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  1. I have that same boat with a 150 Yami. It has a shallow v and is a little rough in the chop. I use it mainly in the bay. The boat has alot of room for fishing.
  2. I don't post too much but I always read this site and I"M as mad as Bobby is and I don't even know him. I travel all over NYC and from NH to the Carolina's to Kansas. Religion is always an excuse. Three families in one house is called trash, white, black, asian or indian. I would be pissed if they took over my block and lived like they were still in their native land. Good luck trying to teach them about our culture. I hope it works
  3. Religon my rear end. These people are slobs and should be Treated that way. They come to this country and think they are still in an uncivilised nation. They should live by OUR RULES or go HOME. None of the religions in the USA leave crap by the sea. I would love to TEACH them the AMERICAN way. GO HOME!
  4. I will be down there again for 2 weeks in Aug. I stay in the "4 wheel drive area". The fishing is ok Blues,Spot, Kings, Flounder and some Drum. The tackle shopes in the area are more for the tourist not much fresh bait.
  5. my favorite is beer batter deep fried ear of corn. It is excellent.
  6. I just got back from Carova N.C. (north of Corolla" my wife saw a lot of dead crokers three days in a row. I wondered what happened asked around but no answers.
  7. About 3 yrs. ago I bought my wife all of the floor mounted wood working tools they make. She isn't a pro but they seem to work good. I don't think the table saw is all that great. They wern't too dificult to put together either. I do love my Dewalt miter box , air guns and hand helds.
  8. For horse flies I use a 50% mixture of blue listerine and water spray it on you they might land on you but they won't bite.
  9. I would always go down to see them. He was a great guy. will be missed.
  10. Got mine 2 days ago.
  11. come on guys, best offer
  12. Automatic, 351 v8, runs good,slight trans. leak usual rust on tail gate. Four wheel drive works. Tires are six months old. This would be a perfect beach vehicle for a small donation of $2800
  13. When I enter the beach my lights are off but I leave on my parking lights. while I am driving up or down the beach the lights stay on . I don't shine them towards the water. But what really bothers me is the campers sleeping on the beach in front of a hole. If they are in their truck I will park right next to it and fish.
  14. Here is a pict of my son with his first Blue. [ 01-30-2004, 08:13 PM: Message edited by: TimS ]