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  1. Wow. Clean and lube the reels, check the guides for burrs, wipe down with some liquid gold, load up with some mono, GO FISH!!!!
  2. And don't forget the plug kit!!!!!
  3. I always carry extra valve cores and a removal tool (with thread tap) . They get bent or loose and leak. My last truck I had valve caps that had core removal tips on them.
  4. I notice the lack of the American flag. Someone please hang a Hamas or China or Ukraine flag from his ear and repost.
  5. Palin never said that. Was I believe a SNL skit. Who's putting Ukraine between Russia and Alaska?
  6. Why do people support Trump? Well, because of people like...... well, Tim says we can't call out members so lets just say team genius.
  7. French doors like Ted suggested.
  8. Don't much care for interacting with them but I also feel that they need a light shined on them. Or shoved up their ass.
  9. Thread title = foreign aid bill. Opens with = border bill. What was it? Damn sure wasn't good for either.
  10. Still. He'll make good use of it. They were great motors and relatively easy to work on. Let us know how the Honda changes your float.
  11. Other than jigs, sinkers and such I know minimal about pouring metal. Wifey poo has really gotten into ceramics and we now have two kilns for ceramic pottery. I'm sure I could design moulds for plastic, but could I pour lead or tin?
  12. That thing will probably be worked over and run another 1000 hrs.
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