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  1. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Apparently you can rent it. Who knew?
  2. Love the pictures Rickman! And the rain drops along with the little water drops on the feathers only add to the images.
  3. You just don't allow the housekeepers to leave. Then they can't bring the Covid into your house.
  4. I'd change it back.
  5. Census early. Census often. Perhaps some of those cities/states with large vulnerable populations want it filled out now rather than later. Better now than lose federal dollars if filled out after the pandemic runs it's course.
  6. Today we got a second letter telling us to go on-line and fill out the 2020 Census. Should I do this now? It would be better to wait and see how many of us survive the pandemic, no?
  7. From the album Corona2020

  8. From the album Corona2020

  9. Better dead than red!
  10. I know the market will go up again before I need to cash out. That is why I am buying every two weeks, rain or shine, just like I have been for years. I'm just not rushing in and dumping extra money in because we've lost the past 5 months worth of gains.
  11. As of Friday, 2/28, the S&P 500 has dropped all the way down to October 2019 levels!!! If you weren't buying "deals" this past October, there aren't really "deals" now.
  12. Tell them to use diesel fuel, not gas.
  13. On a school night???