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    I am just an ordinary surf rat. My life revolves around God, my family, and the beach.
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    Surf fishing, Yakking, and bowhunting. I love fishing at night in my yak.
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  1. I will still do the second down in the left column and the top in the right. $50 immediate PP
  2. 50 for the second on left and top on right. Immediate PP.
  3. That color. Pink/pearl. Yellows or whites.
  4. Have any more. Would be happy to take it off your hands.
  5. The bottom 2 pencils for 35 shipped
  6. What is the shortest draw length setting?
  7. No worries. Good luck.
  8. Not the gibbs, the the Tom White Polaris.
  9. I dont need the lot. Do 35 for the AH and the White Polaris.
  10. 35 for the Hahns swimmer and white jointed?
  11. 25
  12. Interested in the AH
  13. Interested in the AH. Mike
  14. Offer 20 for the 27 pair. Mike