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  1. LOL. I have some CDB if your interested. If you want the THC stuff, check with Mokes. Most of the money for military hardware and ammunition that was authorized was not sent directly to Ukraine. It was sent to a Pentagon account. In most cases we sent a lot of old equipment that the Pentagon considered obsolete and was in storage instead. The Pentagon was planning to replace it with new, updated systems and that money will be used for that.
  2. So far the defense industry has not geared up to replace the armaments sent to Ukraine. To date armaments supplied to Ukraine are our older stocks, rather than the latest and greatest with the exception of HIMARS. Ever there the actual rockets supplied are 20+ years old munitions left over from the Iraq wars. US has not manufactured manpads in 24 years. At some point they will have to. They will also will be sending new air defense systems, a few of which are from inventory, but most will have to be manufactured yet. Most of the money we “sent” to Ukraine wasn’t dollars, but was older equipment and the numbers quoted was the value of the replacement costs. The US plans to build newer hi tech equipment to replace the old. we’re sending the Ukrainians older air defence systems (Hawk) and will replace them with new systems that will replace not only the hawk, but also the current Patriot system. The replacement systems and munitions will spur the defense industry and this will raise the GDP. In addition our fellow Nato members have been ordering everything from f35s and f16s to air defense systems. The Ukraine war well may have an unintended consequence which is to dramatically raise our GDP, which is what happened with Viet Nam. Armaments and training are counted as GDP. May well be there will be no recession.
  3. MIAMI — The nation’s first Spanish-language conservative network launches Tuesday morning on satellite radio, opening a new front in the political information wars targeting Latinos in the United States and beyond. The network, called Americano, arrives during a crucial inflection point in U.S. politics, as more Hispanic voters show signs of drifting right and Democrats continue to sound the alarm about Spanish-language right-wing disinformation on social media and local radio, particularly in Miami, which is also Americano’s home base. It's scheduled to launch first on SiriusXM radio, then on streaming TV this summer, offering a mix of news programming and commentary. The network has close ties to former President Donald Trump's campaign, as well as to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who now represents the more moderate wing of the Republican Party. Ahead of the Tuesday broadcast, Democrats in Florida raised concerns publicly and privately that the programming would contribute to the spread of misleading claims targeted at Spanish-speakers that skyrocketed during the pandemic and the 2020 campaign. This happened in March 2022. I guess all is fair in love and war.
  4. Looks like a group of Latinos making an investment. Dems capitalists can’t make an investment? Latino Media Network is led and founded by Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama administration staffer who now heads Equis Research, a Latino polling and research firm, and Jess Morales Rocketto, also at Equis and a veteran of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns. A long string of Latinos are investors in the purchase, which still requires Federal Communications Commission approval. Not all are Democrats. According to a news release from the group, $80 million in capital was raised to launch Latino Media Network. The group said it's one of the largest amounts of capital raised by a Latino-owned and operated startup. The money includes a loan from Lakestar Finance LLC, an investment firm associated with liberal billionaire George Soros. “We believe in the power and reach of radio and it remains a main source of media for a significant number of our community,” Rocketto said in a statement. “We hope to create relevant content for radio and other audio platforms with content that our community can trust and rely on," he continued.
  5. Do you think the GA SC reinstating the 6 week ban on abortion on Weds will help Herschel? Timing is everything.
  6. It's amazing how you keep making all these claims without having a clue what the realities are.
  7. You realize the counties that don't certify by 11/28 will forfeit their votes, and they're red counties. That's the law in AZ. Kari would lose by even more. LOL
  8. Dream on. The crazies are only talking about delaying certification in 2 counties until the last minute that the law allows (11/28). If they screw up the votes in those 2 counties don't get counted. They're red counties. If those voters get disenfranchised because of the crazies, and those 2 counties don't get certified it would result in a Blue wave in AZ. Not to mention lots of pissed off voters. LOL
  9. You’re lost again. Whe’re not talking about the doj. We’re talking about state, city, county DAs, States Attorneys etc. There are thousands of non federal, R DAs that have the authority to form a grand jury, investigate and file charges. Funny, not one did. You got an answer for that?
  10. Another Qtard throwing “groomer” around. Since you talk about groomers a lot, do you personally have some sexual preference issues? Sure sounds like it.
  11. Yup, none of those thousands of R DAs saw enough to go before a jury of citizens and investigate voter fraud. Did Soros pay off all those DAs too?
  12. All of them. In all cases the Judges reviewed the suit, and reviewed the evidence. The judges studied the suits and determined that the suits didn’t follow the law for bringing a suit and that the “evidence” wasn’t actual fact, was hearsay, irrelevant and this is my favorite, many affidavits submitter by “anonymous”. If there was fraud, why didn’t Rudy, Powell and company do a better job. Powell actually confessed she never looked at the “evidence”, had no idea it was garbage, but the same or similar evidence and justifications for the suits went to 60 courts. Were they hoping something magical was going to happen and they were going to find a deaf, dumb and blind judge? If you want to scream fraud, you have to be able to prove it. With so much fraud how come not one District Attorney, State attorney etc., and there are several thousand of them, how come not one went to a grand jury to investigate? At least 1/2 of them are Rs. Judges don’t control what goes to a grand jury.
  13. You another one that throws “groomer” around any time that someone doesn’t agree with your view of the world? Small piece of coal for you. I’ll take the star.
  14. The crazies on the internet is getting worse. It’s been easier for anyone to have their own blog or web site. Advances in cheap apps have made this possible. It has also made it possible to be anonymous so the crazies feel emboldened to espouse whatever they want so others feel more emboldened as well. You’re probably right that the number of sexually emboldened is growing as well. There have always been sick people out there. The man-boy association has been around as long as I remember. But it and a other similar groups represent a tiny percentage of the population. However the criminal penalties are severe enough that most of these sick people fortunately do not act upon their thoughts. I doubt that many “regular”people are recruited into sexually abusing children (unless they’re celibate priests).