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  1. I think not. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowfin_croaker. Our YFC get more yellow and striped during spawning season. Maybe the Atlantic Croaker does too. Butch.
  2. The bottom fish looks almost exactly like what we have in Southern California... Yellow Fin Croaker... Up to 18"-20"... Very common in the surf and shallow water... https://www.pierfishing.com/yellowfin-croaker/ Butch
  3. I saw a video of a koi pond during the 7.1, and the fish were jumping clear of the surface of the water... Of course, the water was sloshing pretty good... Butch
  4. Aren't most of the cheaper racks just chromed steel, not stainless steel? .... Even the grill replacement racks?... I think most all oven and grill racks out there are chromed steel... I'm no expert, but they sure look that way... Butch
  5. I use the Yozuri Hybrid Ultra-Soft (Moss Green)... Can't find it anywhere... I use it on a spinning reel, and it had less memory than most any other "mono" style line I could find... I'm kinda thinking of giving "McCoy's Mean Green" a try...Anyone use it on a spinner?... Butch
  6. X2... Very Nice... Butch
  7. Yea, the grill itself is about 25"... I think it was a size 7 or 9... The biggest they made... Probably 600-800#s... 5'4" high... Can use three tiers, but never needed more than two... Big ol' chunk of masonry... Butch
  8. Good... They are great reels, and I would hate for you trash it... Butch
  9. Make I haven't got this years batch going yet.... But here's a post about last years.... And I do have the rub and three sauces done though. https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/733319-rubbed-my-butt/#comment-13297628 Butch
  10. I've got two of the Toro Tamer Surf Explorer spinning rods from Charkbait... They have worked well for me on trips to the Caribbean... Check out their site on line.. They sell other travel rods as well... Butch
  11. The usual... 4- bone in pork butts over, 2- packer cut beef briskets... All on the Kamado for a 18-24 hr smoke... Butch
  12. Danny... Throw it my way... It's gotta be something simple, like Will said, "It's not a complicated reel".... Is everything mounted correctly?... I've bent the spring to increase the pressure before... Maybe try that... There ain't much that can go wrong with it... Butch
  13. Well to be truthful.... I'm glad it was your rod.... 'cause at first I thought you were going to say the "crunch" was your fingers... The rod can be replaced... The fingers. not so much... Butch
  14. I too, have had good dealings with them.... I had an old PST model, that had a broken knife blade... I also wanted to repair it my self... Contacted them for parts. and they told me to send it in... I don't think I even bought it...Maybe found it, but whatever, I didn't have a receipt.... And told them that... They said send it in... I did, and a little later they sent me a brand new "Wave" with a leather case (which I had never had with the old model)... No cost to me... Great customer service... And I'm not sure if I was even a customer... Butch
  15. I attended a seminar after I bought my 2500 Sierra diesel, back in 2008... It was to be a discussion group about the future in full sized pickups... It sure seemed to me that they were pushing the lightweight, 4 banger truck of the future... I'm all for light weight, and small displacement engines in most applications, but a towing/hauling truck better have some weight and torque, or the towed vehicle will be controlling the the towing vehicle, instead of the of the other way around.. I've seen this happen, with a small car spinning around a larger camping trailer, going down the freeway... Luckily nobody was hurt or killed... Butch