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  1. Come on mate, spill the beans on St Brandon's!!
  2. Awesome pics!! They look like they are gonna beach themselves!!!
  3. That reel sure looks schmick! The colour is great too. What model reel is that one?
  4. Yeah I agree.. not much humour in that..
  5. Ha ha, we're waiting for the name change mate! Those photos I think are both incredible and unforgettable! Just stop and think for a moment how quick and agile that Tuna must have been for it's size! Unbelievable - what an awesome predator!! I for one will never, ever forget those photos..
  6. I didn't mean poppers with mono!
  7. That's impressive casting with that sort of gear.
  8. The Sabre 540 has stopped some big bad fish over the years! How far can you cast with 80 mono?!?! How do poppers go?
  9. There are some incredible fish on that list! Considering the size of some of those freight trains are there many snags, reefs etc for fish to cut you off on or are the waters pretty clean? What would be a "standard" Hawaiian Ulua fisherman's outfit?
  10. Do you fish from sure for those mate and how big do they get??
  11. That sure sounds like some great fishing, I'm going to look into that for sure! How big do the GT's get?? Love Spanish Macks!!
  12. Not too far for me to come and fish!! Looks like fun mate!!
  13. Sounds like good tackle especially with the Carbontex. Funny about the difference in opinion on GT's and Barra as table fish hey..Is there much shorebased GT action up there?
  14. Are they considered good to eat where you live? A mate of mine can't stop em here on an Abu 7000, cooked drags..
  15. That's a nice looking Bone!!