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  1. LOL left the thistle feeder alone. Maybe one of dem Delmarva squirrels down there
  2. Good stuff. Also good read on "Moby Yuck" lol Too funny. Thanks for post
  3. Great post. You're makin me feel old
  4. Agree Last years data already in system so Kiosk is very quick
  5. Maybe those Red Hake after dark on squid. Used love those delicate meat fish late season but only bite at night.
  6. He would ask me for old bait when I was leaving at the pumps. He would be Dumpser diving and get many bags of good bait including bloodworms as much as they cost. I would go out of my way to give him bait. Like Dave he would ask to set up next to me. Super nice guy and glad he is still fishing.
  7. I am very happy with my 2 new Fathom 15 CTS once I replaced knobby to side plate. Very nice piece of equipment
  8. Bradford always holding the rod. I sure miss those days seeing him or for that matter seeing me on the beach. Nice pic. This is about the time of year Stripers would show in force. Always torn between bowhunting the rut or Striper fishing so would do both.
  9. Was that you south of us in the Red Jeep? I watched entire fight on my binoculars. Didn't think it was a drum as it fought too long and too hard but I was hoping. Man you but a hurting on that shark. Good job. Great entertainment on a boring day. Once I saw huge dorsal after you landed I knew you had to be discouraged. I climbed a dune to watch. Meant to stop you on way out to see if anything else caught. We only ended up with 3 46,47,47 in 3 hard days fishing. See Steves post. Had to leave yesterday and saw a few caught in the morning on that ideal 15-20 SE, Water was pumping up, gorgeous and fishie. I was surprised the beach was open as narrow as it is mid island. Sure was some beautiful 4 days. Some cow nosed also swam by. It was really good to fish with the Coleman Clan. They taught me how to surf fish in the 70's and gave me the life long passion. Some long time freindships to be sure.
  10. Ocean can't look any calmer at high water on OC boardwalk cam. Hope bait is fresh Monday as nets will be out all weekend.
  11. Looks like puppy drum heaven
  12. Years ago fishing Avon in Fall when beach was just one huge slough thought was to fish where slough was the narrowest as acts as a pinch point and fish there if we couldn't find a cut.
  13. Next week southerly flow should bring these temps up or maybe early Striper instead. As these are inlet temps with the wide swings dependent on tides not sure how this translates to open ocean temps.
  14. Allen I was watching cam at high and saw couple folks go into shack for few quick minutes. Maybe you. Can't believe those pillings hold. Didn't look like a place I was gonna go.
  15. Water temps have dropped 5 deg in 24 hrs Ocean City MD 62.6