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  1. I am not rich by any means but I will go out of my way now to not buy stuff from China. Period. But as far as fly fishing stuff goes its all made in the USA anyway. The vast majority of my gear is Sage, Abel, and RIO and I have no reason to change.
  2. Its a 12 wt as stated up front. Here's the specs. https://www.cortlandline.com/products/gt-tuna?variant=33695318407
  3. Yes that tourney is called " The Sheepie" , Annual event every February. I havent fished it yet but have some budidies who fished it last month and I know a lot of the guides who fish it every year. Very tough and very weather dependent. This year the tourney was full (I think its limited to 32 anglers) and they only caught 4 total for all those guys and two days of fishing. But the bbq, poker game, and general hanging out is what guys go for. The fishing is just icing on the cake.
  4. Couple of things on sheepies. 1. They are hard to entice on fly. So to target them the best thing to do is to fish an area that has lots of targets. The more shots you get the better your chances. 2. Smaller sized crabs in dark brown or olive are pretty good patterns to try. 3. Floating line is all you need. Line weight should be dependent on the area you are fishing. Small duck ponds and a 6wt are a good combination. More open flats then an 8 wt is pretty good. 4. My best success (limited!!) has been to feed them like a permit. Let the crab fall right in front of the fish and then very small ticks to move the fly in the mud like a crab trying to bury itself. When the fish gets real close stop moving the fly and let the sheep tail on it. Good luck!
  5. New prices. Cortland GT/Tuna line $55 Rio Redfish 9wt $30 Rio Redfish 10wt $20 All prices are shipped CONUS and I'll cover paypal.
  6. All three RIO deep sea sink tips sold.
  7. Both bonefish lines sold.
  8. Mac if you would like both I'd take $120 shipped to you.
  9. Still available.
  10. rhahn if you'd like I can ship you the 600 and both 300s for $50.
  11. Lots of lines I don't need and they are filling up my equipment bins. All prices are shipped in CONUS and I will cover paypal fees. Anybody buying multiple lines will get a break since I can combine shipments. Cortland 12wt GT/Tuna NIB - $70 RIO Direct Core Flats Pro 9wt NIB - $70 RIO Direct Core Flats Pro 9wt used in excellent condition - $60 RIO Redfish 9wt used in good condition - $35 RIO Redfish 10 wt used in decent condition - $25 RIO Deep Sea Sink Tips with extended dacron sleeves on both ends all used in decent condition: 600 grain - $20 300 grain - $20 300 grain - $20
  12. RIO GT 475 grain NIB - $80 shipped CONUS Jerry Brown non hollow 80# white braid, 1200 yard spool. New. $140 shipped CONUS. Or both for $200 shipped CONUS.
  13. Every state in the GofM fishery has redfish slot limits. The fishery, at least where I fish is very healthy according to the state biologists. I can't say that slot limits will translate equally as well to striped bass. But to be clear I USED to go to NE every year to fish for stripers with a buddy in Maine. I quit going because the fishing sucked. As far as I am concerned I'd make striped bass C&R only and I'd kill commercial fishing for stripers.
  14. Check out the redfish stocks in the GofM. Slot limits work.
  15. 1. Forget DIY in the marsh. Its not a realistic option. 2. Good luck getting a guide now. Bee a XMAS miracle if Greg or Bailey are open. But there are lots of good guides. Get on the phone yesterday! 3. Weather that time of year is a crap shoot. Basically 50% of the days get cancelled. April is much more weather friendly than February. 4. The fishing here sucks. Go to Florida or Texas.