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  1. Actually they have moved their content, not their advertising to Threads. They have moved those dollars to other means of advertising. Marketing never stands still. Threads is booming and growing fast and Zuckerberg has visions of a billion users. I don’t doubt he will, then they will take advertising. Even Musk states this may end X.
  2. The advertising agencies have reported the advertisers are directing them to place the ads scheduled for X to go elsewhere.
  3. I read where advertisers that left X have begun placing those ads on Thread.
  4. I don’t remember or I don’t recall 39 times vs taking the 5th over 500 times. Funny s***.
  5. Nah. I think it will be “I can’t recall”. There seems to be lots of recent precedence for that instead of the 5th.
  6. We know he can’t win, but it would still be fun if he campaigned in costume.
  7. It would be great if he campaigned in costume. That would sure influence all the Independents you need to win.
  8. They’ll just raise real estate taxes and the wealthy will get another tax break.
  9. Good. Let the Catholic church subsidize education.
  10. Actually the number of Catholic schools and enrollments are diminishing. The requirements for being Catholic have been reduced because Catholics no longer want their kids to suffer the Catholic education they endured and the schools need to educate someone to justify their existence. I have six cousins who are Catholic and all attended Catholic schools from grades 1-12. Combined they have 12 children and 30 grand children, none of which has attended a Catholic school.
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