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  1. I'm sure they do... But they also feed in the day and close to the sand.. This is a video i shot while surf fishing in Long Beach CA... You can see the sand in the clip... That 6-8' GWS was no more than 10' from the dry sand...
  2. I have fished there a couple of times in the spring, with a local guide, that is no longer in business.. The 1st time my buddy and I both caught tarpon, jacks and snook... The second (a year later) nothing.... Same guide, same locals... That's fishing... I have not been back since the hurricane, and don't know where you should go... The Island really got destroyed in the storm... There was the salt ponds, but I don't even know if they are still there... Good luck and put up a report when you go... Butch
  3. I think that the "air tight" type grills/smokers are prone to this....Kamados, BGEs and any type that can pretty much shutdown all air movement... I live in dry SO CA and you would think that I wouldn't have this problem.... But if I close down my Kamado after a cook, and forget to open up the bottom and top a little, I'll get the mold as well.... My Kamados sit out in the open, with no cover, rain and all, and they do fine, as long as I crack open the top and bottom, just a little... Butch
  4. Yep...Mine was manufactured/sold by the Kamado Co.... 1st batch was great...Then I bought a pallet of their 2nd batch, and it was bad. They are out of business now, but I bought 2 Kamados from them which are great fantastic. Butch
  5. I only use mesquite lump for hot, direct cooks... I would never use it for a indirect cook or smoking... It is fantastic for grilling fish or burgers, steaks or anything like that... I'll use oak or hickory lump, for indirect or smoking, along with cherry smoking chunks, if I desire... I got a hold of charcoal made from coconut shells that was the best, cleanest burning & tasting, hot, longest lasting, with very little ash, charcoal, that I have ever found.... I got some more from the same manufacture, years later, that was crap... He changed factories and countries, were it was produced... The sugar cane sounds interesting... I wonder about cooking directly on it, like you would do a alder plank for salmon... Mmm, might be worth a try? Butch
  6. I like the specs on the “S86L-S”...Perfect for flylining sand crabs or ghost shrimp to corbina...Maybe too light for east coast standards... but for line shy corbina or flatfishing bonefish, it sounds perfect.. Anyone try the light model? $218 on eBay.... Butch
  7. Cherry is my favorite... Mild, sweet flavor, and gives the product a pleasing reddish brown color... Makes a chicken look and taste great... Butch
  8. I've fished this pier, and met this guy more than once....He ran the bait shop on the pier for awhile...Good fisherman, but kinda nuts Butch
  9. Get a ceramic.... Hose off the outside.... Crank up the coals to 700-800 degrees, to clean the inside and grills... The very old kamado types won't take this much heat, but the most of the newer ones will... Butch
  10. I use a Stradic ci4 3000, weighing in at 5oz on a 6.7oz St Croix Legend Elite 9'-6" steelhead rod (That I adore )... My model St Croix is no longer made, so this could be a replacement if the unthinkable happens... Butch
  11. Whoa!.... I like these...Have you used them?... They might be good for SO. CA. light line surf fishing... Butch
  12. Yea.. The last time I took a reel in there, they just replaced it with a brand new latest model of the reel... For $25... Butch
  13. I dropped my Stradic 3000ci4 off at Shimano service center, in Irvine CA, for a little TLC... New drive and pinion gears, 3 new bearings, re-grease drag washers, complete teardown and cleaning, and lube... $25 out the door... The reel feels like new again... Great service... Butch
  14. http://www.electricbeachwagons.com/ I don't have one, but thought I'd throw this out there... Butch
  15. Still think it's a permit, by that id chart... But I think you are right ...The yellowfin mojarra...Than you for the ID... Butch