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  1. Itching to get started !!!
  2. I agree with onthefish method. I use a lathe to start and put the smaller bit in the chuck as far as it can for straightness. I also found older bits wonder and cause issues.
  3. Very nice and detailed.
  4. Few more completed for the fall run!
  5. Got my 2 ! Looking forward to throwing these in a couple weeks !! Thanks guys
  6. Couldn’t get to the salt so I spent a couple hours on the fresh. Picked up a few on a popper I made for largemouth
  7. I use paint markers and never had an issue with etex after. Nice gesture and cool gift. Be sure to post the pic.
  8. Tony, so I do not hold things up again after Rocco picks I select mmanolis. Thanks. Mike

  9. Rrocco is next
  10. No problem ! I’ll adjust the list later tonight. Chunkah - your pick !
  11. I’ll take a Chunkah popper .,,, put the list up with number of plugs left. Please do the same so we know what’s left. Next.....
  12. that green paint job his sick. nice job!
  13. The order for the swap ( 2 rounds) are as follows. Round 1 mmanolis onthefish antagonizer chunkah kima mrscott24 rrocco Round 2 kima mrscott24 chunkah onthefish mmanolis antagonizer rrocco Pick away ......
  14. Awesome plugs all !! My vote is to rococo also!! Nice job ! Clean, crisp and throws a ton of water. Congratulations rrocco!! He will receive 1 plug from each of us including keeping 1 of his own for himself. The remainder of the plugs will be swapped between us all with each of us getting 2 picks. I'll fire up the randomizer on-line and populate the order of everyone shortly. Please use the message function for address info for delivery.