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  1. The Skinner rod is just a cut down 10L. For the rigors of jetty fishing, as mentioned earlier, I’d go with the 10M.
  2. Just make.sure you do a lob cast. The Lil Doc is 2-3/4 ozs.
  3. Offer rescinded. GLWS.
  4. I love BI, can’t wait to visit again this year.
  5. What reel was used on this rod?
  6. Looks like Tackle Direct has discounted gen 1 VR spools for sale.
  7. If still available, would you do $350 picked up today? I’m in Fairfield
  8. Thank you Scoob. Man I miss your breakdown videos. Based on your photo and explanation, while definitely an improvement, I’m not quite sure it’s up to Gosa sealing standards as yet. I’m still gonna grab a 2500 DX for the kayak though. Thanks again Scoob!
  9. Can’t find any schematics of the 4s online as of yet. If anyone has a schematic from their Slammer 4, please post a shot of it.
  10. Whenever you get a chance, can you pleaseask your reel tec friend if there is now a true seal around the main shaft? The Slammer 4s have been in the wild for about a month now and I still can’t get an answer as to whether or not they’ve improved the sealing there in comparison to the Slammer IIIs. Thank you kindly.
  11. I have actual experience having owned both. Pinion bearing went on my Slammer III. Replaced it with a Gosa and haven’t looked back. Based on my experience, if the Slammer 4 put a true seal on the main shaft to protect the pinion bearing, I’d definitely consider getting one for kayak use. The smaller sizes and the stainless steel gear train in the DX models are very appealing to me.
  12. Clearly, but is it at least a Saragosa?
  13. “In a mucked up lovely river I cast my little fly I look at that river and smell it And it makes me wanna cry Oh to clean our dirty planet Now there's a noble wish And I'm puttin my shoulder to the wheel Cause I wanna catch some fish” Jack Johnson - Spring Wind written by Greg Brown
  14. That’s the question I still can’t seem to get an answer on about the Slammer 4 (or at least I haven’t found the answer yet). Is the pinion bearing protected by a true seal on the main shaft or are they still using the metal labyrinth with hydrophobic coating?
  15. What rod are you using? Too heavy of a rod and you may not be able to detect when your jig is hitting bottom, especially with lighter jigs. Also, what line are you using? Lighter lines will allow you to use lighter jigs. Not sure if you’ve read this thread, but it is very much finesse fishing from shore for fluke, with a very specific technique using very specific gear. A good read for sure for the shore bound fluke angler.