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  1. Sustained southerly winds thus lack of north winds, global warming increasing their range, protection of the stock all favorable variables IMO. More and more 50in fish caught. We rarely saw a 50in years back.
  2. Pectorals on the Sandbar look like airplane wings. I can imagine how high the dorsal sat.
  3. I use the no name knot. Like a backwards Albright. I always screw up the Albright some how. Lost lots of fish using that knot many years back.
  4. I beed doing what Koss says for 20 years but still the weight can end up above. With the pendulum weight swing it sure does make fish fight more difficult. Just about all my fish this trip had weigh above knot but I was using a shorter tag end on my 80lb than usual. I also wonder when fish takes bait and weight hits knot does it dislodge hook or help it set. I will continue this method as the vision of fish towing 7 oz sinker till it starves makes me take the risk.
  5. Big Sandbars are tough shouldered critters. Based on the not so small one I caught last cast reminded me of their power. Biggest I ever caught on standard gear was at least an hour fight 84in female Sandbar. Caught on full spooled 9500 and it took all it had. You spend all that time getting line back and in nano second its all gone just to start over. I am sure Dave can a test to the power of these sharks.
  6. Got spooled myself on that Friday. There were some big rays that came thru I heard just north but I couldn’t turn mine and I had entire spool out maybe 300 yds. It sure felt Drummie at first head shake and all but then it also got pissed and just would not slow down. Helpless feeling. My guess is rough tail or Sandbar. Got nice Sandbar on my last cast last week and it just about spooled me also.
  7. On the strong NW. We caught most of our fish last week on yucky dirty west wind water. Go figure
  8. Good deeds always give good karma. Grats
  9. JC Heard from the little birdies you are tearing them up. Pics please
  10. Had a great trip.. Good to see everyone. Caught 8 1/2 nice fishies up to 48in and some small and some large toothies. I had a double hook up and thanks to CJ for bringing in other one. So on that double mine was 43 and his was 52.5. I am taking half credit. He tells me I guess you picked the wrong rod lol. Salt on the wound. All was a good laugh. Great to see Erik hook-up. Epic trip with awesome weather. Some of the fish FISH ON!
  11. Formula puts it at 73.5 lbs as I always substrate an inch on a beach measure as is tail length. Biggest 2 fish I have ever seen. Congrats. Close to state record for sure. length x girth squared/800. WOW
  12. As Drum season is here thinking about you Buddy