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  1. In the summer, when it’s hot out and I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I like the lighter Cressi dive belt as well. In the spring and fall when I’m geared up with waders and a surf top, I like a stiffer belt, like a Tiderunner.
  2. Excellent. Good to know they’ll fit. Thanks.
  3. Do you have the Penn 6.5” or 8” bullnose pliers? I have a pair of the 8” pliers and have been looking for an aftermarket sheath for it that will work with my surf belt. Based on your post, I’m hoping the 8” pliers will work with the Gear Up plier sheath.
  4. I keep the TIP line on my cell as well. The handful of times I’ve used it, I have yet to see any enforcement show up. Not only are these idiots destroying the resource, but by leaving their mess behind, they’re going to end up losing shorerebound anglers what little access we already have. It’s happened at a once popular wall in Stratford and it’s happening all over the place in neighboring RI.
  5. Everybody is in that same boat with delays... I “pre-ordered” my 2020 Saragosa SWA in late December... didn’t get it till early April. Been waiting to order the new ODM Genesis as well. Was supposed to come in at the end of April... now projected to be the end of May. Who knows...
  6. Because of this thread, I just went to check my 6K SWA. No issues with the handle... nice and tight. However, as mentioned above, I do have an audible tick at both at the top and bottom of the oscillation. Doesn’t really bother me though, as I had the same tick on my Slammer III 4500.
  7. Is that something Q can service at River’s End?
  8. Does anybody know if Van Staal ever plans to offer the self service kits again?
  9. Yeah, that’s definitely not on the seller then IMO. At this point, I would call Danco to see what they can do.
  10. You may want to contact the seller and see if you can work out an arrangement for a warranty claim with Danco. At least see if they have an original receipt. If that doesn’t work and they were sold to you damaged, you may have grounds for a PayPal claim.
  11. Did you buy them new? Contact Danco. I believe the titanium Premio pliers line have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser with your receipt. From reading a few other threads about these pliers, it seems Danco’s customer service is pretty good.
  12. BTW - Snopes as a fact checking source is full of it. The infamous LBJ quote was a first hand account from a steward on Airforce 1. Here’s another gem from LBJ... ”These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” Relying on Snopes as fact checkers is like relying on the Washington Post or CNN for news.
  13. I towed it with a 4 cylinder Honda Accord for a few years with no issue. All in, I think the boat, outboard and trailer weigh a good bit less than 1000 lbs. IIRC, I think the hull weighs around 450 lbs. I am spoiled though, I live about 1/4 mile away from the town boat launch.
  14. My understanding is that if they find that you burn through your bloodwork, you will be rated as a smoker, whether or not they find nicotine in you. Being rated as a smoker will mean a decent bump in your premium cost.
  15. I love my 16’ Hobie Power Skiff powered by a 50 HP Yamaha 2 stroke. It has quite the following on SOL and this very thread is why I ended up getting one. Found mine in a Craigslist ad locally for a relative steal.