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  1. Sparky once chased several of us around a party boat with a gaff while hopped up on goofballs one night.
  2. Thank you for pointing out my disabilities in holding small objects.
  3. I've only stopped by to see if Homer would finally agree to lease that forehead for advertising space.
  4. I never trusted men who perm their hair and have barbed wire tatts.
  5. Stellar pieces of ****. Billy Joel is the reason Nixon was wrong for ending the Vietnam War in '75: just one more draft lottery and America could have been such a better country musically.
  6. DAMN YOU, Bernie! Now I need to buy a Subaru and order sashimi fillets from Fulton Street!
  7. Mine's for Subarus and ARM certificates. Dammit, I hate when people out themselves.
  8. I don't understand- your thanking Bernie for Google gearing ads towards you based on your search history
  9. Pfft, I mastered Sigma in the '80's.
  10. Joe Jackson showed parents the way: you can beat kids and berate them into greatness.
  11. Why, wanna bang me you sick Greek bastard?
  12. No, flounder belly albion skin remained immaculate thanks to spf200.
  13. It works!!!
  14. Fleshlight
  15. Is flashlight still banned too?