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  1. 15 foot alumicraft jon boat. Was my crabbing boat. Few dings but still solid. Aint prettiest but she floats. No leaks. No trailer or motor. 700 bucks. Good Delaware registration.
  2. Well..... How did she like it?
  3. 100% weasel.... Sneaky little things. Had litter of kittens killed same way plus many chickens and other poultry.
  4. This should be framed and hung in a prominent place for the G-kid to know what y'all went through. Thank you Sir for sharing.
  5. ****!!!
  6. You forgot about 6 zeros
  7. As 5#s said.... Salt life or go home!!
  8. Ya want to mess with coworkers.... stick two together with gorilla glue.
  9. Search the delmarva forum for rumblefish. Aka poppy. Reading the water. It shoud be pinned at the top of the main. Right @tim. Two of the best threads on the whole site.
  10. Hog saw.. drill... six pack... I can build a boat!!!! Not one you wanna be in but I build that sumbitch!!!
  11. My 5g bucket bit the dust from u/v exposure I guess. So had to fashion a new one. It rides in a ring on my surf rack on the truck. I keep handfull of sinkers in diff sizes, a sharpening stone, etc.... holes drilled in bottom and lower sides. Slots cut in the rim. At the end of the day I throw my sinkers in the bottom, hang my rigs or lures on the rim, hang my pliers and hook out over the side, and hit it with the hose when I rinse the rods and the truck. Rigs and lures stay even while driving at speed. Has worked great for years. Anyone else have any bucket mods to share?
  12. Wonder who has all the lure molds. F14. Spoon jig. Etc....
  13. Oh schidt!!!!
  14. Seconds please. Good deal here!!!