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  1. Some Danny’s for the challenge.
  2. Here are my entries. My fly tying skills need to improve but they look awesome in the water and they swim great. I’ll keep one for myself
  3. 2 weeks to the deadline. Mine are done. Tying tails tomorrow night and video Friday.
  4. I’m in.
  5. ^ Dammmmmmmmmm. Can’t wait to see that behemoth swim !
  6. This challenge is going to be awesome. Everyone’s Danny’s look great !! I just finished my second coat of epoxy and they are spinning as I type. I will video next Friday and post some pics. Remember to please email me the pics and videos so I can post them all together so it’s easier to see them all in one post.
  7. Wolfdog is spot on. I used to have a 99 sport and got everything from rock auto and it wasnt expensive. Get new leaf springs, shocks and a leveling 2” lift kit. You will be fine. Here is mine when I completed it. Mad a world of difference in ride and handling.
  8. Nice looking fish too. Way to get started. !
  9. Head. Pick up the hat clip for the go pro. I use the session 5 and forget that it’s even there. Great videos too !
  10. I’m in
  11. ^ Looking good ! I’m all done painting. First coat of e-Tex going on tomorrow.
  12. Dam, I don’t have any of those. Sorry man.
  13. What lips do you need? PM me and if I have them, I’ll mail 3 of them to you.
  14. Very nice. Super clean !!
  15. Let’s keep the dream alive