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  1. In South Jersey a boat spot: the Cape May Rips, had great striper fishing in the spring (bucktails and mackerel) and in the fall, live eels for the same stripers. In North Jersey, from the beach: the flume in Asbury Park where you would net big herring in the spring and walk out on the jetty to fish for stripers. Miss both those spots.......
  2. Now if only the whiting would make a comeback in the winter ........
  3. those squid do look nice, Joey!!
  4. I guess if you want to make sure you get the proper ones, try getting them directly from Ford? They will know what you should use.
  5. This time of year you might look for the warmest water you can find, usually fairly shallow. A few degrees can make a big difference. Good luck!!
  6. Once you get used to it, you will love it. With the lever on, drop to the bottom, jig for a bit then push the lever and go back to the bottom and repeat. You don't have to hit the bottom on every bump. Good luck.
  7. Great show, Fred. Very interesting how simple it can be.
  8. All of FranK Daignault's books on surf fishing are very good.
  9. 68 at the end of this month (May) and still kicking!!!
  10. I would think you have plenty of power for that setup. Just make sure that the batteries are set up so that only one is being used at a time (12 volt system). 24 volts will ruin that troller.
  11. I had mine redone at Maximum Marine in south Jersey. Great work, they stand by it, and they are efficient in getting it done.
  12. That picture of the open mouth is great!!!! Mac's in a week!!!
  13. Looks like the No Bones Fluke Tournament will be a smash with doormats for all !!!!!!!!
  14. Time to dust off the float rigs........
  15. Best wishes Rocky for you and your wife. Prayers sent.