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    I am just an ordinary surf rat. My life revolves around God, my family, and the beach.
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    Surf fishing, Yakking, and bowhunting. I love fishing at night in my yak.
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  1. Mid size yozuri mag darter. These have worked wonders for me on the RI beaches over the last years.
  2. Just moved to Leesburg. I will be over that way frequently. Have no idea where to start. As far as equipment, I brought all of my surf gear and plugs. I usually fish 9 or 11' lamiglas rods. I did have a custom 7'6, 3/8 -1oz, rod geeks built for live shrimp. Is it a day or night fishery? Help!
  3. I definitely second that. The 9' airwave is a great rod. It fishes way better than its price tag.
  4. I know you are not looking to split, but if you do, I would do $25.00 for the bottom 2 in lot 3. Thanks
  5. Yuppers
  6. Rust. There was so much rust I almost lost the whole shooting match. Went to a local garage and they were able to get a 2 pc hitch that installed on the frame in places that were not rusted. Got us back on the road by days end.
  7. 350 miles into our 1250 mile trip! So we are moving from RI to Florida. Stopped at the Maryland House rest area for gas this morning. Thank God we stopped. Another 10 miles and we would have lost the boat. Talk about getting lucky! The fact that no one got hurt far outweighed the frustration. Not to mention the expense. Ugh....
  8. I will take this. PM coming
  9. Pawcatuck, CT. Next door to Westerly, RI.
  10. Let me think on it. Thanks
  11. Would you do $28.00 for the squid?
  12. Stella is a sweet reel. Let me see what happens. I just might change my mind. Thanks.
  13. Sweet reel. Little more than I wanted to spend. Any trades? Plugs?
  14. Pics of the reel and how much?