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  1. WAS a melting pot. Now the immigrant culture is separate from American culture and the immigrants want the USA to bend over backwards for them rather than embracing the culture of the country THAT THEY VOLUNTARILY MOVED TO.
  2. Can't. It would be considered racist to provide the facts to you.
  3. +100. With a Cuomo referenced asterisk.
  4. Rick's is good. Was sad when he passed. But always had good people in there. Family had a camper behind old inlet. Been stopping in there damn near 45 years. Butch and Clark are good people. Jack knows his reels inside and out. Can't remember the name of the guy who fixes the rods bit he's real good too. Yes they are beach priced on lots of stuff.
  5. Thanks. I plan on selling them and want to give someone a good deal but don't want to short myself at the same time.
  6. I bought these years ago from an auction at closed sporting goods store. I bought a lot of materials and this was in the lot. Mostly midges. Few trico. Griffiths gnats. Very small. What do flies like these cost nowadays at a respectable shop? They look well tied. Any help would be great.
  7. Glad they got him. But I want the S.O.B.s that paid him even more!!!!!
  8. Space allows Muslims to return quickly to class? So government is using tax dollars to provide religious accommodations? I thought there was separation of church and state?
  9. Orange man bad. He could schidt a golden egg for everyone in the country and the libs would bitch it wasn't plated with Unobtanium.
  10. Now that some funny schidt right there.!!!!
  11. Why would she be annoyed? I mean she is a good Catholic. Her favorite word is The Word.
  12. Will they even let Po' Unca' Joe debate? Maybe Corn Pop in his stead?
  14. I know exactly what it is. Binge watching on Netflix and Amazon. I just want to be able to have proof of the hours before I get into an argument with a family member.
  15. Who'd a thunk it? Unfortunately family. So I want to approach this with facts and a way to monitor it. I don't mind listening to the radio or something like that but the video stuff is out of control. But I want data before I get into a confrontation. Thanks.