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  1. any trades for the lot on the old model Twin power XT 6000 or the Shimano Stradic C5000 FK XG 733 & 734 $80 a piece 765 $90 Thanks SOL
  2. great let me know please

    thank you ReelSharp


  3. 702 it’s not longer for sale. 733&734 price drop at $80 each. 765 $90 Thank SOL
  4. Adding two more rods a POWERFUL FR 765 flip and the SF702SF. $90 each I can ship the 702, Local pick up on the rest please. thank you SOL
  5. Sat bump, thanks SOL
  6. Back on the sale SOL with new prize Asking $ 90 each Thank you SOL
  7. I’ll take it on the asking price, thank you
  8. New Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 733C & FR 734 Medium Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod, 7'3", Black/Green One more try here, no luck on the BTS on the weekend on selling this sticks, so move it here for a trade on fly reels 10-11#, Switch rod, tying vise, 11size GTX waders, Skagit or Scandi heads only, SUB + cash, no inflatable or longer than 11’ please, 9’-11# fly rod blank, rod building wrapping station. Thank you. Local pick up is best, would share the shipping cost for the right trade item. Thank you SOL
  9. Agree with the previous post. Ok great, you didn’t mention the leader length? Leaders should be short. I prefer a three to four foot piece of twenty-pound flouro tie to a yarn piece to practice. Going back to that angle the line forms at the back drop, one time try, it could be the wind making your line and leader drift before the drop, how about the leader and fly..., is it full extended? Anyhow, you got the first clue, now follow the safety wind casting precautions, I would start with short cast and minimize false casting by doing 10 series of same oval cast casting drills close to your maximum skill level and see if the same angle pattern repeats. If the pattern it’s consistent, there is no longer a clue, it’s a fact that we must try to compensate or correct your forward cast based on what’s happening in your back cast, now work to mirror the same angle in the forward cast by only casting about 80% of the length of the head. Pick a target in both ends, look your back cast, smoothly keep casting the same line length until you control and correct the back cast drop where you wanted, exactly 180 opposite of the casting target, increase line length and repeated. About the Belgian/oval cast, perhaps the short head with the sink tip it’s giving you hard times for other reasons, like fatigue, maybe a old injury over the casting arm or shoulder that affect the strength over tendons or muscles? How about if you first try the oval cast with a more familiar lighter blank and line (floating) you already own, like that trout setup you have. Once you feel in control of the oval cast with the floating fly line, focus on the blank loading and start varying the loop size at will, switch to the actual setup it’s giving you the issues, just baby steps, do same thing here, and specially focus on the Casting arc + loop size control over that sink tip, start with about 30% of the head inside the rod tip, look for wide loops first and in one foot line increments every other cast, once you reach the casting line length and loop size control limit, stop and see how much line out of the rod tip can you effortlessly control after a oval cast was done. Do the same with the light weight blank and put both rods side by side and see for yourself the results. Here it’s a interesting short clip practice drill from the times of Lee Wulff that helps to test our arm strength, line control and eyes hands coordination to only mention few, I would try to do the same, but off the casting shoulder with 50% of the short head sink fly line inside the rod tip before stepping in to the oval cast. Take your casting safety precautions and don’t let the frustration take over, today’s smart phones will help us to spot our mistakes in real time in just few minutes and always follow the casting principles. Here it’s the actual clip. Paul Arden is a master casting instructor, he will analyze and take a closer look of any fly casting footage you want to share with him, either vía YTube account or his email in his web site, all free of charge. Keep us posted please. Hope it helps Best Viete
  10. Right ....Sorry about the confusion In theory we must connect two casting targets with the rod tip or fly, one it’s the fish (forward cast) and the other target it’s directly 180 degrees in the opposite direction ( back cast) where it should be another mirror fish target. Picture “Tracking” the rod tip path from a bird view from point A to point B, the closer to the 180 the better, the 180 It’s one of the fly casting principles, it’s not strictly mandatory to know them all, but it helps to understand what we are doing wrong, best way to connect the dots in real time playing and figure why something it’s not working with our fly casting. Everyone that tried to make the system work efficiently must follow those Principals of fly casting regardless it’s a single or two handed fly rod, roll casting, Spey or over head casting they all are rule by them and always present in this sport. Best Viete
  11. Our back cast for sure creates most of the problems. No need for line speed on sink tips lines, wide loops that carry mass momentum works best, correct the loop size by focusing more on the loop & 180 principal, open the loop size, master the oval cast or Belgium cast works to kick the frustration out by staring with short cast and loop line control. Also grab a smart phone and in slow mo video tape your self from different view angles, (tracking view would be great) a cool drill it’s, try few of your best casting strokes but at one time you just drop the head of the line fully extended behind without looking as natural as you possible can, don’t move your natural resting position, now drop the rod and look how straight the alignment is from the fly to the rod butt. Lack of sense over the 180 principal it’s the most common mistake in fly casting at any level, it’s like a ghost that shows up once in a while and at any time, we don’t see it because it’s behind in our blind spot, his only job it’s to give us a false perception of the actual casting sensations, hurting exactly where the foundation of any good cast should start, the back cast, it makes as believe we are doing good. Hope it makes sense, good luck. best Viete
  12. Weekend bump Thank you SOL
  13. New Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 733C & FR 734 Medium Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod, 7'3", Black/Green Asking $100 each $160 for 2 never use, new condition excellent rods. local pick up please. cash or MO,I’m in NJ- IBSP Thank you SOL
  14. Few pictures on the actual rims and drop to $130