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  1. With a paddle with holes in it.
  2. You can wish in one hand and schidt in the other, guess which fills up first?
  3. More than one in that picture
  4. He's about as sharp as a tea spoon.
  5. Heard that before but boy wasn't the word.
  6. Needs a ring in her nose to keep her off the buffet.
  7. She's a two at ten but a ten at two
  8. True!!!!!
  9. Heard chrome off a trailer hitch.. not off a bumper. That's a new one.
  10. Adding to the repertoire. Thank you kindly.
  11. Well that kid's going to need a therapist for sure.
  12. Awww.... bless your heart.
  13. Pretty sure the meme maker and I are related. Only thing missing is " but we gonna do it anyway and it's gonna be fun or we gonna die"
  14. Worthless as tits on a bull
  15. Beer before liquor never sicker