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  1. Black Drum on the beach. Fleas and fishbites
  2. Did you get any ducks? Buffleheads don't count.
  3. Sweet, nice pics. You keep on giving me free desktop backgrounds. Reminds me of days past. We used to see 60 fishers at time on the Congo line. What a cluster, Stopped doing that turn of century. Stopped being fun and too much stress. Now a days with me still using mono and folks using braid on the point must be a lot of cut offs for us mono guys. Glad you got one and got the experience. Pretty fish.
  4. Cold water seems to be the ticket like 50 to 55 degF at AI last few runs in Dec.
  5. This used to be time of year when Stripers showed in masse on AI. Miss those days.
  6. What a COW!!!
  7. I remember when I used to catch fish. Catching fish is over rated.
  8. I was up from both of you in Black Ford. Like I told him who BTW moderates this site but won’t mention any names lol “If you touch the leader that counts. You were gonna let the fish go anyways” I could feel his pain. Better to have hooked and lost Than never hooked at all like me. Fish or no fish was fun to be there.
  9. Just had a novel idea. A back road.
  10. ORV closed. Got cooler full of fresh, 2 days drive. Is what it is. Ranger said they will reassess tomorrow mornings high before decision. Hoping they change mind and ride it tonight
  11. Red Drum
  12. BTW don't feel sorry for CJ being an elder. He beaches more dam 50 inchers than anyone I know.