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  1. Any interest in a penn spinfisher v 6500? Used one night and realized it is too small for gators. A couple of very tiny marks. I’ll throw in cash. Or I also have a couple conventionals if you use them. Thanks Mike
  2. I’ll take these for asking Marc Thanks Mike
  3. Let me think about it. Thanks!
  4. Any interest in a spinfisher v 6500. Has a couple of very very small marks on it. Used one night for gator hunting but too small. I will post pics if interested. Mike
  5. Interested in the rod. Mike
  6. Exactly. Until we can see through a fishes eyes, the best we, they, can do is still speculation. Very intelligent and very learned speculation but speculation nonetheless. Take it for what it is worth. Try it. Ruminate on it. And then make your own decisions. I very firmly believe, as do you I think, that having confidence in the plug being fished is way more important. If you are using what you believe in you are going to put that little extra into it. And that little extra is what catches the majority of the fish. HHS, I apologize for derailing your post. I’ll leave it with this. I don’t fish black much but if I do chances are it is a 7” black bomber. When I said I don’t fish black earlier I was thinking wood. There is no getting around it. A black bomber is just deadly at night. Way more so then during the day. Coincidence? I think not!!!
  7. Not intended to start any arguments. Just what some of the studies have reported. Do I also wonder about their validity, absolutely. Might I read them and store that info in some corner of my mind to be retrieved in the darkest hours of the night and put to test. Absolutely again. Will we ever know with complete certainty what a bass sees and how it sees it? I hope like hell not! You do wax poetic and your reply was extremely well written. Bravo!! Again, all in fun. The plugs I catch most of my fish on are simply the ones I have learned to fish the best. Be it a dark moonless night or the middle of the afternoon. That is what makes it fun is it not? Tight Lines Mike
  8. Thank You!
  9. I always buy based on what I am doing 80% of the time and then make it work the other 20%. Sounds like for most of your fishing a 9’ GSB in the 1-4oz range would be perfect most of the time. Sorry but I don’t remember the blank number. Paired with a 175 you will have a great setup. My go to is a 9’ Arra with a VSX 150. The 9’s are light enough to throw all night and not get too tired. Now if you were fishing places like Montauk most of the time I would say go with a 10-11’ and a 200. Still, all a matter of personal preference. I would try to find someone with each kind of outfit and ask if you can make a few casts on the beach just to see the difference. Take your time deciding unless you just won the lotto. You are going to be forking over a lot of $$$. Every bit of it well spent absolutely!! But if you take your time and have a little patience you won’t be second guessing yourself. My 2 cents. Mike
  10. Could someone please explain just exactly what is meant by slow pitch jigging? And why I need a new rod and reel to do it? Seems like every manufacturer of rods, reels, and tackle is on this train. But none of them describe what it is. Thanks! Mike
  11. If you can get ahold of some of studies on colors and how fish see them they are very enlightening. The studies say that darker colors are a lot more easily see by fish in cloudy to very muddy water. The opposite of what you would think. The lighter colors disappeared after only 1-2 feet while the darker colors were still visible at 6-7 feet. So it stands to reason that a dark color would be easier for a fish to see at night. That being said, I don’t fish the darker colors much at all. I still use the whites, greens, pinks and especially yellows. Day or night. Again, just my 2 cents. For whatever that’s worth.
  12. That 7” Mambo in the package is flippin sweet! If you need someone to try it out for you I would be glad to. Tight Lines Mike.
  13. One of the following two: Black Sea Bass or……. whatever your Grandson catches and wants you to cook it for everyone for dinner.
  14. I agree that mono is a better way to start with conventionals. Much cheaper to cut out a birds nest and respool with 20 lb mono. But once you have become fairly proficient I see no reason not to use braid. On my Penn 525 Mags, Squall II’s, and Lexa 400s I use 50lb. They are all going on 9-11 foot rods. On my 8’-9’ rods I drop down to 30lb. They are tossing a much lighter load. Say 3oz tops. Penn Squall 12’s and smaller Abu’s. One thing I definitely go with without exception is a smooth braid like Power Pro Slick or J Braid. And it also has to be an 8 strand braid. Don’t waste your money on a cheap 4 strand. Just my 2 cents and nothing more. Mike
  15. He was a really great man. Loved his family to the moon and back. And loved his fish.