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  1. I respectfully offer $170 shipped to 19020.
  2. ill take it. sending info
  3. Hello all! Happy super bowl Sunday. Hope all are having fun and being safe. I'm making this post to see if anyone had fallen ill at the AC boat show this weekend. A friend and I attended Saturday morning till late evening. We had eaten at the event. A pulled pork sandwich and a chicken cheesesteak accompanied by french fries and fuze iced teas. We both have been ill since last night and persisting to the time of this post. Bouts of vomiting and frequent trips to the bathroom and all the consistent symptoms of food poisoning. If you also fell ill please post here in the thread or send me a private message. Thanks for your time, tight lines and good times !
  4. what spool is on this? maybe its my glasses but it doesnt look like the chrome plated brass spool. looking for wireline trolling reels. any info
  5. From what i have gathered the 400b has an extra sideplate screw. more/better bearings. better gear ratio. better handle. all around an upgraded version of the 400. there are several variations like the S, the BSV and the B. TackleDirect is a somewhat decent site to use to reference the differences between the reels through the specifications page
  6. any others available?
  7. All the available reels were 400 not 400b model reels. Still looking for one. Please let me know, thanks!
  8. Thank you for the responses. please post pictures information and asking price in the thread. Cant wait to see them
  9. Hello all. I'd like to buy a shimano Calcutta 400b. If you have one available please let me know. Thanks for your time.
  10. Sorry for all the confusion. I'll make my own thread. Sorry for the mistake
  11. I'm sorry I must have been confused. I thought there were 2-3 available. If striper was able to lock one of them up i was interested in the others. If I am still wrong could someone please pm me and straighten me out. Thank you kindly. And my apologies again to everyone
  12. just checking in to see if someone has one i could put to use. as always thanks a bunch!
  13. ill take it.
  14. thank you for your offering chunkz. was hoping to find something a bit more in my price range. with that being said if anyone else has an offering please post it. thanks for your time!
  15. Hey all, Im looking to purchase Shimano Torium 14. Please let me know if you have one. We'll take it from there. Thanks a bunch SOL!