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  1. Likewise, have the 4k CI4 and 5k FL. From what I remember, I changed out the drag washers and handle knob on the CI4. I was good to go on the FL out of the box. My preference is the FL.
  2. Here's my greatest catch! One of seven Albies that she caught that day. The old timers could barely get one.
  3. Have a 5000 married to a Century 8'6" SS. I used it for about 2 months this passed Fall and couldn't be more happier.
  4. One of the odder finds found fishing the Nofo this past Fall. Contacted DEC and they picked it up promptly.
  5. Bought mine last year and just assumed it was an older model. Thanks for the info. Have no complaints with performance or quality.
  6. This is the blue colored model which has been out for a few years.
  7. I have the E6x 964s model and think it was $220. Money well spent if you're looking for a durable albie/ light tackle spinner.
  8. There are some great wines being made on Long Island. A few wineries I might suggest might be worthwhile. Roanoke recently had a wine rated 95 if you put any value in that. Mccall's 2014 Pinot Noir and Ben's blend. Anthony Nappa (Winemakers Studio and Raphael) makes some tasty offerings. Adam Suprenant's (Coffee Pot and Osprey's Dominion) Meritage and Beasley's blend won't disappoint. Paumanok winery also has a nice portfolio. These are just a few. Part of the fun is exploring, go and enjoy!
  9. Updated info from MSA. Montauk Surfcasters Association Montauk Point Surfer Situation Update #2 MSA has been informed by NYS Parks that the surfing policy at Montauk Point State Park has not changed and as such signs will be re-installed in short order as well as additional signage will be ordered.
  10. When I first spooled up my VR50, I had the same "wind knot" issue. After a few cut backs, issue disappeared. I was informed that if I used the marking on the inside of the spool on the top side as my fill line, wind knots would be an non issue. It worked for me!
  11. If Van Staal is what you want, the VR50 should be what you're looking for.
  12. NRS workboot.
  13. A friend of mine called those tampon applicators beach whistles.
  14. Take Hold of the Flame... live in Tokyo.