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  1. I’m just kidding with you. All good.
  2. Really thought I would get started tomorrow but with 24 degrees forecasted for Friday... I don't think so....
  3. No problem Drew .... For taking you off the challenge....add another rod to your list and send me a new fishing rod ! LOL You're in !
  4. ^^^. Very nice stencil. Options seem endless with that machine. Looking forward to seeing what you create.
  5. Ok here's whose in. antagonizer on the fish lonellr kima rrocco ryandogg19 rollincaol albogator seed420 mmanolis mrscott chunkah
  6. Post a pic of what this thing looks like. Sounds like many options available with it.
  7. Merry Christmas to all also !
  8. To Date we have 10 builders..... 12 days to go ! anyone else?
  9. First I would hang the plugs on the spinner to ensure you have the correct tension. If not, your epoxy while spinning could cure uneven and develope drips in the area the tension is lacking. I use 2 different ways. 1. Using vise grip pliers. Coat the plug 1st and then hang it in the spinner with your hanging hardware. (Always wear rubber gloves during this process) 2. If you hang them first and then epoxy, run the motor to each plug, stop the motor, coat with epoxy and move onto the next one.
  10. Yes. When I started building didn’t know of them and once switched they make building more efficient and easy. Wish I knew earlier would have been more along than I was.
  11. ^ I misunderstood. No need to apologize. Good luck in finding
  12. ^^ very cool.
  13. Are you looking for the wood or plugs made out of basswood?
  14. Please make it 6”. Yes
  15. The Blind Danny Challenge: You make 3 Danny plugs - all the same. The plug needs to be at least 6 inches long or more You must take a video of the plug once it is complete to show the action of the plug and post it to this thread Everyone votes on the Best Plug (ex. Action, shape, paint,look, etc) Winner of the best plug gets 1 plug from each builder including keeping one that won the remainder plugs (2 ea) will be a random drawing and treated like a plug swap until everyone has selected 2 choices. This will start January 1st and end on April 31st. Starting on May 1st we will vote and do the swap on the other 2 plugs. Should be perfect time for these plugs to catch some early spring bass. Who's in?