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    Just another surfrat searching endlessly for that 50 lb bass.
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    Besides fishing and hunting, if it is outside chances are I like it.
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    House husband. LMAO. Seriously, I don't work anymore. 7 lower back operations forced me into early retirement. I was a glazer for almost 35 years. Glass, not donuts!

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    Leesburg, Florida for the last 2 years. Pawcatuck, CT before that.

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  1. $30 shipped for the two green/yellow?
  2. I can offer you $60 for a bone and the black. Absolutely not trying to lowball you, just all I have left.
  3. Probably going to have to pass. Spent way too much already.
  4. If you split I’d take the 6”&9” black back sand eels when I pick up the deadly dicks.
  5. I am going to be in Tolland this weekend. Could pick them up on Tuesday if that works for you. Mike
  6. Yup. Like I said to Matt I am driving from Florida to RI so it will be sometime tomorrow morning before I get back to you. Pm me payment info. Thanks!!! Mike
  7. Why not. PM me your info. 5 hours into the drive from Florida to RI. Might be morning before I respond back. Thanks Mike
  8. It is a 17. Actually 17’8” I believe. Right now it has a 9.9 Merc four stroke kicker also. That is probably going to go and here is why. I don’t trust the oil pumps on the old 2 strokes. I would rather mix the oil and gas. Present set up is one has tank and an oil pump for the 70. But if I mix the gas and oil I can’t run the 9.9 off of the same tank. And with the trolling motor I don’t really need it anyway.
  9. I just measured it and it has a 90 inch beam. It is actually wider than my sea hunt. And I am going to start looking for a good used two-stroke to put back on it. Anywhere is between 90 and 115. The link I live on is over 11 miles long And I can’t get to about six other lakes through it. That is why I really need a little bit more on the top end.
  10. It is heavy. I don’t remember exactly but it has a wicked wide beam. It is rated to 115 so the 70 is definitely on the low end. And that is at around 5800 rpm. Red line is 6000. And the biggest factor is I just like standing. I’ll measure it in a bit.
  11. This is a boat I use for lake fishing and alligator hunting. It is wider than it looks. I have a sea hunt cc that I use in the ocean. For crappie fishing I think I could spider rig a cc no problem. And I don’t like sitting down while driving. As for speed, that 70 only pushes it about 28mph. The biggest factor is gator hunting. It is very hard to drive and look for gators sitting down.
  12. So, the floors are starting to get soft and the console needs work and it really should be repowered. The 70 is just too small. Rated for 115. But the hull itself is good and the trailer is great. I’m thinking maybe completely gut her and turn her into a center console. Any thoughts?
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