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  1. I'm getting more suggestions... Some of them pretty good... I'm sure all of these rods are great... If I had a cusom built one, it would be exactly what I want, but more than I would really want to spend for an occasional use rod... But what I want ... Butch
  2. I just wish I had the talent for this. Butch
  3. I think with a 10' rod and a shorter butt, I'd get a little of both.... Butch
  4. I've thought of doing that in the past.... 72, bad eyesight, a tremor in my dominat hand, Man, that would be one ugly rod... Having someone else build it for me, would solve that problem, but I was trying to keep the cost as close to $200 as I could... I guess, You get what you pay for.... But I'm a tight old SOB, on a fixed income... Butch
  5. This is exactly why I want the shorter butt section... Butch
  6. But then I'll have a 9' rod..... Butch
  7. A lot of us So CAL surf fisherman use the steelhead rods for light line surf fishing... That is what I'm looking for but in the 10' range and 3/8 or 1/2oz to 1-1/2 or 2oz casting weight... Butch
  8. Man, I want your job!... Beautiful fish and scenery... I appreciate your reply to my questions... I agree with your statements, but I'm so used to the shorter butts...
  9. I can see that, if your coming from a surf rod background.... But even though I have, and occasionally use, surf rods, most of my fishing is with steelhead/salmon rods... Have you guys used the steelhead/salmon rods?... How do you like them or compare them to the Suzuki rod?... I think you would get more casting "leverage" with the longer butt, and maybe better rod/reel balance, but the rest of the of the fishing experience would be like fishing with a shorter rod (The reel and hand placement being closer to the tip)... Man, why does this have to be so tough?... Butch
  10. Still looking for the butt length of the Edge rod... Butch
  11. Kinda lookin' for a 10'er or so, for the extra distance casting, and clearing the surf... My only concern with the Suzuki 10"er is the butt length.... Other than that, it sounds like about the perfect rod for my usage.... Butch
  12. Anyone know the butt length of the edge rod?.... The 3 steelhead rods I have are the St Croix with a 11" butt (My favorite), Clarus, at 14" , and a Phenix Trifecta at 13-1/2"... I have 2 big bait and weight rods at 22" and 25"... I'm thinking I want something in 11-14" range... I can't find much on the specs for the Dark Matter OB... Or the price and availability... Is the J&H site down?.... Anyone?.... I really don't want to go much over $200 Thanks, Butch
  13. I'm in SO California, and do mostly light line, mobile surf fishing (With bait, but not bait-and-wait)... Our fish are smaller and closer in than our Northern or East coast brothers and sisters usually target.... My present rod is a St Croix Legend Elite 9'-6" 1/8-3/8 oz, 4-8# moderate rod that I mostly C-rig, with sand crabs, blood worms or ghost shrimp, with a Stradic ci4 3000 .... It works perfectly for me... BUT sometimes the fish are holding on the outside and the current/surf is stronger than normal... I was wanting to do the same kind of light line, mobile fishing with more weight and/or more casting distance... These rods sound like the perfect choice... I can't see me ever going over 1-1/2 to 2oz weight, if that high...Both rods have similar specs... The edge is a little lighter in weight and casting weight... Price is within $10... Edge is US made (Which, I really like), but seem to have delivery and customer service problems (That, I don't like)... This would be paired with an older Stradic ci4 4000.... This is more than I really want to spend on an occasional use rod, but I really like the specs and the weight is nice for a 72 yr old.. Any thoughts or suggestions? Cheaper is always nice too, so other models and brands are ok.. Oh, I like the shorter butts of the steelhead/salmon, rods as opposed to "surf rods', but not short, like a boat rod or pier rod... Thanks, Butch
  14. At 72 I figured out the produce bag thing... Put the open side of the bag between your palms, and rub the palms together like you were trying to warm your hands... The friction will sooner or later open the bag.. It works better if your hands are a little damp... Me, as a younger guy never thought of this, but when the "tools" are leaving you, it's time to try something else... Butch
  15. My Mom and Dad at our fishing camp on Siesta Key Florida (Midnight Pass Fish Camp)... Oldest Brother and Dad.. Older Brother.. Older Brothers and Sister in law.. Older Brother.. Dad fishing the Eastern Sierras... My Mom in the CA desert... Butch