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  1. Never
  2. Great lookin grub and love the offset cooker as well!!!!!
  3. Thanks Y'all.
  4. Looks Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have no gadgets or controllers. The Akorn, like most kamado style cookers, is very stable and will hold a steady temp for hours on end. They are very efficient on fuel use as well. I have done two different cooks on my Akorn where I had the cooker at 250* for 24+ straight hours without having to add fuel. When I cook for a large group, I cook in batches and never shut the Akorn down until I get finished.
  6. Thanks. It was 12 pounds and cooked 10 hours.
  7. I cooked a brisket on my Akorn last week. It was great!!!! I used my wet rub/marinade and let it sit all bay and the cooked overnight at 225* over lump charcoal and apple wood chunks, I did a non traditional separation of the point and flat sections to be able to get it in the Akorn. I placed the point on the extender rack over the flat.Here are some pics.
  8. Here are a few I made on our trip to the Smokies and Cades CVove.
  9. I took this pic while visiting Smoky Mountain National Park this week.
  10. Man Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! They look great!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Not my cookin but oh so good eats. My wife and I are in Pigeon Forge Tenn for the week. We ate at Wild Bear Tavern last night. Best German food I have found this side of the Atlantic. I had this.
  12. Perfection!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks
  14. Basset Black and Tan Coon Dog cross.
  15. I decided to tone it down a bit for this year's New Year meal!!!