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  1. I appreciate the offer. Looking for the 7 footer though.
  2. I know it’s a long shot, but does anybody have a Lamiglas BL7030C laying around that they’d like to sell? Thanks!
  3. Looks like it’s a pre-order, with an arrival date of 10/1.
  4. The year of manufacture for your real is 2019, so yeah, you have the updated version.
  5. Before I had a Baitrunner, I would cast out, take up the slack line, then open the bail. When the fish takes the bait and runs, close the bail and set the hook. I highly recommend circle hooks if you’re targeting stripers with bait. No need to set the hook, just close the bail and reel. Much safer for the fish as well as I’ve never gut hooked a striper using a circle hook. Hooked right in the corner of the mouth every time.
  6. What kind of reel are you using? When fishing with bait, I like to use bait feeder reel, like a Shimano Baitrunner or a Penn Live Liner. Without that baitfeeder feature to let the fish take the bait, more often then not, once they feel that line tension, they spook and drop the bait. I also prefer to use circle hooks when baitfishing as well. No more swing and miss... that’s for tog season. Let the fish run with the bait in it’s mouth, lift the rod tip and start reeling. Always a nice hookset right in the corner of the fish’s mouth.
  7. Yeah, my carbide studs came from a dirt bike website as well. Way cheaper than the Simms carbide stud kit and I have enough to last me a lifetime.
  8. Geez... $500 cleats!?! I have Simms wading boots with carbide cleats screwed into them that work well on rocks. Or you can buy the strap on Korkers for around $80.
  9. If you’re looking for the longest caster, than I would definitely skip the Komodo and go with the Tranx or Lexa.
  10. Check out the in depth side by side comparison of those exact reels by @scoobydoo (Tackle Advisors) on YouTube. In short, if you want ease and distance with your casting, go with the Tranx or the Lexa. The Komodo has a non disengaging levelwind, so casting distance suffers. That said, I recently bought a Komodo 364plx for bottom fishing, where I think the Komodo’s stainless steel gears and non disengaging levelwind are an asset.
  11. Not sure of the Japanese name, but fluke fin sashimi is quite a prized cut of the fish. As you stated, the experience is very much about the texture, which is a very important component in Asian cuisine.
  12. I save all my Gulp that have their tails bitten off and keep them in the juice container. When I run out, I reuse the heads as they are still effective for the scent attractant and attach a curly Otter Tail strip to the end of the hook in order to maintain the fluttering action of the presentation.
  13. I hate bootfoot waders. The lack of ankle support makes walking any distance a huge PITA, especially of the terrain gets difficult.
  14. You pair them with stocking foot waders and you’ll stay nice and dry.