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  1. 4.79 Enola PA. Diesel 6.79 Carlisle PA.
  2. Does it really matter to you?
  3. Wetsuit with tripod?
  4. Is where it should be kicked in the nut. Singular.
  5. No... No it is not. Might have a dick I don't know and not checking.....but it's not.
  6. Who the hell is that? Keith Richards in drag?
  7. Better than Joe.
  8. Discount code "EYE PATCH MCCAIN"
  9. Nice. Reindeer fillets delicious. Gonna try that rotten shark stuff? Or is that Iceland?
  10. Pre trip weight and BMI vs post trip?
  11. MeTV is damn near the only thing worth watching anymore. Exceptions of course.
  12. I normally skin immediately too. I use skinning pliers. In a bag then to the ice. Eat fresh never frozen.
  13. Doesn't help if yer wearing Jordans. Work boots yes, Jordans no.
  14. Ask the park
  15. Spoon jig from Terminal Tackle.