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  1. Ifly - suction or screw mount.
  2. Tried them all. Peak rotary about the best.
  3. Total catch of SB in MASS waters has been underestimated by a third based on critique of previous method of mortality estimates according to National Academy of Science review, from MASS DEPT OF MARINE FISHERIES NEWS, 2018, 4TH QUARTER. See also, recent publications in above article.
  4. The account of the rescue by true heroes.
  5. EU approves ban on electric pulse fishing from 2021.
  6. There is a service fee even when ordering on line directly through Mass Marine Fisheries - called a service charge. It's about $1.35. It does allow unlimited printing via your PC should you loose the hard copy. Although many will simply pull up the e verison via smart phone should you be queried by an official.
  7. Classic Lamiglas /Squidder 140 surf outfit. Although I prefer the large diameter 3 cork grips al a Harnell design. Easier on the hands and wrist.
  8. Agree. Tourist trap.
  9. You are correct. I stopped fishing with Smith in the late 60's after I got my boat. The Mayflower Anglers had broken up by then so I lost track of Nee. Nee worked for the gas co. and was involved with the union. June indeed was a prime month for Smith. That's when the fish were on the rips and onea good night you could fill up the boat with big bass. I fished most of the times by myself with Smith. I'd stay in Cuttyhunk for a week. Marj was a darling and there were times he was so mean to her I thought of punching him in the nose. Marj was a slight lady and Smith was a pretty big guy. Do you recall the big scar Smith had on his face? Smith could be brutal if you screwed up while fishing with him. One week a family friend, who was a surgeon, spent a week with me fishing with Smith. It was June and we would fish the rips all night. In the rips we used monel wire. The surgeon wore gloves to protect his hands (for obvious reasons) from the wire. Smith went through the roof and told him to take the damn gloves off because he didn't want to have a big bass dropped. I pulled Smith aside and interceded and asked that he be consider the guy could not afford to damage his hand - Smith grumbled but said OK. When the week ended he asked me not to ever bring the Doc with me. I used to book 5 days to a week each year with Smith and stayed at the Allen House. Smith and I got along pretty good because I don't think I ever lost a fish with him. One night I took a fishing friend with me in my second year with Smith and we were trolling with eelskin rigs against the Nashon shore, close to the cliffs and rocks. The friend got a big bass on and at one stage during the battle the fish turned and headed straight for the stern of the boat. The line went slack but Smith could see that fish was still on and shouted for him to reel like hell and take up the slack and to be prepared to use his hand when the line tightened and pull out line against the drag to soften the shock of fish turning 180 and abruptly taking line out against a static drag. Well sir, he was to slow and that bass turned so quickly the slack went tight and the reel took most of the shock. The lead core line snapped like a thread and the fish was gone. (We always fished monel on the rips and lead core off the beaches.) I won't attempt to repeat the deluge of coarse language that Smith used to display his displeasure with the loss of that fish. I got along good with Smith since I learned quickly how to fish in rips his way. After I left fishing Cuttyhunk I spent a good deal of time fishing the rip at the mouth of the Merrimack R wire lining at night having learned the ropes from Smith. He was a good and demanding teacher and it was important to know how to humor him. He did not suffer fools gladly. He was fiercely competitive and it became worse when Haag came along and became his prime competitor. It was something to behold their interaction on the rips. That's a story for another time. It didn't help as in those days there was no limit on the number of bass taken (over 16 in.) and a handsome sum was gained selling bass in New Bedford to supplement the charter fee.
  10. I fished with Bob Smith in the late 50's and 60's. Smith was the weigh master at the Cuttyhunk docks. He weighed in and certified Nee's fish. I don't believe Nee fished with Smith. He fished with Haag and Sabotowski. He may have also fished with Joe Cordeiro. I told Smith we needed to get a fish larger that Nee's because Nee would needle me at club meetings claiming Haag was a better fisherman than Haag (he wasn't). I did get 5 bass over 50 lbs in those days with Smith, largest 59 lbs-8oz. Never did get a 60. We "squeezed the scale" with that fish but no matter how we tried couldn't push 60. I did fish with Sabatowski in '57 in his old boat. Smith and Haag could become pretty nasty out on the rips where each would try to "push" each other off the rip, especially in the Pigs. Smith was a mater with eel skin rigs off the beaches (Nashawhena, Nashon, etc.) after the fish left the rips, usually beginning in mid July. My best luck with Smith was at the Pig's, Quick's and Devil's (Gay Head Martha's Vineyard) rips in late June.
  11. Some reviews of benefits/risks in moderate drinking.
  12. As we age these experiences of losing love ones become more frequent. My thoughts, prayers and well-wishes to you during this sad time of your life. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  13. Scientific Angler Bass Bug Taper, RIO SM Bass.
  14. COSTCO-numerous frame choices.