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  1. Beef ribs are just about my favorite meat... Those look great!!! Butch
  2. JD..This is very common with pork butts and briskets.... This is where the collagen breaks down....A good thing... https://www.scienceofcooking.com/meat/slow_cooking1.htm Butch
  3. I've got two old "Kamado" brand kamados... The company is no longer in buisness... Great product, lousy buisness practices... The grills are all 3/8" SS... All the metal on them is SS, except for a couple of bolts... My largest one must weigh 700-800#s... Tough to move even with the wheeels...You could get them tilled with just about any mosaic tile made (Match your pool tile?)... I didn't want the tile, just something to go wrong, and It did with a friends Kamado.. All the tile came off, and the company was nowhere to be found... It still works great, just not so pretty any more... I also have a 45 year old Imperial and a steel kamado style Broil King Keg... Butch
  4. I use one of these while surf fishing... Very small (fits in a pocket of my vest), won't rust... Pretty cheap... Maybe not the best for a boat.. https://www.amazon.com/Wiha-61601-MaxiFlex-Fiberglass-Reinforced/dp/B003TXRTKO Butch
  5. Looks fantastic.. Butch
  6. Caught one on Tuesday... Not a good pic... Pretty common in the bays and around piers in SO. CA... Butch
  7. Tore mine while boulder hopping, fly fishing a mountain stream with my grandson... He helped me up out of the boulder slide, and found a stick to use as a crutch, to hike the 2 miles back to my truck... When we get there, I say Kyle, You'll have to drive... He looks at me with huge eyes, and say's "But Papa... I'm only 11 years old"... I say's "Oh yea"... I was able to drive out (No phone service up there)... See the Dr as soon as possible.. I had a good orthopedic surgeon, that replaced the ACL... So see one them the sooner the better.... Butch
  8. Oooops! Butch
  9. Those look like great rods... But $300 is a little steep for how much I would use it... Butch
  10. This does look good... Not a big broccoli fan... But I'd eat this... Butch
  11. Try Charkbait in Huntington Beach CA... They do a lot of travel rods and shipping.... Butch
  12. Looks good enough to eat... Actually, looks fantastic!... Butch
  13. I was there Friday night.... It is something to behold... About everything "fishy"... Butch
  14. Well... I wouldn't exactly call Gary Loomis an amateur.... Butch
  15. I don't like reading about all of these delivery problems... I was at Fred Hall Tackle Show in Long Beach CA last night... I was really impressed with one of their 1st Strike rods... I guess that, if I really wanted it, I should have bought it there.... But I wanted to think about it, and figured I could always order it later... Doesn't sound like a good idea now... But man, that was a nice rod!... Butch