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  1. From the album Forum Attachments

  2. i believe those r bergals.
  3. i gotta agree with you on the tackle shop comment. good way to move a boatload of clams.
  4. yeah, that's smart. the whole idea behind the fishing regs are to protect the fish. the undercover sat and waited for them to kill MORE fish so they can write a bigger summons.
  5. who's opening it?? couple jacks it could be.
  6. from one greek to another, "na to herese".("be proud of it", for the non-greek community)
  7. boat sold today. thanks.
  8. $600.00 is the lowest i'll go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(maybe $500.00)
  9. price reduced to $800.00.
  10. what's up nuke? what's up duke?
  11. yeah you're right. told ya it was a stupid question.