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  1. Damn!!! Talk about a kick in the nuts!!!! Is there audio and translation of this?
  2. NG or propane? Maybe move it to the garage/man cave/ escape from the wife space?
  3. Much much longer.
  4. 18 second mark. Isn't that the white power symbol?
  5. Yup. And I don't wish it on him but it's obvious. And I don't know if it's better he stay or not. He's not in charge. And Kamala is basically there to prevent removal from office.
  6. Hate to see that outcome for anyone. God rest and hope he had peace. Except for child molesters.
  7. Yup and I thank him for that.
  8. Need bigger for security. Joe likes them small.
  9. He should be on retainer at the minimum. Unreal.
  10. Ha!!!!!
  11. Should have clocked him out. Or at least stuck a stick in the spokes.
  12. Said every man ever.
  13. Smooth idle or choppy? Say only when hot? Cat plugged up?
  14. What about the banana?
  15. K. Manifold gasket leak?