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    I am just an ordinary surf rat. My life revolves around God, my family, and the beach.
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    Surf fishing, Yakking, and bowhunting. I love fishing at night in my yak.
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  1. Just bumped it to the top.
  2. Mine is for sale on the BST. 21' proline.
  3. One little soft spot in front of the console and one in the stern. You only notice when the boat is on the trailer. The transom is great. The only problem with the fuel tank is that it is too big! 92 gallon. She is really a great boat. Going in the end of the week to get the carbs cleaned and her yearly check up.
  4. Just be careful not to underpower. A smaller motor will work harder to get on plane and will turn at higher rpms at cruising speed. You will use more gas and wear the motor out. I have always stayed near the top end with horse power. Right now I have a 21' Proline CC with a 200hp Ocean Runner on a bracket. hiWay easier to come down off the throttle than to keep it pegged. Just my opinion, for whatever it is worth. Tight Lines Mike
  5. PP on Wednesday work?
  6. I still have a bunch of his bucktails in sandeel. He made an awesome Buck tail. What happened to him?
  7. How much please?
  8. I will take a bunch first thing tomorrow morning.
  9. I am moving to Florida and the boat is not going. All 1994. 200 hp Johnson Ocean Runner on a bracket. The motor was overhauled last year by JP at PMW Marine. It will need the carbs cleaned and a new prop this year. Not sure yet what if any electronics are going with it. Live well, raw water wash down. 92 gallon gas tank. The boat is in very good condition. The gunnels hit me waist high. It is a very deep boat. The trailer is good for transport but will need new rollers. I will post more pics tomorrow. Please PM me for my cell number with any questions. Located in Pawcatuck, Ct.