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  1. I don’t know about that. But with my limited knowledge and skills what you said sounds like great advice.
  2. I agree with pretty much everything Fishjerk said. I fish mostly in north Orange or south LA Countys but do get down to San Diego occasionally. There are spotfin croaker to catch and bonefish and corvina in the SD bays…. Butch
  3. This is only 5-6 miles away from me…They treated me really well on an out of warranty rod repair. No charge at all on replacing all the guides on my grandson’s cheap surf rod. Butch
  4. I don't know these guys... I just saw this and thought it was really cool... Butch
  5. Jim.. All of my ci4s and Vanford came with a spare washer... If you still have the box, take a look in there for a spare... Butch
  6. Jim... I can't add much to this, as I don't have the FL... I do have 4- Stradic ci4s and 1- Vanford (all used in the surf)... So I like the series very much... The Vanford is just an up-grade to the ci4 line, as far as I can tell... So if you've ever used a ci4, you have an idea about the Vanford.. It's just a little better all around... Butch
  7. Well, I think he figured "It" out again last night... 463' upper deck at T-Mobile Park... for #33... To here.. Butch
  8. So, What's your thoughts now, after watching him?... He's leading the Majors in home runs with 32.. Butch
  9. A lot more money... https://arielrider.com/products/grizzly Butch
  10. Jim, I can't help you on the rub or marinade, as I only use S&P with some garlic powder on my tri-tips... I'm too lazy to do the reverse sear, so just do the sear and shut down method... All of you guys are much better cooks than me, and I don't experiment to much... Let us hear what you do, and the results Jim... Butch
  11. I always liked the way Hernandez played with the Dodgers... Great attitude and enthusiasm... Plus some real skills... I hated to see him leave, but am glad he is doing well... You have a good one there.. Butch
  12. I kinda get that, but what about in a longer, slower cook of a bigger chunk of beef or pork?... Maybe even ribs? Butch
  13. My nieces son plays shortstop for Cal. State Northridge and throws right but bats left.. Pretty good hitter too... As a little guy, he always did that.. He tried switch hitting, but was just more comfortable batting lefty... Butch
  14. Yea, and one that hit 31 HRs, with 6 games left to play before the all-star break? I can't wait to see what he can do in the HR Derby in mile high Colorado... 460' at 148' above sea level... Butch