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  1. Alright. I will try to get a money order this weekend.
  2. Sure. Thank you. For this one, right? Medium Heavy 1/2 - 11/4 Lure weight MIS76MHF Paypal ok? I will send you a pm.
  3. Sure. makes sense. If its like $10-15 then I'm interested.
  4. May I ask about shipping the last Mojo to 02176? Thank you!
  5. For sale- A G Loomis GLX 4wt 9 foot fly rod. 2 piece. This rod is around 15 years old, sat in the closet for 10 years. I used it a few times, then never. It's in excellent condition. Some small nicks out of the cork handle. This was a demo rod, but wasn't used prior to my purchase from a local shop. The rod comes with a pristine rod sock and a good condition tube. Also, a landing net. Asking $220 obo, I can meet you near Boston, NH, RI, etc.
  6. Sorry, I just saw this. Please close. Gave it to a neighbors kid.
  7. Great! I will send over my paypal and please send me your address. I will get it in the mail soon. It's been fished and sat around but has plenty of life left. Thank you!
  8. Can you do $30 shipped?
  9. This would be good for a newbie or kid. Someone you dont want drowning out there. Just pay for shipping.
  10. x2! Great haul! Verrry neat squid jig.
  11. Price drop...$125 shipped.
  12. Sounds great! I will send you my paypal and get them out this weekend. If that's ok.
  13. Thank you, Prican. I updated the listing.
  14. All plugs have been used, carried, etc. These are in good shape, lightly used, but swivels are oxidized and the plastic tail is gross. They will fish well, though. They are wood. Not sure if they are hand carved. 3 bluesharks. I think 1-2 oz. Not certain. The scales and plastic tail are around 2oz I think, the yellow over white is less, maybe 1 oz. Please correct me if I am wrong. Asking $80 shipped. Paypal, not splitting. Thank you!
  15. This lot for sale. They have all been used, thrown, carried. They have small hook points and the swivels are oxidized, but they will fish well. The barbs have been crushed. I have had these for a few years, but they have just been collecting dust. Please correct me if the descriptions are wrong. RM Smith danny, I think 2oz in herring Unknown parrot Bodega Bay bunker, I think 3oz BigFish gold 2oz Afterhours eely, maybe 2.5oz. Not certain on the size. Rare. Asking $135 shipped. Prefer paypal and keeping as a lot.