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  1. Suggest "Googling" single outdoor faucet. There are a number of them available. I would suggest a flexible neck type. If you require a soap dispenser that can be added separately.
  2. What a gentleman is BFD.
  3. 22 or shotgun if safe to use-otherwise carefully placed 177 from high pressure pellet gun. Can trap them with a live trap if prepared and properly placed. Save guard hairs for fly tying. They have very keen eyesight but with practice can learn proper stealthy approach.
  4. Agree. Well tied proper knots do not slip.
  5. Raise the rear lights up on posts. Then never deal with water submersion.
  6. Skin plugs using large plastic swimming Atom. Knowing how to make a skin plug. Large Alcedo spinning reel with black custom Harnel. Black (not maroon) Squidder 140 with custom Harnel.
  7. Next week Lobster, Hard Shells, $6.99/lb - Market Basket
  8. ALL FRESH: Best: Flounder - lightly battered, fried swordfish - broiled, plain haddock - baked with breadcrumbs, onions, Marzano tomatoes Chinook Salmon/Halibut- flown to me fresh by a friend from Pike Place Fish Market Seattle Norway Salmon, farm raised - broiled, plain Brook trout - small, broiled Salmon - COSTCO Norwegian (I know it’s farm raised) Worst: Striped bass – no matter how fresh, prepared/cooked
  10. If you get a kink you can cut it and splice. However, splicing smooth is not a trivial matter. I would just replace the line. Perform a google search for more info and how to attach monel to swivels, etc and avoid a thumb cutting end. Lead core is much easier to deal with but does not sink as fast. Again, check a knot search on Google, etc for "knotting" lead core. I use lead core for slow currents (off beaches at night) but always use wire for jigging and in rips. I've caught many large bass in rips of Cuttyhunk/MV mouth of the Merrimac (Plum Island), and off beaches and never lost a fish because of wire line or lead corer breaks. I do check my lines often and am not timid to replace them. Again, with monel practice retrieving on a spool until you get thumb control and tension so as to accomplish a smooth non overlapping retrieve, esp. if you fish at night. I learned much night fishing with the late Capt. Bob Smith at Cuttyhunk re rigging wire and lead core - and who was not easy on fishermen who lost fish. Good luck.
  11. Be careful of kinks no matter how minor. Also it's easy to create a flaw in wire under wrap on a wound tight spool. I've used monel frequently and never had this problem- but am very careful avoiding nicks and not smooth winding on spool and letting out line. Also I use all smooth rolling roller guides for trolling and roller tip guides with and carboloy guides - with frequent checks for minor nicks by running pieces of "ladies nylon stockings" through guides.
  12. delete
  13. I've had good luck with Interstate batteries on my BW Whaler Montauk 17. I use two batts w/a switch: off-1,2 or both on. I believe COSTCO now sells Interstate batteries. Off season I store both in my heated basement.
  14. Much fewer ads even better.
  15. Both good. I prefer Dynaking. Even better, PEAK rotary- can use various jaws. Best vice I've used and I've used just about all of them.