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  1. looking for schematics for Tsunami Salt X 4000 or 6000. I just relubed the 4000, but limited the teardown. I like a schematic before a full tear down to make sure I get everything back together correctly.
  2. rubber knee boots or hiking boots with kold kutter screws. just don’t forget to take them off before going inside. They cut through the algae and also good on bubbleweed. they will also cut up floors if you wear them inside. they’re cheap and quick to replace.
  3. Apparently fishing the canal at night has a lot of heavy equipment operators out there fishing from the smell. That’s nothing new. Less empty beer cans.
  4. I didn’t either until I started to grow my own. What I grow is better than anything I ever bought. Cure your own and you will get the most out of your herb. I used to do that. It is better than smoking dry herb. The problem with orange peel is that you can bring mold into your herb along with the orange peel by over humidifying. You can’t control the humidity as accurately with orange peel. 62% gives you really nice buds, not too soft, not too crunchy. Perfect for a nice buzz.
  5. There are a couple of products out there, Boveda and Integra Boost, which will, if added to your storage jars, will keep them humidified at 58 or 62%. I have some 2019 White Widow kept with those packs. It will still give you a tasty smoke and nice buzz. I have over cured some ounces that came out too dry, but were nicely rehydrated by adding these packs. These are the safest way to cure and get that crunch on the outside with a nice little squishyness to the center of your buds. Seal your jars, keep a fresh humidity pack in the jar, and your cannabis will stay smokable and potent for more than a year.
  6. I had to patch some holes in a used Starcraft Alaskan I just purchased. It will be in Salt Water. Rather than using bolts to fill the holes from 2 past motors, I checked the wood in the transom and it seemed OK. I then filled the holes with 3M 5200 and then pressed in aluminum rivets to trim the holes that matched the rest of the factory rivets. It looks great and there shouldn’t be any electrolysis. I’m waiting for touchup paint from Smokercraft so I can repaint the transom. When repainted nobody, except me, will know that the transom was patched.
  7. I tried these last year. knipex are great but pricy. These were lower priced than the knipex small bolt cutters. The capri is great for cutting wire, making it easy to cut close. However don’t try to cut hooks with it. They’re not hard enough to cut hardened hooks. however For dealing with 1/16” welding rod they are the best I’ve used. Priced at $25 from the zon.
  8. I don’t have any $1000 reels thank you. But I do have a new trailer. Just ordered bunk rollers. I’m getting soft in my old age. My wife says says it’s called being smarter, and it’s about time.
  9. I have a grey 10.5’ I got some used some 5-6 years ago. It had the bottom guide replaced with a Fuji. The only guide that rusted was the Fuji.
  10. Riddler Are you making your own 20” Tuco eels?
  11. I’ve bought parts from VS for my VRs directly. They were very helpful, responded and shipped very quickly.
  12. Thanks but I bought one already.
  13. Not sure what your trailers have been made with, but the two galvanized I have/had showed rust spots on bolts at the end of the first season. At the 5 year point had rust the threads of some of the u bolts. At the end of 10 years the rollers were trashed and the trailers had very little value. Anyway I did get a new trailer, picked up the boat and am awaiting the new 20 efi with electric start and power tilt and trim. Lifes OK. I’ll have to have Paul convert the trailer for some of the small unpaved landings up my way.
  14. Being able to do those things is only a temporary condition. The more dunks the sooner it gets to be a bucket of rust. I guess you get a period where things all work.
  15. Couldn't find a used trailer, but was able to find a new Tide Water 1200#, rated for 16', including tongue jack for $980 at a dealer near the East end of the canal. Of the small used trailers I've seen listed, the few there have been asking high prices, almost as much as I paid for new, and my choice of boat has changed. I found a used Starcraft 15 Alaskan that looks to be in good shape. Picking the boat up Sunday. Sourcing an engine on line. Found a good price on a tohatsu 20 with electric start and power tilt and trim. I really like power tilt and trim while drifting around boulder fields. And electric start, I’m tired of pulling that cord in the afternoon when I’d rather be napping than yanking that damn cord.