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  1. I’ll take it for $105 shipped if you’re so inclined.
  2. John Skinner does the same thing to his Jigging World Nexus 701C-H rod for fluke. He cuts 4” off the rod to stiffen the tip to bounce heavier bucktails. Here’s a YouTube video where he takes 4” off a Tsunami Classic for the same purpose.
  3. Call Simms and see if they’ll make custom adjustments for you. With the higher priced items, like G3 or G4 jackets, they’ll be more apt to customize it for you. I have a friend with freakishly small feet relative to his height and Simms custom altered waders for him, putting on smaller neoprene socks.
  4. Thanks for the follow up. It gives me some options to look at and consider.
  5. I have my old school St. Croix Premier Musky 7’ MHF that I still use for Tog that could handle 10oz of lead, but that’d be quite stiff for fluke, no?
  6. Apreciate the responses guys. Al, what rods do you have your Lexas paired with? I have a 15 - 25 line class medium heavy rod rated for 1/2 - 2 1/2 ozs that I plan on using.
  7. I’m thinking of picking up a Daiwa Lexa 300 HD for partyboat fluke fishing this season... mostly on the Francis Fleet in RI. Should I be looking at higher speed gear ratio or lower speed gear ratios? I know lower speed winch gearing is preferred for Tog, but does it matter for fluke? The Lexa 300 HD is available in 8.1:1 at 37”, 7.1:1 at 32.4” or 6.3:1 at 28.8” per crank. Also, should I be spooling with 20# or 30# braid? I currently have 15# on my Accurist for shallow LIS fluke fishing.
  8. I have a Thule roofrack with a set of Hull-A-Port Pro folding J-cradles with the Outrigger II bar extension to help me get my Hobie Revolution 13 on top of my Honda Accord sedan.
  9. Appreciate the offer but I’m good.
  10. Cool, sending PM...
  11. I would like to respectfully offer $25 picked up for the 2 2oz Yozuri Mag Darters. I’m in Fairfield, CT.
  12. If you’re using the Slammer for bait fishing, just understand that even at the lowest drag setting, the drag is pretty tight because of the “Dura Drag” system which has 2 sets of drag washers both at the top and bottom of the spool. Because of the relatively tight drag at the lowest setting, the Slammer isn’t necessarily the ideal candidate for a bait n wait set up.
  13. I own the prior version of the Typhoon jacket as you can see in my avatar. I like it a lot for partyboat fishing in the colder months. However, I think the Strykr would be better suited for cold weather Surfcasting as it has wrist seals and Velcro wrist cuffs to keep water out. There are no wrist seals or cuff adjustments on the Typhoon jacket. Whether that’s worth the extra $100 or not is up to you!
  14. I trailer my 15’ Hobie Power Skiff with a Yamaha 50 hp 2 stroke with my Honda Accord with no issues. All up weight is about 600 pounds or so. I am fortunate enough to live about a mile and a half away from the boat launch though.
  15. Penn Spinfisher VI 5500LC. It’s decently sealed as well to protect against splashes and the occasional (non reeling) brief dunking. Not overly pricy at $200 retail.