sponsor page. ReplyQuote Multi 0
  3. Stripers Online Final Blow Out Sale $48.00 with free shipping (east of the Mississippi) Includes: * Schmid Side Cutting Pliers with Rubber Grip inserts *High quality oiled cowhide sheath with D ring * Formed Nylon Sheath with D Ring * Flat Nylon Sheath with belt loop * Durable Lanyard * Stainless Steel Split Ring * Schmid Velour Pouch (great for sunglasses storage) * Sticker Multiple set orders are $42.00 a set. Will combine shipping. Contact me for west coast shipping. New York residents add 8.625%. Comment that you would like a pair(s) and I will contact you. Paypal preferred. This sale ends September 30th, 2013
  4. Check the site. I am no longer a sponsor and cannot sell here. Thanks. LS
  5. This offer is officially over as I am no longer a sponsor here at StripersOnline. I will be hanging around as a member but I will no longer be selling any products. I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past few years. My website will still remain in support of all warrantied products. There are also some center cutting sets of pliers still available at the site at a discounted rate. Best of luck this fall....stay safe. All the best, Larry Schmid
  6. Rubber Grip Side Cutting Pliers are SOLD OUT! I have 25 pair of CENTER cutting Pliers with two nylon sheaths for $39.00 (includes shipping) PM me for center cutting plier info.
  7. They got bounced back to me from the paypal address on file. PM me new address. Larry
  8. PM's sent. This deal ending soon as my sponsorship runs out toward the end of the month. I have about 20 more pairs of rubber grip pliers and a bunch of smooth handle sets. Thanks, LS
  9. These were delivered to paypal address. I sent the tracking #. LS
  10. Munson...I'll send a PM. These were sent to the paypal address on file with paypal 9/12/13.
  11. PM's sent. Thanks! I have about sixty pairs of the rubber grip pliers left. All must go.