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  1. I really like the sparseness. Great job.
  2. I tied the yellow snake fly to the right of oat's red deer hair fly. Steve
  3. Got my flies in the mail today. Thanks again, Ron, for running the swap and the nice fly. Thanks, also to the other tyers in the swap. Steve
  4. Great looking fly. I will also be trying to imitate it. Best wishes on your recovery. Steve
  5. Thanks again, Ron
  6. Ron, Mine went in the mail yesterday. Thanks, Steve
  7. I am in.
  8. You found the champagne corks on the beach, I've heard that one before. Just kidding. Good use of materials and problem solving. Here is mine. When tying certain flies, I kept cutting my finger on the hook point. I took one of those plastic wine bottle corks and cut a small piece from it and stuck that over the point. No more cut fingers. Steve
  9. I really enjoyed the video as I have tied many different styles of cinder worms. The extended mono tail was a new one for me. The top fly was tied as close to the video instruction as my materials would allow. Then I wondered if I could spin deer hair on a mono extension. The lower fly is the result. Thanks for the demonstration.[ATTACHMENT=4545]DSC01577.JPG (4,721k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  10. Thanks, Ron for doing all the leg work. Got my flies today and it was fun seeing all the ties. Thanks also to all the tiers who took part. Steve
  11. Mine were mailed today plus a few for the fling.
  12. These are tied on #2 Mustad 34007 hooks. Kudos to Brad Buzzi for the SBS on the Sand eel fly at the Marlboro show. It is tied on a #2 long shank hook. Steve
  13. I'm in.
  14. From the album Forum Attachments