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  1. Some pics from May 5th weekend in 2006 of multiple 50in and the running of the bulls including Gary's State record, my PB, the late Fulton RIP, Beachfish and Jerry.. Memories what a weekend that was.
  2. OK you asked Tried a ray once and was awful. For clear nosed skates AKA Assateague flounder I use a serrated knife and cut the wings while on the sand and pack on ice. When I get home I scissor cut the flappy edges off around the spine lines. Flip over, cut a grove on one side down to the opposite upper skin to use as a handle to hold so I can skin the the top skin off. (really need to see as hard to explain). Bottom side isn't worth it as is strong so I leave the skin on that side and eat thicker top side only. Wet shake in bag of flour, sprinkle crushed corn flakes on top and spray spray Paraky margine to wet out flour. Add lemon pepper and Old Bay then Ninja Air fry face up 390deg F for 22 minutes on rack. Peel off the top thick, bright white, soft, delicate stringy oily meat with crusty top and enjoy. The lateral bones look kind of freaky as they look like human finger bones. BTW those cold water skates that ball up are awful. I only like the clear nosed skates. Possum says he cannot eat anything with a smile on its face. lol
  3. WIshed I had kept more last Fall. I am taking home 50 next Trip when I make it back to the salt. Wife has some medical issues so not making it over this Spring. Love me some clear nosed skates. Miss seeing everyone.
  4. Hey Dave when are you coming down to catch stripers?  I'd like to see you!

    1. Critter Gitter

      Critter Gitter

      My wife having new med for her severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.  A disease with no cure but only to slow it down with vasodilation and continuous oxygen.  Some serious side effects until we we find the threshold dose. I already cancecled a trip to Pensacola to catch 5 lb Pompano and 40in drum.  Thye are there now. Drum are a garbage fish there.  Had a  Cobia trip planned for Buxton early June and probably cancel that too.

       Love to see you also.  Hope the Lung cancer is is check.

      I put my retirement notice in for March 31st but chickened out.  Since I am house bond with wifes issue and woud be bored silly I am still at my gravy job at least I still stay engaged with society lol.  Been trout fishing all winter and spring and living off the chit.  Farm raised channel cat starts soon so I still fish a lot but no salt.  Killing me.

      Stripers are getting to be rare in Spring like Fall but Black Drum still there.  Of course you will find them with the Coleman magic in the magic hole.  It was fun f--ing with Mikie on my Drum tape measure mistake last fall.  Never been so embarassed but too fuuny.I had to study my pic days later as I didn't believe the measre my self.  Erik had a cut down tape.

      You retired still?  What do retirees do all day.  Scares me to death.  I need to get hobbies or a life.  Planting monster gardern this year like I had in Severn.

    2. Steve Coleman

      Steve Coleman

      Hey Dave, please give Peggy my best and I hope that the new med works well!  Hopefully you all are vaccinated by now too;I just got my 2nd shot two weeks ago :-)

      Jumped the season last week and spend a day/night at AI, nothing to show for it but aches and pains.  Each year it gets harder.

      I'm going to do more kayak fishing at sandy point/bay bridge, but that too involves extreme effort to load/unload the kayak, and then paddle for hours.  However it's really beautiful.  Last year only caught small stripers and a few 3 lb blues.

      I do some day trading with non-serious money, but this year has been tough and I've cut back a lot.  Gardening and biking have been my latest things, and personal development things.  I hijacked Edla's therapist and talk with her once a week and it's really helped my outlook on life.

      Took radiation treatment nov//dec and it kicked my ass, still fatigued from it but getting better. the infected lymph nodes did shrink some, but we won't know more until the next ct scan.  They tell me this can be managed for years, but I'm not convinces yet.  Keeping fingers crossed.


      Good luck, Hope you come down soon! Keep me posted.


  5. RIP my friend
  6. That was awesome and on an empty beach. What date was that?
  8. Good stuff Jerry. Kicked our butts that year.
  9. More sad news from the Evans family. Fulton was in a car accident on the icy roads this week. We lost another half crazy awesome fisherman and super nice man. Please keep the Evans in your thoughts and prayers. He will be missed.
  10. Dang Tom all the Seniors hijacked your thread. Speaking of Seniors got my COVID shot today.
  11. Dave I loved watching your bait cannon. Very cool.
  12. Your Pic with the boy is priceless. Thrashing fish on the bar doesn't get any better. When I caught a big Cobia at Hatteras inlet it was underneath a school of rays. All the other fishers assumed they had hooked up to a ray and were breaking everything off on purpose. I fought mine just to see it and it morphed into a Cobia. It was moving the entire time with head shakes like my big Drum so no way I was gonna break it off. What a surprise. You never know. The kneeling pic of the 51 is a bad angle to show off the size. I was afraid of dropping it and had so much respect I really wanted it back in the water after it kicked my butt. I dropped a big fish years back as it flopped out of my arms and killed it. Can't show off this 80lb cobia enough. The older I get just wonder if I will ever get another chance. Being 6'5" does my pics no justice.
  13. A few from our trip
  14. Tried to tie the Albright again. Too much dexterity for my clumsy fingers. Bristol/Noname I tie in my sleep. These knots were used for large to small diameter lines
  15. They start the wrap from opposite. Too much room for error with albright so I switched to the noname. Lost a few fish on the albright due to my tying. Wasn't the knot but was me.