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  1. Now more curious as to where you did purchase it.........maybe stop others from getting taken
  2. Where you purchased it from would likely help in determining where or not it's counterfeit.
  3. Based on just a single picture either could be right. I personally would not pay $5,750 for it just off that pic. Doesn't look used much, but if it was used in salt, and just put away could be big issues. If the bunks are carpeted and saturated with salt water and it sat for a couple years the bottom under the bunks could be toast. Motor could be locked up, or lower unit shot. On the other hand it could be a steal if it is in perfect shape.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but I'm actually looking for ones with the straight forked tail. https://www.berkley-fishing.com/gulp-alive-minnow-1285410
  5. Yes, I'll take this as long as Paypal is good, shipped to 21220
  6. Got a 2500 or 3000 by chance in that pile of reels?
  7. If I don't get a trade offer by tomorrow evening I will give you a price for selling. Thanks
  8. Not doing near the flounder fishing I used to so these are sitting. Would like the trade for some of the Gulp 2.5" or 3" minnows for perch fishing. Color doesn't matter. Ideally would like to trade as a package. All packages unopened 6 of the white mullet 3 of the New Penny shrimp 1 of the Ghost shrimp Also have 5 unopened tubs of the 3" Natural shrimp. Due to the liquid these would be an in-person swap not shipping.
  9. Here's how you get an idea of "why" they put the exact wording that they did. 1) Click on one of the other rods or reels on their site 2) Highlight the model of the reel, right click and search the web 3) Click on one of the results you get from the manufacturer or one of the other retailers. 4) Note that the description you read on that site, in most likely every instance (I checked 4 different ones), will be worded exactly as the description is worded on the Big Carp site. If that were the only one they copied, so that they could use the ambiguity, I might think you had a point. The actual point is that they copy to provide exactly what the manufacturer provides.
  10. Tru-Pro crab knife? The polished one. I think I have 6 or 8 in a box. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/carvel-hall-tru-pro-crab-knife-4
  11. Big Carp copied the text right from the manufacturers (Century) website.
  12. But yet it DID NOT say "included". If there was a question as to what they meant by "accompany", would it not have been prudent to ask ..........before assuming?
  13. Or the 1st purchaser who misread the description. Seems to me the OP thought he saw "included" in the description. Maybe "accompany" wasn't the best word to use, but even the manufacturer used that on their website. I'd have to say I do not believe he was "cheated" as his title says.
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