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  1. I have a 2017 Expedition Platinum edition with the turbo engine. I pull a 20' center console and don't even know it's on there.
  2. Great info and thanks for sharing. But, a reel that costs what this one costs shouldn't have to have you figuring out what their engineers should have figured out before they cashed your check......
  3. Very sad. RIP, Dave.
  4. I was thinking of getting a small skiff and selling he center console, but I think I’ll just keep what I have and sacrifice the additional few inches of draft. My trailering every trip is over; I prefer jumping in and going whenever I choose.
  5. Excellent idea!!!
  6. Wondering what you think about leaving a boat without a self bailing hull in the water as opposed to keeping it on a trailer. If it has an auto bilge pump, does that take care of it? I know pumps fail and batteries run down. Would keeping the battery on the charger give you more peace of mind? There are some great shallow water hulls out there that don't have the self bailing feature. Thanks for thinking about this !!!!
  7. Guaranteed that although hunting is the target of this bill NOW, I'm sure that fishing will be targeted once they see how the hunting one goes. All I can say is.....don't forget to vote when the opportunity arises!!!!
  8. I think the main question you might consider is not if you can pull it, but if you can stop it if you have to make a sudden stop?
  9. DG is absolutely correct, using this system is simple and very very effective.....and you don't run around all day wasting gas. Usually I use my trolling motor with spot lock instead of the anchor, makes it easier to move 20 feet over there or wherever. And, you will be shocked as to the species you will catch on this if you give it a chance.....I've had stripers, weakfish, blues all hit is as I'm fishing a minnow for fluke.....but hardly any sandsharks or sea robins, etc. And although this is a great way to do it on windy days, it great on "regular" days too!
  10. I had a similar issue with my 98 of the connectors was corroded, and when that was replaced, issue went away. Better than a $10,000 engine replacement.......
  11. Pizza isn't the only reason that this is great ........ it is an event that signals Spring is around the corner, and Spring will bring fluke, stripers, maybe a few weakies, etc. to our backwaters and beaches. But....the pizza is good, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So come on down!!
  12. Hmmmm, I think Fred is in on a lot of things.....
  13. Joey: Hope you'll be able to make this year's Sam's Pizza event out of No Bones. Always a good way to start off a new season. Dan
  14. Thanks Roccus7.
  15. During the season I do not update my Garmin system as I don't want to unleash "bugs" while the boat is in the water, so I do it in the off season (now). I notice that I'm a few updates behind; do I need to install each update or if I just update the latest update, does that include everything or will I be missing something from a previous update? Sorry for using the work "update" so much........... Thanks!!!!