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  1. Will take it. I will be down in the LBI area next week. Will pm my #
  2. Wanted to see if you are still around. Interested in the s-glass
  3. Would you take $75 picked up for the S-Glass?
  4. Looking to see if this is still available and if you were planning any New Jersey Togging trips. If not maybe a Staten Island meet?
  5. Thank you Sir. I hate to say it, but I already have 4 1143’s, 2 honeys and 2 S-Glass. None,however, spiral wrapped, and interested to give it a try. Just left a pm.
  6. Would you do $200 picked up?
  7. There are few good times on a Tog boat. Mickrazz I am sure does not know me, but he gave me a antler de-hooker that I have used for the last 5 years. Mickrazz also taught me the right Knot.
  8. Understood, Thank,you for the consideration
  9. Take $125 shipped?PP
  10. LOL. I assure you these will be well loved and used! These blanks, in my opinion are the best all-around blanks ever made. Blackfish will be committing suicide on one of the blanks.
  11. Would like to purchase the new ssb1363m s glass. Shipping to 07728. I don't need the full length, would like to work this out if possible. Cut to a 13 tip and take the balance off the butt? Let me know. 908-907-7369. Brett ps, I purchased some s glass blanks from you a while back and they were turned into absolute beauties!
  12. Let's try one more time @ $225 for the rod. $75 reel if buying the rod
  13. Built full length. Beautiful wrap, 26.5" to center of seat. Barely used. Maybe 2x. $275 picked up Central New Jersey. I had it built to cast poppers to jettys from the boat, but too long. Reel available with 30lb original fused fire line, 300 +- yards for an additional $75. Will not sell the reel without the rod. Open to reasonable offers.
  14. PayPal sent. I appreciate you working with me as I know it is a PITA to pack and ship.