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  1. Date code on the 70-300?
  2. Fisher cat.
  3. Herring gull
  4. Thanks. Bass world has them listed and them owes me money!!! Tried TW couldn't find the small ones.
  5. Can't seem to find these. The Googleator wasn't much help. No local shops carry them. Not even listed on Cordell site that I could find. Can someone point me towards an online source? Thanks all. Random picture for your viewing pleasure...
  6. Beautiful pup... I've had twitchy eyes on this since the first post.
  7. I want to fish with Bogey. Guarantee knows stuff.
  8. Building a lite 10 footer for slinging small metals and jigs. Thinking no reel seat, tape it on, and shrink tube over the tape for grip. Anyone do this?
  9. Baltimore? Which spot?
  10. Sharp-shinned or coopers.
  11. Potted meat