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  1. Where are you located?
  2. BM lot 68 shipped
  3. BM lot still available. All others sold
  4. Bump. 80 shipped. Lenses are nowhere near as transparent as the look in the pics
  5. Cool. Pm coming
  6. Sure. Pm coming
  7. Super strike lot. All new. 65 shipped. RM lot. light use on both. 25 shipped. High hook lot. Both new. 35 shipped Bm lot. Large pencil rigged and carried. 2.5 oz needle has light use. Skinny 2oz needle is new. 75 shipped.
  8. Oakley Fives Squared glasses. Polarized lenses. Barely any use. Nice glasses, they just dont fit my face right. $85 shipped.
  9. These available?
  10. Just looking for gasoline but thanks for posting
  11. Looking for the above. New or used is fine.
  12. Is that a 6” or 7”