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  1. That's genius!!!!
  2. Praying for you both. Keep the faith brother. God bless.
  3. K what's the status on the new 8 foot Suzuki? Will it be available soon?
  4. Dang Captain..!!! What did that yellow eyed demon weigh? Huge head so guess spring time?
  5. I did this back in the day. Worked great. BUT.... got tired of trying to thread the rod into the un-cut section (due to limited space kept banging the tips on the wall) . Cut slots in both ends and it's much better and I can hang the rod just below the reel seat where most of the weight is.
  6. So far: Warren... fake indian Gabbard.... Assad butt budy Castro.... son of "the race" founder Anyone else yet?
  7. Tulsi Gabbard says she's running for 2020.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Think I'll go Mako20ft.s route to start. Got nothing to lose. I can always get new wood if I don't like it. Will post the results. Thanks again.
  9. It's nothing special but it's the real deal not the bull crap you get today. Just want usable scales. Wood. Hickory? Rock maple? Locust would be cool.
  10. I'm in south central PA and Lewes DE. Don't mind shipping it if needed. Thanks
  11. Looking for someone to replace the scales on an old cleaver. Recommendations anyone?
  12. RIP

    RIP... make bucktailsure and teasers so the legacy can continue!!!!
  13. 4.0 or 4.6?
  14. Available but I'm not sure how soon I could ship. I'm out of town. Could be a month.
  15. Well then I'm sure we've fished beside each other at one point. The 1-4 is a good choice. I use a 1-3 9 foot for a all around type rod there and it really does a good job for me. But I always have multiple rods in the truck just in case. Happy New Year