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  1. Not sure how you would use the inside of a pipe. If you have a piece of pipe or a piece of hardwood dowel that is 3/4” diameter, drill holes that are the same diameter as the grommet. Place the grommets in the holes and pound them with a rubber mallet to shape them. Forget about pliers. If you use a dowel you can flatten the bottom to make it stable and drill it after flattening it. I did this for a little while before I found some heavy wall aluminum tubing to replace it. If you are just starting out this is a quick way to make a grommetiser that will work just as well as the fancy ones. The down side to wood dowels is it will get torn up after a number of uses, but this should get you through a season of lure making.
  2. Now that’s funny!
  3. I start with a jobber length (about 4”) 5/32” brad point drill and drill about 2 to 3” deep, going slowly, clearing chips every 3/4 to 1”. The shorter drill is much stiffer than a 6 or 12 inch bit. This creates a nice straight guide for the longer drill to finish your through hole. Using my battery powered hand drill I use an 8” drill bit that has full length flute to finish the hole. Go slow, clearing chips frequently. Sometimes I will clean the through hole with a full flute 12” inch bit after dilling with the 8” drill. I also build darters. I fill the 5/32” hole with the nose loop with slow setting 2 ton Devcon epoxy by pulling the nose loop out about an inch and generously coating the wire with epoxy, then shove it back into the lure, filling the hole. It makes a pretty solid connection. I also sometimes shove a toothpick on each side of the hole. Let it set over night, then add more epoxy to fill the hole flush with the face of the lure. After this sets up, once again over night, it should be pretty solid and ready to make you tail loop. You should end up with the first inch of the through hole being solid wire and epoxy. As a final thought, use a slow speed to drill the hole, both on the lathe and with the hand drill. I never had much success with through driling with my drill press. Thats my 2 cents.
  4. I live in a town, Norwell, that is the “Hotspot” for Lyme disease in Mass. The past couple of years we have been getting a lot of wild turkeys coming up to the house to feed under the bird feeders. While hanging out in the yard they wander around like chickens gleaning the insects they find. Before the turkeys started hanging around I would find deer ticks on me starting in February! Most times I went out into the garden and even taking out the trash I used to find ticks on me. I have been treated for Lyme disease 4-5 times. Since the turkeys started hanging around the ticks have been a rare occurrence. I found the first tick on me in 2 years recently. Love those turkeys!
  5. Aircraft bit is what you want to search for, either 6 or 12”. Go with 5/32”, much less flex. I switched over to 5/32” several years ago and now I get few issues compared to 1/8” where I was constantly frustrated. Going from 1/8” to 5/32” resolved 95% of my issues. Start with a jobber legnth brad paint drill bit and then finish with the aircraft drill bits. The brad point bits start centered better than regular bits.
  6. I don’t know how much “punishing” you did to Slip, but you did provide a lot of entertainment and information, although it did take a bit of translation to figure out what the hell you were talking about some times. I miss your posts!
  7. PayPal sent Thanks
  8. Ill do $100 including pp and shipping. Can pp today.
  9. If this falls through and you are willing to ship, I take it. Give me a new price including shipping?
  10. I did something similar using a drilled piece of heavy wall aluminum tubing. The thing I wanted to share was to use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer. It forms to the dowel without crushing the edges of the grommet.
  11. Don’t throw those mis-drills away. Slather epoxy onto a piece of 1/8 dowel, shove it into the bad drill hole, let it set and redrill. I’ve salvaged a few misdrills that way.
  12. The “old school look” is a 5” section of broom handle with a screw eye in each end.
  13. pay pal sent
  14. Ill take the livt darter
  15. What is still available?