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  1. delete
  2. I've had good luck with Interstate batteries on my BW Whaler Montauk 17. I use two batts w/a switch: off-1,2 or both on. I believe COSTCO now sells Interstate batteries. Off season I store both in my heated basement.
  3. Much fewer ads even better.
  4. Both good. I prefer Dynaking. Even better, PEAK rotary- can use various jaws. Best vice I've used and I've used just about all of them.
  5. I've been adding anti-ethanol treatment and gas preservative with each fill up (100 hp Johnson, 35 Merc, both engines old, lawn mower, leaf blower, snow blower). Have had no gasoline problems over the years. Replace water separator/filter in outboards each spring.
  6. Great Pd has some nice SMB and Pike. I have a "camp" on west side opposite Hoyt's Is. My grand kids catch some nice SM's off our dock. Only Fly fish now and have fun with poppers at night. Used to catch LL Salmon years ago. Catch an occasional Brown now. Caught a nice rainbow about 10 yrs ago. Took photo and sent it to Maine IFW since they didn't stock rainbows there. Was told it probably found its way in via a feeder stream. Been fishing GR Pd since 1982. Too many loud jet skis now on lake - should be outlawed. My kids and now my grandkids asked my wife why doesn't PA get us a couple of jets skis. My wife's response "never even mention a jet ski here-your grandfather's blood pressure goes through the roof at even a mention of them."
  7. A court rejected the challenge to the recent change in warranty condition.
  8. Ifly - suction or screw mount.
  9. Tried them all. Peak rotary about the best.
  10. Total catch of SB in MASS waters has been underestimated by a third based on critique of previous method of mortality estimates according to National Academy of Science review, from MASS DEPT OF MARINE FISHERIES NEWS, 2018, 4TH QUARTER. See also, recent publications in above article.
  11. The account of the rescue by true heroes.
  12. EU approves ban on electric pulse fishing from 2021.
  13. There is a service fee even when ordering on line directly through Mass Marine Fisheries - called a service charge. It's about $1.35. It does allow unlimited printing via your PC should you loose the hard copy. Although many will simply pull up the e verison via smart phone should you be queried by an official.
  14. Classic Lamiglas /Squidder 140 surf outfit. Although I prefer the large diameter 3 cork grips al a Harnell design. Easier on the hands and wrist.