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  1. Alaska
  2. Cruise
  3. Yes. I'm on several. No broke bones thankfully. I stumbled and crashed onto my gravel driveway. Just badly bruised.
  4. Fell outside this weekend. Dont think getting old is fun.
  5. We had our Thanksgiving in the Woods meal today. There are 8 rvs of us in my family here for a week. Today those that did not camp with us came to eat as well. Here are some pics.
  6. 31* when I got up and 49* right now. This is the life!! Thanks ya'll and Happy Thanksgiving!!
  7. Georgia. Redtop Mountain State Park
  8. We are doing our annual Thanksgiving in the Woods camping gathering this week. There are 8 Rvs in our family group. There will likely be 45 to 50 of us at the meal Thursday. We are Blessed.
  9. Cartridge
  10. I did a snack smoke on the Akorn yesterday. I did 2 fatties and some poppers with banana and jalapeno peppers. The fattie with the diagonal wrap is mine. The other is for a friend. I sliced mine this morning for a breakfast snack.
  11. Chocolat
  12. Arthur
  13. Silly
  14. Connect