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    I am just an ordinary surf rat. My life revolves around God, my family, and the beach.
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    Surf fishing, Yakking, and bowhunting. I love fishing at night in my yak.
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  1. I will pp you in the morning Please PM me your info Thanks Mike.
  2. Marc, If this is still available, I'll offer you $15.00 for it. Thanks Mike
  3. A 3oz crippled herring and my 11' super surf is what I use when I need that kind of distance.
  4. Everything here has a story. The picture of my dad as a kid and the reel in the picture. Some of my grandfather's old lures. And some plugs that have been retired for one reason or another.
  5. Offer you $30 for the 3 atoms nip. Thanks Mike
  6. White if you split. Thanks
  7. Length and weight?
  8. Interested also
  9. Would you be interested in a dry top? It is a large but is tight on me. 5'7", 165 lbs. In good shape
  10. If you split, I will take the Danny
  11. 1 oz pencils. Please. Pearl/ pink. Bunker Pink White Floating A good quality small pencil is a must in my back bay bag. Thanks
  12. RM lot please. Thanks
  13. Will get it out in the morning