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  1. Tried painting on step stones. Kinda like them but very heavy. Still doing rocks too.
  2. Great Rocks!!!!
  3. Today's effort.
  4. I'm not sure. I've been doing it for 3 years. But, it was a thing before I started.
  5. Some from yesterday. Hope it's ok to keep this thread going. If you paint rocks, post them up.
  6. Did these yesterday.
  7. Two rocks today
  8. One
  9. I went years without doing any other than my flybox lid art. Now I'm retired I'm just getting back to it. Never too late do start again.
  10. Today's effort.
  11. Great Rocks!!!
  12. Oh Yeah!! Good work!!!
  13. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!
  14. Today's effort
  15. You have a gift!! You really should give it another go. Really!