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  1. When I first spooled up my VR50, I had the same "wind knot" issue. After a few cut backs, issue disappeared. I was informed that if I used the marking on the inside of the spool on the top side as my fill line, wind knots would be an non issue. It worked for me!
  2. If Van Staal is what you want, the VR50 should be what you're looking for.
  3. NRS workboot.
  4. A friend of mine called those tampon applicators beach whistles.
  5. Take Hold of the Flame... live in Tokyo.
  6. Salty Skins and Squealing Reel were making pork rind tails.
  7. Yep, 1oz and smaller are great for albies, bones and spanish.
  8. Flying carpet! Seen that a few years back on Martha's Vineyard.
  9. Looking for a tackle backpack with multiple features. Waterproof, cooler, rod holder all would be nice. There was a brand called Stunr which has since been discontinued, would have fit the bill. Any recommendations appreciated.
  10. Hockey tape works great except for the residual glue. It seems to rub off and find it's way onto all my gear.
  11. I think Zums is now closed. It was good while it lasted.
  12. Very popular on Martha's Vineyard ( not sure if they're still from Vineyard Haven). Use to remove the hook trying to beach a chasing blue. Did catch bass with them as well.
  13. If I ever squeeze into my wetsuit again, I'll take a look at them, thanks! Thanks Lureman.
  14. The work boot doesn't have a zipper and is difficult to remove after use due to the neoprene lining. They work fine with Korkers. I tried attaching studs to the bottom but that didn't work out so well. The studs folded due to the lack of stiffness of the shoe bottom. I tried a stud with a longer connection point and they penetrated too far into the boot where you could feel them on the bottom of your feet.
  15. The NRS workbook wet shoe is worth a look. It's more like a high top neoprene sneaker.